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Aside from four brief changes, the game start dialogue is the same as the post-game Infection stuff which you can see here.

Game Start

Wing / Male Blademaster

> Oh, ah... Hello...
> Um... I really don't like to talk much. There's nothing to talk about.

Macky / Male Wavemaster

> Hi! What level are you?
> What? You wanna hear about my workout sessions? Later, OK?

NOVA / Male Heavy Blade

> Hey, hangin' in there?
> Hey can you check out my English accent? Dis is a pain. How's that sound? OK?

Sachiko / Female Wavemaster

> Wish I could get good items...
• Just between you and me... I see... ghosts... Like, I see a stone figure behind you. Hmm... what does it all mean?
> When you hear about unfortunate incidents, doesn't it make you feel you're lucky to be here?

Neja / Male Twin Blade

> Yo yo! Are ya havin' fun?
> Hey! You're not the sorceress! I was fooled by your red color. Sorry, but I'll be on my way now.

Heavy / Female Wavemaster

> ......
>' to...slow...down ag....ain....

Benkei / Male Heavy Axemen

> Morning! What's up?
> Hey! I just got an email from Ushiwaka. Gotta go.

Hayate / Female Twin Blade

> Good evening. How are you?
> What? Do I hear a cry for help?! The beautiful Twin Blade Hayate is on her way! Just you wait!

Task / Male Long Arm

> Wassup!
> You like gossip, don'cha? Well, just hold on 'cuz I'm gonna get some really juicy info in a bit.

Hinata / Female Blademaster

> How are you doing?
> I turn my back for a sec to chat, and my mailbox is full. Hold on, let me sort everything out.

A-Kichi / Male Wavemaster

> Morning!
> I hope the cops don't overhear our conversation. Well, I'm outta here. Later.

Cleama / Female Long Arm

> Y'know what?
> What? What do you want? Stop following me around. I'm busy.

Grid / Male Long Arm

> I'm so bored.
> Phew... I'm tired now, so I'm taking off. Bye.

Quess / Female Wavemaster

> This kinda bugs me...
> So many questions in life... Why, why, why? That's the infinite question.

Nekoski / Male Heavy Axeman

> Cats are so cute!
> Meow! Oh wait, my cats are calling me. I gotta go.

Gyokuro / Male Wavemaster

> Hiya! You wanna trade?
> ...What? Nothing?! I thought I wrote the whole script! It must've been a dream! This is definitely not good. I'd better get started right away. Catch you later.

Osugi / Male Twin Blade

> Good Morning! Or is it good afternoon?
> I shouldn't be talking about this... it's really embarrassing. It's only going to get worse.

Acreola / Female Long Arm

> Hello! Have you gotten used to the game?
> Um... I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll talk to you later.

Borscht / Male Blademaster

> Hey, what's up?
> I'm having trouble writing my new song. I can't make it rhyme right. I'm going to sit on it for a while.

M-78 / Male Blademaster

> Heh heh heh.
> Heh heh. Now how should I take advantage of them next time? Hey! Don't eavesdrop! I'm still working on it!

Yuckey / Male Wavemaster

> Hey, hey, hey, how're you doing?
> Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're buggin' me. Do you have to talk to me now?

Nijukata / Male Heavy Blade

> Um... Have we met?
• Hmmm... it may not be good to have too many friends... I can't remember who's who.... Oh sorry. Just seems like you don't have many friends, you know?
> Um... who're you again? Your name's on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, I'll remember next time.

Hirami / Female Blademaster

> Yo, wanna know something?
• The Japanese version of "The World" is still Version 2.75. I guess patches for different countries take a while.
> So, do you like the Hirami Insider? I'll have more the next time we meet up. How's that?

Henako / Female Wavemaster

> Oh yeah! Come on! Right on!
> Henako is tired... Henako has no more energy. Time for Henako to sleep. Good night, says Henako.

BIG / Male Blademaster

> .......... ..Sorry.... I was thinking about something...
> Hmm... you know what? Can you leave me alone for awhile? I can't concentrate with people around.

