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On this page I'll attempt to detail each of the changes to the game made in the Last Recode versions of Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption. Minor, middling, major, I hope to catalog them all! Hopefully you'll come out surprised by some of the less noticeable stuff and maybe thinking this series re-release wasn't just a simple copy/paste! btw these are based on the north american PS4 version. Other regions/pc version should be similar.

- What They Tell You
• The resolutions been bumped up to 1080p (Online Jack, News Capture, Terminal Disc videos not withstanding).

• Frame Rate has jumped to a mostly stable 60fps.

• "Improved battle balance and pacing for the definitive .hack//G.U. experience."

• Subtitles can be English or French (based on the language setting you chose for your console I think, haven't found a way to swap them in-game).

• You can now choose between English and Japanese voice acting rather than being stuck with dub-only!

- New Features
• In the original releases you could only adjust the overall audio volume and choose between Stereo and Mono. The latter option has been removed. The former has changed to allow you to adjust volume on an indvidual basis: BGM, SFX, Voice, Movie.

• New Title Screens! Gone are the originals and all that came with them (so long "Heartful and useful for all" followed by a notable line of dialogue from each game).

• With the title screens gone, the hype videos which accompanied them are no longer viewable at each games startup... but no worry! You can now view them from the Movie Player on the desktop!

• The number of Save Slots for each volume is now 16 (up from 7).

• "New Game+" has been removed from Vol.1/2. In its place theres now an optional "Cheat Mode" for all 4 volumes which starts you with max stats & loads of top tier items! Sounds like fun to me! However unlike "New Game+", "Cheat Mode" clear data can't be carried over from one volume to the next (it also makes unlocking stuff from the Ryu Books a huge drag).

• Haseo's default movement speed has increased by 25-30%! An thats not all cause this applies to party members to! Its very apparent when they're chasing after Chim Chims for you!

• The very first battle in the original Rebirth netted Haseo 300 exp. in Rebirth HD that has increased to 390 exp. It should go without saying that exp payout has increased across the board!

• Platform Rest... originally one of the Guild Rank 8 upgrades (and originally named Platform Heal) is now available from the very start. It restores up to half your HP/SP once per Area.

• As seen in Trails of Cold Steel and other games there is now a Retry option should you happen to fall in battle. This existed for Avatar fights in the originals but now it applies to all fights. Game Over? Hardly knew ya!

• There is now a Continue option on the title screen which with load your last saved game for you. The vanilla Load Data option still exists which allows you to select which file you want to load.

• You can now return to main menu of the collection from desktop by using the touchpad (something the G.U. series was desperately missing that IMOQ already had! though, they allowed this from within "The World" as well)!

• Pressing L3 will instantly open Haseo's item menu. If you're in a party, you also have access to the other members items through this quick menu!

• You can now sort items in your inventory/storage! By: Type, Date, Rarity, Asc./Desc.

• You can now store up to 999 Chim Spheres!!!

• Theres a bunch of new icons scattered about on the map! Be it the affection symbol changing from a circle to a heart, the Guild Home one, area element symbols, and more!

• Mecha Grunty's blasting off scenes (barring the final one of each volume) are now skippable by pressing the Options button. If you're a monster that is.

• It is now possible to switch between the Equipment & Customize menus without having to back out of one and go into the other! Simply press the Triangle button in either of those menus to swap!

• The "Item Get" sound now plays when adding items to the Guild Shop and Storage. Ditto for pulling items out of those places. Umm, but why though?

• Haseo can now carry 90 Items & pieces of Equipment!

• The shop menu now has a backpack icon next to Haseo and other party members portraits if they happen to have the currently selected item onhand or in Storage.

• L1/R1 buttons are now displayed in the email box to let you know you can scroll with them.

• This above also applies to forum threads, though the buttons aren't displayed because??

• Because randomizers are the hot new thing there is now a randomized Wallpaper setting!

• There's now a meter in Avatar fights which gives an indication of how close you are to causing the enemy to be stunned.

• Outside of battle you now can spam items!! Previously after each item use you'd get kicked back into the item menu. Now it remains open and the character you're targeting remains selected!

• The amount of any one Item you could carry used to be 50. This has been increased to 99!

• If for some reason you wanna quit out of an Avatar battle refight, you can now! Just pause then press the touchpad!

• The "remove from party" prompt now defaults to yes.

• The map will now display a checkmark next to the Warp Point you most recently used. (Vol.2/3)

• Saku and Bo now have seperate member addresses, making it simple to call which one ya want into your party!

• In very late-game Vol.3 a certain returning party members level will now be caught up to speed with everyone elses, rather than where it had left off in Vol.2!

• The version number on the games login screen has changed from 2.26 to 2.98. (Vol.2, this is actually a localization error correction!)

• The version number on the games login screen has changed from 3.58 to 4.20. (Vol.4)

• Going up and trying to enter a temple door in Grass/Wilderness fields prior to collecting all of the Symbol Fragments no longer prompts the "You must complete the mission to enter." message. (Vol.4)

• After collecting the last Symbol Fragment the message "The Symbol Fragments have started to shine... The Symbol Fragments joined together!" will not be displayed. (Vol.4)

- New Oddities
• Voiced dialogue from IYOTEN and Silabus regarding the use of the former "Select" button (now the Touchpad) has been muted. Actually, it seems every character that mentions any button is a previously voiced line is now muted.

