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Unlike the previous two games, no dialogue changes occur throughout the entirety of Outbreak.

Whole Game

Wing / Male Blademaster

> Oh, ah... Hello...
• I think hackers got picked on when they were little. I kind of understand their feelings.
• They say it's hackers... I wonder if it's really them?
• Cima is in a good mood these days, so she hasn't yelled at me in a while! :-) But it's lonely... :-( Cima! Please pick on me again!!!
> Um... I really don't like to talk much. There's nothing to talk about.

Macky / Male Wavemaster

> Hi! What level are you?
• Hackers must be responsible for why I can't increase my level!!!
• Are the hackers responsible for me getting flabby as well?!
• I'm getting really flabby these days. The guys think I'm getting chesty. It feels kind of good though...
> What? You wanna hear about my workout sessions? Later, OK?

NOVA / Male Heavy Blade

> Hey, hangin' in there?
• Did you hear? Apparently hackers caused the recent problems.
• Have you heard? Shiosame, who does the voice of the captain in "Space Ship Super Nova," passed away.
• I yelled, "I am a Hacker!" the other day to test my English, and they almost took my account. I just used it because people were talking about it. What does it mean in the first place?
> Hey can you check out my English accent? Dis is a pain. How's that sound? OK?

Sachiko / Female Wavemaster

> Wish I could get good items...
• Viruses are scary...
• I get about 10 mails each day, and at least 4 of them have some attachment on it. So I should be well prepared.
• This is just between you and me, but I fell asleep the other day when I was playing. I woke up and apologize, but my friends said, "What? You were playing just fine!" Creepy...
> When you hear about unfortunate incidents, doesn't it make you feel you're lucky to be here?

Neja / Male Twin Blade

> Yo yo! Are ya havin' fun?
• If the hacker was a priestess, I'd forgive her! Wouldn't a hacker priestess be great?!
• This isn't a bug! It's just pretty patterns!
• Virus? Hackers? Who cares?! Just makes it more interesting!!
> Hey! You're not the sorceress! I was fooled by your red color. Sorry, but I'll be on my way now.

Heavy / Female Wavemaster

> ......
• ......... ...I bet... hackers... have great connections...
• ......... ...hackers are... pretty scary...
• ......... I... think... I'll get... dis...connected before it... finishes... ...downloading... the virus...
>' to...slow...down ag....ain....

Benkei / Male Heavy Axemen

> Morning! What's up?
• Ushiwaka is late though... I'm waiting for him to show up, but he hasn't come yet. Is he scared off by this? He'll never be my rival if he gets scared of something like this!
• People have been giving me good weapons since the city got messed up. There's a weird rumor going around as well. I wonder if people are going to quit? Oh well.
• I got all the attack skills, but couldn't heal anyone, so we quit. You really need to be able to heal.
> Hey! I just got an email from Ushiwaka. Gotta go.

Hayate / Female Twin Blade

> Good evening. How are you?
• Roaring Twin Blade, Hayate Justice! Beautiful Warrior Hayate!
• Wait one minute! I've never seen that weapon before! You've got a lot of different weapons! I'm amazed. Give me anything you don't need! ;)
• I had plenty of healing skills, but they ganged up on us and it was GAME OVER... Just goes to show, you need some kind of attack skills that kick some major butt.
> What? Do I hear a cry for help?! The beautiful Twin Blade Hayate is on her way! Just you wait!

Task / Male Long Arm

> Wassup!
• In order to get Shira in "Twinkle Diary," you got to samba at the school at 5 PM and clear it!
• Appelly surgically moved her mole by her lips! I'm totally into her!
• Security must be crying their eyes out, what with PD and Ice wiped out... I bet they reminisce about the days of firewalls...
> You like gossip, don'cha? Well, just hold on 'cuz I'm gonna get some really juicy info in a bit.

Hinata / Female Blademaster

> How are you doing?
• I can't believe these hackers... Going around spreading viruses...
• 100 Friend List! I'm up to 70 now! I only need 30 more for 100! There's a lot less players these days, so I don't know if I'll be able to make it.
• My cousin's PC got infected with a virus. I thought she didn't like me, so it's good to talk, but... I only play "The World" on my PC, so I have no idea. What should I do?
> I turn my back for a sec to chat, and my mailbox is full. Hold on, let me sort everything out.

A-Kichi / Male Wavemaster

> Morning!
• They don't even know when Omega will be back online... Can't believe all this...
• But is it really true that this is all caused by a virus?
• Damn hackers! The boss just needs to say the word, and I'll teach 'em a lesson!
> I hope the cops don't overhear our conversation. Well, I'm outta here. Later.

Cleama / Female Long Arm

> Y'know what?
• They should've made sure about the security before this virus got out.
• Isn't Yuji totally out there?! He is like such a psycho! I bet he's making viruses and stuff.
• I've got so many split ends! I permed my hair straight, so I've got lots of them.
> What? What do you want? Stop following me around. I'm busy.

Grid / Male Long Arm

> I'm so bored.
• I need to get a job soon though. I don't have much money left. I'm getting tired of instant noodles and I have to pay my monthly fees as well.
• I'm glad they figured out the problem... OK, I'm going to log out now...
• Hey, I should write some postcards right now. I send out about 50 a month. Of course, I don't get any replies back...
> Phew... I'm tired now, so I'm taking off. Bye.

Quess / Female Wavemaster

> This kinda bugs me...
• The background is totally messed up, but the characters aren't. I wonder why.
• With the virus still around, why are there still so many people here?
• I'm surprised that the servers are still working.
> So many questions in life... Why, why, why? That's the infinite question.