Yuji / Male Blademaster

> Oh, hello there.
> Hey hey, could you not look at me with those puppy dog eyes? For what it's worth, I think geniuses are a little whacked... Haha.

Cima / Female Long Arm

> You're a long ways off before you can talk to me!
> Are you still here?! What's your problem?! Don't you get it?! If you get it, then scram.

Koji / Male Wavemaster

> I'm doing just fine, thanks.
> What? Yes, can I help you?

Crest / Male Heavy Axemen

> Oh, hi.
> After speaking with you, I yearn to do some research.... That is all that is on my mind right now. I shall speak with you later.

Mayunosuke / Male Heavy Blade

> Hi there.
> ...................... Sorry...! The'

Mutsuki / Male Blademaster

> How's it going?
> So... can I interest you in purchasing a cat ear book that I made? I think you'll like it.

Oborozukiyo / Male Twin Blade

> My goal! Conquer 10 areas in one day!!
> Now I shall excuse myself since I am in the midst of writing a love letter to my beloved Alicia. Please refrain from communicating my true feelings about her. 'Tis embarrassing.

Bell / Female Twinblade

> Good afternoon! I'm Bell, a Twin Blade!
> You... don't know who I am, right? What? Uh... oh... um, nothing. I think I'm going to shut up now.

Cossack Leader / Male Wavemaster

> Hah! The patrol today feels great!
> Yessir! Nothing else to report, sir!

Alue / Male Wavemaster

> Yo! How are you?
• Last week, there was an event called "Surround Alue." I'm so popular, see?
> Hey, if I keep talking to you, my fans are gonna get rowdy, see. The rule is: 3 minutes per person. I'm sure I'll have some free time in the future. Make an appointment with my secretary.

Alpha Ichigoro / Male Long Arm

> Bonjour! I am Alpha Ichigoro!
> Ah... I don't understand what you say. I study what you say now. Talk to me later. I go study now. Bye.

Alicia / Female Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Able Ring for 6 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Feng Shui for 18 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 War Headband for 6 Well Water.

Stare / Female Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Able Gloves for 6 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Water Magic for 18 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 I'll trade 1 Infantry Cap for 6 Pure Water.

Flare / Female Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Samurai Helm for 6 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Able Hands for 6 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 I'll trade 1 Fire Magic for 18 Burning Oil.

Fool / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Wood Magic for 18 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Blood Suit for 6 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Ivory Greaves for 6 Holy Sap.

Teria / Female Long Arm

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Bandit Mail for 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Powered Boots for 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Magic for 18 Sports Drink.

Waffle / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Black Magic for 18 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Masamune Armor for 6 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Rare Greaves for 6 Cooked Bile.

Cyan / Male Heavy Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Power Book for 25 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Imp Earrings for 12 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Geist Ring for 12 Well Water.

Panta / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Drain Gloves for 12 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Key Axe for 1 Ice Bar.
• I'll trade 1 Demon's Cap for 12 Pure Water.

Jutah / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Tolerance Book for 25 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Devil Helm for 12 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Cursed Hands for 12 Burning Oil.

Annri / Female Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Devil Greaves for 12 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Super Wufei for 1 Chinese Food.
• I'll trade 1 Priest's Stole for 12 Holy Sap.

Benoit / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Segmentart for 12 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Osorezan Socks for 12 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Insight Book for 25 Sports Drink.

John / Male Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Spiritual Book for 25 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Armor of Hell for 12 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Magic Leg Mail for 12 Cooked Bile.

Micino / Female Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Comet Blade for 10 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Overloaded for 10 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Grobe Spear for 10 Golden Axe.

Tim / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Homura for 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Steeler for 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Dark Green Rod for 10 Silver Axe.

Post - Theta Soaring Sky Bounded Abyss


• Lambda Server is always at night, but my mom told me that I can't play at night.
• Seems like things are returning normal. I can get back to Lambda server now.
• I'm running an errand right now. Cima told me to get some Healing Potions... She says that I'm dependable! We all gotta do what we gotta do. Heh heh heh...