• Vol.1: In the original Rebirth you could sort Bookmarks and Warp Records in the following ways:
Treasure Level
Monster Level
Lost Ground

Strangely, the first three options are now gone. Also strange is that you can no longer sort your Warp Records. An beyond strange is that the original Vol.2 removed the Alphabetical and Server options! So why was the perpetually useless Server one kept around? (Strangely Vol.2/3 HD retains its SD version sorting options, including being able to use it under Warp Records.)

• Here's something really throwing me off: The party member status for "Online" has changed from Blue to Gray. "Offline" has changed from Gray to Blue.

• Vol.1: Death Grunty has more lines of dialogue when talking to him in the Alchemy Factory.

• This ones hard to explain but basically the way NPCs are loaded into towns seems to have changed for the worse. It feels like its more efficient(?) to swap back and forth between towns to get different ones to load in rather the old log out/log in method.

• Vol.1: The first Chapter title "First Day" has been changed to "First Cry". The second Chapter title has been changed from "deja vu" to "Deja Vu".

• Vol.1/2/3/4: Originally when going through certain sections of Mac Anu the game would freeze for a second for loading. This still occurs, however the screen goes black instead of continuing to show the game screen. Ditto for the loadpoint in Dol Dona.

• Vol.1/2/3/4: The Movie Player pages are now 01 to 05. Originally they had used 00 to 04. Also odd because the BGM/Wallpaper numbering still begins with 00.

• Vol.1/2/3/4: The text in the ever-present blue rectangle on the desktop is now completely different!

• Vol.2: Whoops! The tutorial message about now being able to change party member equipment is still there lol. This was a feature backported into Vol.1 and as such doesn't make sense to display here anymore.

• Vol.2: When alchemizing, or exiting then re-entering the Alchemize menu may cause the space where Haseo's name should be, to instead be blank, the name of the party member you had last selected in the alchemy menu before exiting it, or some very strange characters/symbols.

• Vol.2/3: Ryu Book VII now lists the monster "Hell Charm" as a L61 - 70 monster, whereas in the originals it was listed at L71 - 80.

• Vol.3: The text after collecting the last Symbol Fragment used to be "The Symbol Fragments have started to shine..." This has been changed to "Symbol Fragments are starting to shine." This slight text change found in the original Vol.3 is not present in the HD version.

• Vol.3: The Guild Rank 8 once named "Platform Heal" is now named "Platform Full Heal", the name of the original Rank 9 reward. Despite the name change it still has the same description/features and price of the vanilla "Platform Heal".

• Vol.3: Ryu Book VII now lists Malphas as being a L111 - 120 monster whereas before it was L121 - 130.

- Backported (to Vol.1)
• In order to hide the mini-map you must now hit Selec... Touchpad then press Circle. (ported from Vol.2)

• 2 new camera options (B/A & B/B) are present. (ported from Vol.2)

• You are now able to change allies equipment. (ported from Vol.2)

• Party members will now chase and kick Chim Chims, Rare Chim Chims, and Lucky Animals. (ported from Vol.2)

• You can now press and hold L1 in fields and battles to keep your party members nearby. (ported from Vol.2)

• The type of Lucky Animal that would appear in an area was originally based off of the last digit of the areas level (a level 01, 11, etc. grass area would always have a Moon Rabbit). This was changed drastically by taking the average level or your party into account! That Moon Rabbit will now only appear in a grass area ending with 1 *if* your partys level average ends with a 0 (50, 60, etc.).(ported from Vol.2)

• The monsters "Carrie" & "Carrianne" were moved from the Demon category to the Crustacean category in Ryu Book VII. (ported from Vol.2)

• Once all monsters/opponents are dead, Demon Awakening will no longer continue to drain away your Morale gauge unless ya keep spamming the X button lol. (ported from Vol.2)

• Party members mention when Chim Assassins appear. (ported from Vol.2)

• Large white dots provide a trailing effect on mini-map, presumably to help you remember which way you were going after exiting battles. (Vol.2 introduced this effect, though the dots were smaller and red. Vol.3 made them larger and white.)

• Pressing Sta... er, Options allows you to skip the Beast and Demon Awakening opening sequence. (ported from Vol.3)

• The take Platform to Town option now defaults to "no". (ported from Vol.3)

• Now when multiple party members level up their weapons after a battle they'll all be shown together instead of seperately. (ported from Vol.3)

• The battle result screen no longer ends until you press X. It used to display for about 5 seconds before ending on its own. (ported from Vol.3)

• At the Quest Shop menu, there has always been a "Sort" option but it never did anything! However in this game, it will list them newest to oldest or newest mandatory to oldest mandatory - followed by oldest optional to newest optional. (ported from Vol.3)

• Some e-mails from the previous games have had terminology changes to match those used in Vol.3. For example: "Storage Expansion Silver" is now just "Silver Expansion". (ported from Vol.3)

- Backported (to Vol.2)
• The tracking dots on the mini-map are now larger and colored white. (ported from Vol.3.)

• Now when multiple party members level up their weapons after a battle they'll all be shown together instead of seperately. (ported from Vol.3)

• The take platform to town option now defaults to "no". (ported from Vol.3)

• The battle result screen no longer ends until you press X. It used to display for about 5 seconds before ending on its own. (ported from Vol.3)

• Pressing Sta... er, Options allows you to skip the Beast and Demon Awakening opening sequence. (ported from Vol.3)
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