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On this page I'll attempt to detail each of the changes to the game made in Redemption. Minor, middling, major, I hope to catalog them all! Hopefully you'll come out surprised by some of the less noticeable stuff and maybe thinking Redemption wasn't just Reminisce with a continued story!

- What They Tell You
• You may now alchemize equipment with a difference in level of up to 20.

• You may exchange items (and equipment) for GP on the Storage screen by placing a cursor over the item and pressing Triangle.

• The "Divine Awakening" has been upgraded to "Avatar Awakening" which allows you to collect Virus Cores.

• "Lost Weapon" status has been added to your main in-game menu.

• Crimson VS has been upgraded. Delta Combos and 65 new cards have been added.

• Gold Extension & 1/2 Off Alchemy have been added to Canard's "Expand Facility" menu.

• "Lv.3 Arts" have been added. Their recharge time and SP cost decrease each time you raise your weapon level.

• You are now able to use "Data Search" by pressing R1 outside of battles.

• You will now see the face icon of the character holding the equipment when you are selecting "Equipment to Add."

- What They Don't
• Party member icons briefly show a "loading" graphic in various menus.

• Numerous voices have been tweaked including Death Grunty, Mecha Grunty, Lucky Animals, Arena Announcer, and the Rengeki guy.

• The tracking dots on the mini-map are now larger and colored white.

• Now when multiple party members level up their weapons after a battle they'll all be shown together instead of seperately.

• Scrolls are now listed above recovery items in the item inventory & storage.

• Canard is no longer listed in the Mac Anu @HOME entrance.

• The take platform to town option now defaults to "no".

• Haseo's avatar voice clips are new.

• When alchemizing equipment you will be returned to the one you just alchemized instead of being sent back to the top of the list. This helps cut down on scrolling through the list to get back to where you were.

• Monsters resume moving around instantly after using a smoke screen/bomb to escape from battle instead of standing still until it wears off as they did in the previous game.

• If your equipment pack is full and you defeat a monster that drops a piece of equipment, the square button is now shown next to its name to allow you to see what it is customized with. This applies even if it isn't customized.

• The order in which customization items are listed in the item inventory & storage has been corrected.

• The Signs in [Theta] Hidden Forbidden In Heat and [Theta] Hidden Forbidden Battlefield are no longer active. In the latters case, this means the Lost Ground Megin Fi can no longer be reached.

• The Lucky Animal Radar now has a "Lucky Data Status" which says whether you've kicked the animal in the current area before or not.

• A sound effect now plays at the "Symbol Fragments are starting to shine." message.

• The text after collecting the last Symbol Fragment used to be "The Symbol Fragments have started to shine..." This has been changed to "Symbol Fragments are starting to shine."

• The battle result screen no longer ends until you press X. It used to display for about 5 seconds before ending on its own.

• The version number on the games login screen has changed from 2.26 to 3.58.

• The trap door warning message has been shortened. It used to be on screen for about 4 seconds, but is now there for about 1. This means the whole animation of trap doors closing and camera zooming to the unlock button goes by much faster as well.

• The Stray Mecha Grunty campaign is shorter this time around, requiring only 30 rescues as opposed to 50.

• 3 new area types have been added: Forest, Forest of Pain, and Outer Dungeon.

• Adler's Keys are no longer present for collecting in areas.

• The voice that says "Crimson VS" at bootup is now male.

• The version number for Crimson VS has changed from 2.00 to 2.67.

• The "Game Tutorial" of Crimson VS has been updated to include section 1-3 which displays information about the version update.

• Names for combos(?) or deck types(?) you have set up are now listed in "Deck Edit", "Practice Battle", & "Battle Entry" in Crimson VS.

• If a guild shop isn't carrying items, but is carrying equipment it will now start you on the equipment menu rather than the item one.

• Bikman's flyer distribution list now shows 173 Player Characters, up from 160 in Reminisce.

• At the Quest Shop menu, there has always been a "Sort" option but it never did anything! However in this game, it will list them newest to oldest or newest mandatory to oldest mandatory - followed by oldest optional to newest optional.

• Pressing start allows you to skip the Beast and Demon Awakening opening sequence.

• A category for "Divinity" type monsters has been added to Ryu Book VII.

• Bike Courses 6 - 10 have been added.

• Lumina Cloth's Material Shop & Black Market have been updated with new goods.

• Even bigger trap cannons have been added.

• After a certain event, Ryu Book I will now keep track of how many Double Triggers have been performed.

• After visiting the Forest of Pain for the first time, Ryu Book V will now track how many times you've visited it.

• Surprise Attacks no longer ignore enemy "shells". In Vol.1 & Vol.2 at a high enough level versus a much lower leveled shelled enemy, a surprise attack could instantly defeat them. In this game however, it's been changed so that you'll take a good chunk of the shell away but still need to hit it once more to destroy the shell, then hit the monster itself to defeat it.

• Ryu Book IV has changed the "Items in Storage" category name to simply "Items".

• Some e-mails from the previous games have had terminology changes to match those used in Vol.3. For example: "Storage Expansion Silver" is now just "Silver Expansion".
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