• Nevermind that, some guy at a TV station loved my workout, so I'm going to have my own show! And it's going to be called, "Build Up 1, 2, 3 Workout! How About You?"
• I'm thinking about showing off my work out to celebrate Lambda server opening again! Build 'em up! Build 'em up! Muscle, muscle, muscle! Come on!
• Lambda opened again, so I'm going to level up like crazy.


• Hey, you look kinda pale... ...just kidding, it's the game. =)
• The baseball game went into extra innings, so I missed "Space Ship Super Nova." Oh well. Hachiro had a HR, so I guess it's OK.
• I'm trying to learn english, so I was watching some sitcoms, but I don't get what's so funny. Is it a cultural thing?


• Maybe I'll find some new stuff in Lambda server... Huh, yeah right...
• All the dishes in my house are plastic. I'd break all of them if they were glass. It's just one of those "feelings"... you know?
• The city lights of Carmina Gadelica are very beautiful. They are like jewels in the sky. They are too bright for me.


• You seem to be playing a lot with girls, but this is an online game, so they may not actually be girls. I'm not bragging or anything, but the girl that I play with is a priestess in real life!
• I get so anxious when I'm in Carmina Gadelica! Hey, I don't have ulterior motives of anything.
• Whoohoo! Lambda server is open! Things are going to get interesting!


• ......... ......... ...Lambda server... is open... ...took me... 20 mins... get that... mail...
• ......... ......... ...For some... reason, "The World"... eats up... my memory... I... should call CC... Corp...
• ......... ......... There are... more people in new... servers... so it's... heavier... than... usual...


• Although I'm a game character, I've got a weak point like the real Benkei. I think I might have flunked my midterms.
• I'm collecting weapons like the real weapons, but the real guy collected his enemy's weapons. But I can't PK in this version of "The World," so... oh, well.
• High "Body" tolerance can't defend against sleep and charm... Just wish my "Spirit" tolerance will go up...


• Even with high spirit tolerance, I'm still wide open to poison and paralysis. Argh! What should I do to increase body tolerance?
• If you've got any problems, please tell me and the Beautiful Warrior Hayate will fix it! Oh, but you seem stronger than me. I'll count on you when I'm in trouble.
• What's the most powerful Twin Blade weapin in Lambda Server? I'll get it first this time!


• I went to Comiket the other day. "Studio Red Frog" has a huge line in front of it and they sold out! I mean 10k copies were sold out in one hour! I got a copy, and it's great!
• It's going to be on this month's "Flesh!" but Kaki and Sawa are going out! I'm totally depressed! I don't think I'm going to get over it.
• If Lambda is open, that must mean they tightened up on the NEL. Hey, it goes on sale in 2 months. No matter how well you know PA, they wouldn't start early with a J only, would they?


• I saw Lord Balmung the other day in this town! *sigh* He is just sooooo good looking! If I ever formed a party with him I think I'd faint.
• People in this world are so mean to each other and are very hurtful. I wish people would think more about others. Being at peace is the best.
• Isn't it great that Lambda server is back online?


• I come out of the big house and the family was already disbanded. It's going to be tough to live. And trying to live clean... Well, it's going to be tough.
• I just got obliterated. Lambda server is a little too strong for me... (TT)
• Damn Lambda monsters... If this was the real world, I wouldn't lose to small fry like them!


• They should just open all of them and not just Lambda...
• Doesn't Grid bother you? He's always mumbling to himself! If it's not fun, then don't login in the first place! Idiot!
• I asked TASK about how to read Lambda and he had no clue! He should pay attention! What? Do I know how to read it? Of course, it's you-know-what!


• Damn... Think it's time to log off...
• Oh yeah. I think I still have postcards to send to the radio station. E-mails are the norm, but I still like snail mail.
• You know, I play the game because I don't have much to do, but there's not much to do here, either.


