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On this page I'll attempt to detail each of the changes to the game made in Reminisce. Minor, middling, major, I hope to catalog them all! Hopefully you'll come out surprised by some of the less noticeable stuff and maybe thinking Reminisce wasn't just Rebirth with a continued story!

- What They Tell You
• Weapon Affinity has been added. Different monsters/player classes are weak to certain weapon types.

• You are now able to change allies equipment.

• Party members will now chase and kick Chim Chims, Rare Chim Chims, and Lucky Animals.

• You can now press and hold L1 in fields and battles to keep your party members nearby.

• Dual Swords
-> Dual Sword combo hits have been raised from 4 to 7 with the number of button presses needed remaining the same.
-> Enemies have to be hit once before you can use a Dual Sword charge attack on them.

• Broadswords
-> You can now freely move around while charging a Broadsword attack.
-> Charge Attack guage expanded from 1 to 3.
-> Charge Shockwave now occurs depending on your level of charge.

• Bike missions (the Flag Racing of G.U.) have been added.

• A bike parts shop has opened in Mac Anu.

• E-mail from the previous game is now listed under an archives section.

• There are now tabs in the music/background section to view things you unlocked in a previous and current volume.

• Once Haseo achieves his third form, a new Awakening called "Divine Awakening" will be added to your list.

• Armor and Accessories can now be alchemized.

- What They Don't
• There is now split second delay between selecting a skill and it being used.

• Once all monsters/opponents are dead, Demon Awakening will no longer continue to drain away your Morale gauge (unless ya keep spamming the X button lol).

• 2 new camera options (B/A & B/B) are present.

• When passing a nearby Platform for the first time, an on-screen indicator will popup showing how many you've passed. This does not occur in cloister type dungeons as aside from the top floor they only have a single platform per floor.

• You may notice right at the start of the game that your bike is much speedier than in Vol.1. This is due to bike parts and tuning being added to the game.

• There is now a short pause when you change between main weapons both in and out of battle.

• Party members mention when Chim Assassins appear.

• Party members are no longer voiced when spoken to in town or areas.

• Red dots provide a trailing effect on mini-map, presumably to help you remember which way you were going after exiting battles.

• In order to hide the mini-map you must now hit Select then press Circle.

• Monster groups have new patrol routes and are rarely as stationary as they were in the first game.

• Mecha Gruntys voice has been changed.

• Mecha Gruntys dialogue has been shortened.

• Tri-Strikes rengeki text was changed from "Tri.Strike" to "Tri-Strike".

• New smaller rooms and hallway designs have been added to cave dungeons.

• A new type of scenery I call "budding trees" have been added to grassland areas.

• 4 new area types have been added. Wilderness (clear), Wilderness (cloudy), Wilderness (evening), and Cloister dungeons.

• Ryu Book VII now lists each monsters level range, allowing you to more easily create fields with specific monsters in mind.

• The monsters "Carrie" & "Carrianne" were moved from the Demon category to the Crustacean category in Ryu Book VII.

• You are now able to skip by the opening logos. Though doing so takes you to a loading screen!

• Pressing the left stick will cause you to exit the first person camera view. Previously only pressing R2 would let you exit.

• The "Crimson Vs" icon has been moved up two spots in the desktop menu.

• The menu bar graphic at the top of the "News Capture" page has been changed.

• The "Black Armor" no longer raises Physical Attack or Magical Attack and its Physical Defense value was raised.

• Physical Attack and Magical Attack values (they were all 0 save for Black Armor) are no longer displayed under Armor and Accessories.

• The morale guage is reset back to empty after each arena survival match instead of half.

• Advice is now given at arena counter. It can also be viewed in the waiting room.

• Some new monsters from Vol.2 can be found in areas accessible on the Delta server using Vol.1 keywords such as Tick Masks in [Delta] Freezing Blazing Phoenix.

• "The" (Moon, Death, etc) items are now displayed before elemental scrolls in your item inventory.

• The cost of alchemizing weapons even from the previous game has skyrocketed.

• The map no longer displays when interacting with Mecha Grunty.

• Beast & Demon Awakenings can now be used when the morale guage is half-filled and above.

• Another thing is that in Vol.1 upon entering a new Cave floor or Temple block, you could open the menu immediately. Starting with Vol.2 its inaccessible for 3 seconds which points to changes in how the game loads data.

• In Vol.1 under "Bookmarks" and "Warp Record" at the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu there was a Sort function. Among other ways to organize the list (alphabetical, treasure level, etc.) there was one to list them by Server. This implies that maybe any area from any server could be accessed from any town. However this Server sort option was removed in Vol.2. And for seemingly no reason in particular Alphabetical sorting was also given the axe.

• The type of Lucky Animal that would appear in an area was originally based off of the last digit of the areas level (a level 01, 11, etc. grass area would always have a Moon Rabbit). This was changed drastically by taking the average level or your party into account! That Moon Rabbit will now only appear in a grass area ending with 1 *if* your partys level average ends with a 0 (50, 60, etc.).

• Previously, you could use Beginner's Text / Book items up to Level 10 and not beyond despite the cap being L10.99. Now however, you can use them all the way up to L20.99 before getting the "you have already reached the maximum level" notification!

- It May Just Be Me...
• Avatar battles feels much faster and their controls more responsive.

• Broadsword is much quicker!

• Demon Awakening feels much less automated and lasts longer.

• Weapon skill exp seems like it comes in at a faster rate!
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