• I wonder what those vehicles in Carmina Gadelica fly on?
• They opened up Lambda server, but when are they opening Sigma and Omega?
• Carmina Gadelica is filled with buildings, but we can't enter any of them.


• My cat always bites me... =)
• I have a tendency to hunch and my mom always yells at me.
• When I go to a strange place, I just need to spend some time with the cats.


• You know a good ramen place?
• It feels different when I pull an all nighter for work than when I play a game. I wonder if the people who debug games feel the same way.
• I'm really into this home therapy stuff. But I can't tell if it actually works. Of course a girlfriend would be the best therapy. Heh heh.


• You ever lost sleep trying to remember something and then slept all day?
• I know guys playing as girls, but I wonder if any girls play as guys?
• Have you ever bought the full screen version of a DVD when you actually wanted wide screen?


• My neighbor's cat and my cat seem to be getting along! If they have kittens, you can have one.
• I wish "The World" had cats. Grunties are cute, but I don't like their burping. :-)
• If you want to use powerful weapons, you need to raise your level.


• TOSHIKI, thank you for the dreams!
• I'm sad that HEX is disbanding, but it's okay. Thanks for the memories.
• My favorite band is going to break up... Leave me alone...


• Just between you and me, I'm not human. I'm researching earthlings with this game. It's true! You guys are so distrustful. Heh heh heh.
• I heard that if you wander around here, you'll find a secret door, heh heh heh.
• You know the entrance to the dungeon of the mushroom fields? That thing is actually alive and you can sometimes get eaten by it! Heh heh heh.


• Hey, hey, hey, is it true that Japanese only eat sushi, and Americans only eat steak?
• Hey, hey, hey, I haven't touched this game in ages and then got scolded for playing too much.
• Hey, hey, hey... ...wait, what did I want to ask?


• Hey, great timing! You haven't paid me back that 3000GP I lent you the other day! What? It's not you? Hmm... I shouldn't have lent it to a guy. I can't remember guys' names.
• I got a new car the other day! It's European! Yay! But the wheel is on the right side. You're supposed to drive on the left, right?
• I heard they're going to open the servers besides Lambda.


• I don't want to lose to TASK as an informer! His information is all cheats and fakes! I want to tell the truth!
• There are items called "Books" that can permanently raise your status.
• There's a rare weapon called "Gemini Soul" somewhere. I'm assuming it's a Twin Blade weapon because of the "Gemini."while.


• Un duez trois? Oh no! My feet are giving way! Please hold me! You! You put something in my shoes! Now I can dance! Yeah!
• Hey, you know what Lambda means? I think it has something to do with the cosmos!!
• Are you patient? Your symptons are bad, so I think we'll have to roll you to surgery! Crack open the chest! Your heart is so cute! Inject Henamin C! If you like Henako it's a success!


• I wrote my own opinion about the current problems on my site. Come and read it. The URL is htpp://www.big_a ... Huh? Oh, sorry, I was tripping for a moment, I'll tell you later.
• The server shutdown reopened... Hope it's only me...
• Lambda Server is opening without any real answers about the problems. I have this feeling they're hiding something from the users since the server went down.


• I'm thinking that the opening of the new server is a result of us winning. Am I wrong? But if that was the case, then what caused the server to go down in the first place?
• Those peace loving fools are screaming their heads off about recent events. But this is the true form of an online game! The ALTMIT myth is now destroyed!
• Didn't know they added effects in case the server went down. I must reevaluate this game.


• Balmung acts all cool now, but the character he has is a special one that he got in an event. His old body was so lame! You'd laugh if you saw it now.
• Seems like Lambda server isn't normal. Well it just shows how strong I am.
• I've been using WING these days to buy me items. It's not that bad. I just say something nice and he's happy. He's like a dog.


• CC Corp has always been a company that brings users first, so I'm all for CC Corp!
• I think I should stop using certain words. I sound like an idiot.
• There's more adventure now that Lambda server has opened, thanks.


• I haven't even gone into the Lambda areas yet. The enemies sounds stronger over there.
• I guess a lot of people are playing in Lambda Server now. That's pretty funny. Oh, I just had this image of mass migration like the Ten Commandments.
• I've heard that your grades go down when you play a game, but that's a total lie!


• Since they reopened the Lambda server, we might get more players.
• Lambda Server's town is always at night. I hate the dark. I turn back immediately when I'm in a field at night time.
• I got into an car accident and my insurance had just expired. What should I do?


• Teria and Alicia are so cute! They are both my type!
• I'm writing a fanfic, but I can't come up with any good story lines. The deadline is close. Do you have any interesting ideas?
• They say there are better items in the un-opened servers... ...I knew that.


• I totally forgot about the fanfic Mutsuki asked me about! Oh well. It's not the first time! You have to think positive!
• Lambda server opened so I'm going to play like there's no tommorow.
• Lady Alicia...


• Lambda server is finally open! Even if I don't have to go, it's exciting!
• Do you know what a figure is? It's basically a doll, but it's very detailed! Especially the female ones. I think its sexual harrasment.
• Carmina Gadelica reminds me of the set of "Heaven's Gate" that's on TV right now. Where the main character first appears in... What? You haven't seen it?!

Cossack Leader

• Hah! I'm looking for individual in a sexual harrassment case! The individual keeps talking about priestesses! If you find him, tell me!
• Hah! I've expanded my patrol now that Lambda server is open.
• Hah! Carmina Gadelica is a city at night, so I must be more careful! Kids shouldn't play at night! And no drinks for adults either!


• Alue is popular, so he doesn't have to do anything since his fans will bring money and items. But I only talk, so my level is still very low.
• I'm sure some fans are trying to listen in on the conversation. Say anything negative and they'll come hunt you down in real life, so watch what you say.
• Yo, Lambda server is open! I'm gonna explore all day long!

Alpha Ichigoro

• Oh yeah! How's my lambada?'s a game, so you can't see it. I'm moving my hips since Lambda is open, amigo! It's tres bien!
• I had an epiphany! Sushi needs doubles and triples like ice cream, non? Avocado and eel on top of tuna! Very good!
• Bravo! Bravissimo! Lambda server is open for business! My passion is burning new!

Post - Lambda Merciless Grieving Furnace


• People problems in real life and server problems in the game! My life is just full of problems!
• There have been a lot of server problems lately... Is it always like this?
• Cima always asks me to get stuff, but she never pays me for it. :-( But if it's for Cima... I don't mind spencing my life savings on her! Cima!!!


• With all these problems, I don't have the luxury of levelling up...
• Hey did you see my show, "Build Up 1, 2, 3 Workout"? It got cancelled after only two shows... people just don't get the beauty of muscles!
• I think the server goes down every time I show off my workout. What, the server can't take my workout? It needs more muscles!


• I'm starting to understand sitcoms now, but... I still don't understand the light bulbs!
• It's been getting crazy lately. Maybe it's time for you to quit too.
• Hey, isn't the new animation, "New Generation Novangelion" great?! I love Japanese animation!


• I met someone for the first time and we ended up playing together until early in the morning. But everyone tells me that the server was down that day, so I couldn't have played.
• They call me "Lady Luckless." But I've only been lucky at... getting food poisoning...
• There are no strings on any of my shoes. The shoe strings keep breaking on me for some reason.


• They terminated my account for some reason! I did set up a dummy account in case these things happened, but I can't believe this!
• Yeah, sounds like things are bad. But hey, it's part of the fun!
• Even if the world ends, I can live on as long as the priestess is still around!


• ......... ......... ...It freezes... every... time... I fight... monsters... so my level ...won't go any... higher...
• ......... ......... ...kind of... crazy...
• ......... ......... CC Corp's customer... service... ...said... they... don't... know... ..........


• I got all "Fire" Element armor, but it was useless against the Dalaigon... maybe I'll increase "Water" Element this time...
• I didn't flunk my midterms! I was pretty close though. :-) If I flunked it, my mom would've taken the game away from me, but now I can play freely!
• I've got a pretty good collection of weapons now. I wonder how much money I could make... Oh! I shouldn't be having these thoughts!


• Damn!! Attacks with skills from "Water" Element armors were useless... ...against the Hydrosaurus! I'm going back with "Fire" Element for revenge.
• I tried to help some people the other day like a good hero should. But the monsters were much more powerful than I thought, so I died! I need to get stronger!
• What? Where did you get that weapon?! I open every single chest I find, but I've never seen it!


• The novel "Bonds of Blood" has sold over 5 million copies, and George Stevens is going to make a film! The guy was an unknown author. It really is the American dream.
• There's like, some spooky folks behind CC Corp., but aren't more than half with W anyway? They don't mix very good with "white badge." I bet 2 or 3 got the hook...
• The magazine I got the other day was great! It's already going for $500 in an online auction! I guess everyone is just in love with it. Really.


• 100 Friend List! I've got 54 right now! I'm past the half way point!
• My friend and I went for a drive the other day. It was great! I love convertibles on a sunny day! It sucked that it rained on the way back though. :)
• I came, but the server's messed up so I don't think I'll go to any areas...


• I met one of the young guys the other day. Now, he's clean and a father of two. It's tough to go clean once you step into this world. I'm proud of him.
• I feel kind of betrayed with all these problems... I used to like this game.
• Is CC Corp. really doing its job? Maybe I should go there and ask.


• I've got enough problems in this world. I don't want any in the game. I need to call Kenji. He gets sulky. I hate jealous guys.
• I mean, you'd think they would hook us up with free service or something... really...
• There's this played named Hayate who calls herself a hero but steals monsters! Damn coward! I mean come on! Hero? She's read too many comics!


• Servers are flaky... Thinking about logging out...
• We don't get "Sumi Sumi Night" in our area. But I think if I move the antenna I can hear it. It's not that bad.
• Servers are flaky, but I'm kinda feeling flaky these days, too. I seem like I haven't got a lot on my mind, but I'm thinking... like about lunch tommorow and stuff.


• Why are there server problems on the day that I can play? Stupid Murphy's Law... :(
• Why do things that I want to buy go on sale when I have no money?
• Why do they keep having server problems?


• You're not supposed to feed onions or leeks to cats.
• I'm actually pretty agile because I love cats! I've been practicing the Chinese martial art Cat Punch! It's not that powerful though.
• My cat was asleep on my dad's car, so I decided to take a nap as well and got yelled at.


• Can you type without looking? I'm pretty good because of my work, but not perfect. I just have to look sometimes to make sure my fingers are on the right keys...
• I had this great nose-hair that I kept, but I lost it... What am I supposed to do?
• The person who does illustrations for my column changed. Artists are a really weird group of people.


• You ever thought you lost one of your contacts and then found you had both in one eye?
• As soon as I got out of the house, it started pouring. I hate life.
• Why do the fish bite when I'm just about ready to leave? Is it just me?


• Saving is good to avoid cats hitting the reset button...
• Cats are so nice and warm! I always sleep with my cats. Well, not in the summer though.
• It feels like my connection is slow. I guess its time for me to upgrade to a rocket or linear connection.


• I love all of their songs, but the best is "Silent Rain." That is a masterpiece.
• I was so depressed that I couldn't eay anything for three days! But I'm all right now.
• My favorite band is going to break up... Leave me alone...


• You know the field with the submerged giant? The one with moving fingers. If you get too close, sometimes it will grab your Grunty and eat it!
• Get all of your female friends and go to Theta Embarassing Forbidden Virgin! There clothes become transparent there! Heh heh heh.
• I heard that if you wander around here, you'll get more money, heh heh heh.


• Hey, hey, hey, have you ever had someone save over your data?
• Hey, hey, hey, have you ever had someone in your family eat the leftovers you wanted?
• Hey, hey, hey, is it true that the eye of the storm has 20/20 vision?


• The only male characters that I remember are Balmung and Orga. What? That's not his name? Who cares. It doesn't matter.
• I was driving down the waterfront the other day with this girl I just met. I was totally cool until we ran out of gas. She wasn't too happy about that.
• I heard they're going to open the servers besides /\.


• There are adult Grunties with lousy items, and then there are one with rare items.
• I heard that the legendary item, "Golden Grunty," actually exists! I wanted to keep it a secret, but as an informer, I have to tell people about it.
• Bell is weird. I have this feeling that she's an actress or someone famous.


• Here you go! One fresh Henako! Have some love essence for spice! The ingredients are great! You can eat it as is!
• Toot toot! Henako Train is departing! Last stop, your heart! Don't catch it, and several people are going to die! Of course it's a train, so you'll die, too.
• The last server crash was because of my built up vibes I tell you! You got that?


• The net is filled with rumors... But it still bothers me...
• Hmmm... I wonder... I get the feeling that they are opening new servers to hide the problems.
• The website I told you about the other day is gone. I was using a free hosting site, but that went down. I guess things just don't go as you want.


• The repeated server crashes seem to be an ominous sign for "The World." The saturated world is deleting everything back to zero! Ha ha ha ha ha! Interesting!
• The prelude to the destruction has started! Play the serenade of destruction! Destroy! Destroy everything! Destruction is the beginning of creation!
• This is getting good. This is how an RPG should be!


• You wouldn't believe the monster I met the other day! Where did it come from?!
• WING is such an idiot! It takes him 15 minutes just to bring me a Healing Potion! I almost died because of him! He came at the last minute, so I used him as bait to run.
• It's getting freaky here with weird monsters and the servers crashing. But depending on how you look at it, it's getting interesting!


• There are a lot of server problems, but I know they will get fixed, thanks.
• I was really into the game that CC Corp put out where you catch cats.
• It's really hard to stop a habit. There, I'm doing it again. Damn it!


• I met a new monster the other day, but I got killed before I had time to observe it or experiment. Very aggressive. But I'm sure if I approach it with love, it'll open up to me.
• Small creatures never show their weakness, because it would mean death. Noise and server crashes. "The World" is very honest. I hope it gets fixed soon.


• The rare item I got went bye-bye when the server crashed. :-(
• Isn't it a bad sign that the servers keep crashing?
• I was able to settle on the accident I had the other day. I'm so relieved.


• Damn, I'm out of time. But Oboro hasn't sent anything either. I'll wait for him, but this always happens when I try to put together a fanfic.
• They say there are items you can only get by trading... ...I knew that.
• Oboro is acting weird lately. I wonder if he's got someone he's interested in?


• I don't have the courage to ask her out, so I'm just going to watch her from a distance! If I use that ninja move she won't know, but... Oh, don't mind me.
• The deadline for Mutsuki's fanfic has completely passed by. That's not good. I should just write something... but what should I write...
• There seems to be quite a lot of server problems lately...


• Celebrities gets lots of mails, but some of them are really creepy. There was a long strand of hair the other day! That was really scary!
• After all that work leveling up, it's all wasted because of server problems!! I'm pissed off!!
• I just finished my work, so I can play for a while. I don't know when it's going to crash, so I have to save often.

Cossack Leader

• Hah! I would love to arrest the one responsible for the server problems, but... I was unable to gain anything after three days of questionings. It is very dissapointing.
• Hah! I caught the individual that has been harassing others, and cancelled his account! Sexual harassment is a serious crime! You should be careful too
• Hah! Are all the server problems a warning?


• Everyone wants to come with me, so it's not really fun going anywhere.
• There's some fanfics of me out there. They're good, except for the slashers. Don't like those.
• Yo, there's too many server problems. Think I'm gonna stay low...

Alpha Ichigoro

• Mama mia! I put sushi in pasta! It was tres bien, amigo! Cultural diversity! You should try it, friend!
• Lately, I am worried. I wonder if we can return to the good old days of "The World"...
• I was lambadaing and Cossack Leader told me to stop. Very sad. He also asked me if I had visa! Do you need visa in a game?
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