Nekoski / Male Heavy Axeman

> Cats are so cute!
• Like my cats, I can't eat hot food. I have to let it get cold before I eat anything.
• I put cat ears on when I went out the other day and it felt GOOD.
> Meow! Oh wait, my cats are calling me. I gotta go.

Gyokuro / Male Wavemaster

> Hiya! You wanna trade?
• I'm getting bored of regular food, so I've been creating new menus. Eel ramen is pretty good!
• Don't you just hate it when your nose starts to itch when you're out?
• It would be great if my job was to play "The World."
> ...What? Nothing?! I thought I wrote the whole script! It must've been a dream! This is definitely not good. I'd better get started right away. Catch you later.

Osugi / Male Twin Blade

> Good Morning! Or is it good afternoon?
• Last time I went grocery shopping, I put ice cream in the fridge by mistake.
• My nose started bleeding when I was brushing my teeth. You should have seen the bathroom!
• The other day I got a nice warm can of orange juice from the vending machine...
> I shouldn't be talking about this... it's really embarrassing. It's only going to get worse.

Acreola / Female Long Arm

> Hello! Have you gotten used to the game?
• Did I tell you my cat's name? It's Bon Soir Francois! Isn't it an elegant name? Of course it was born in Japan, but...
• I changed to rocket connection, and it's ultra fast! 1GB/sec!
• Saving is good to avoid cats hitting the reset button...
> Um... I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll talk to you later.

Borscht / Male Blademaster

> Hey, what's up?
• My friend is moving... We just got to know each other...
• My friends asked me to come see them practice, so I went, but they were just sitting in the dark. I went in, and then there was this freaky sound from nowhere! Freaky, man.
• I want a cap like Tetsuya from Oregon Ash, but I have no money! I mean, come on! I can't wear one from last year!
> I'm having trouble writing my new song. I can't make it rhyme right. I'm going to sit on it for a while.

M-78 / Male Blademaster

> Heh heh heh.
• I heard thay if you wander around here, you're wasting your time, heh heh heh.
• Put the cursor on your skill menu and input D, U, R, L, during battle to use Sabbath! Heh heh heh.
• The virus corrupted the data and you can't save anymore! I'm down to level 1 again!
> Heh heh. Now how should I take advantage of them next time? Hey! Don't eavesdrop! I'm still working on it!

Yuckey / Male Wavemaster

> Hey, hey, hey, how're you doing?
• Hey, hey, hey, forget about it! You don't seem too reliable!
• Hey, hey, hey, do you know about the server crash?
• Hey, hey, hey, give me that! That! Oh, wait, I forgot what that was.
> Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're buggin' me. Do you have to talk to me now?

Nijukata / Male Heavy Blade

> Um... Have we met?
• I know! You're Nishikawa, right? Are you still buying those stupid trading cards? What? You're not Nishikawa? Oh, I mistook you for someone else the other day, too! Sorry, sorry!
• Sorry, I'm really bad at remembering people's faces. At the last reunion... teacher came up to me, and I said, "Who the hell are you?" Poor guy had a sad face.
• I heard this game... is dangerous.
> Um... who're you again? Your name's on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, I'll remember next time.

Hirami / Female Blademaster

> Yo, wanna know something?
• I heard there's an item called Lady Killers.
• I heard that if you collect a set of equipment, you can summon something! And it's cute!
• From my stand point, M-78 is a horrible liar. I almost believed that he was actually from another planet.
> So, do you like the Hirami Insider? I'll have more the next time we meet up. How's that?

Henako / Female Wavemaster

> Oh yeah! Come on! Right on!
• Hackers and rockers! Oh, they're both live and go for the drive!
• Henako Festival! Hey, you! Come on and dance! Henako Song! Hena~ Hena~ (beep!) Hena~ Song and Hena!
• Welcome to Henako 1 Grand Prix! Look at that nasty Henapin Curve! Is it a curse of Hena?! Oh no! Wake up! Wake up with a kiss from Henako!
> Henako is tired... Henako has no more energy. Time for Henako to sleep. Good night, says Henako.

BIG / Male Blademaster

> .......... ...5ORRY.... I w45 7hinkin9 48Ou7 5OM37hin9...
• Huh? Wh47 w45 i7? D4Mn i7, I'v3 f0R90773n! c0M3 0n, wh47 w45 i7? 0h Y34h! 70M0RR0w i5 wh3n 7h3 n3w ph0705 0f yuk4 4R3 C0Min9 0u7!!!1
• cc'5 4nn0unC3M3n7... i7 M4k35 53n53... 8u7... 97 533M5 Ju57 700 COnv3ni3n7.
• cc c0Rp., h4Ck3R5, viRu535, 4nd "7h3 W0R1d." 7h3R3'5 90774 83 50M3hin9 480u7 7hi5 94M3! 8u7 I d0n'7 kn0w wh47 7h47 i5!!!!11!
> HMM... YOu knOw wh47? c4n YOu 134v3 M3 41On3 fOR 4whi13? I C4n'7 COnC3n7R473 wi7h p3Op13 4ROund.

Yuji / Male Blademaster

> Oh, hello there.
• Ha ha ha ha! This chaos is the prelude to the revolution! Take up arms! Listen to my voice!
• Man is a sinful being! The gods are returning everything to zero to create a new utopia! That is not bad!
• This chaos is just what I have been waiting for. I'll take initiative!
> Hey hey, could you not look at me with those puppy dog eyes? For what it's worth, I think geniuses are a little whacked... Haha.

Cima / Female Long Arm

> You're a long ways off before you can talk to me!
• Death and destruction! I will be the only one alive! Yes! Only me... hahahaha...
• You, dog! Bow down to me! Chaos and destruction surrounds me! This ecstasy is unbelievable!
• Sorry, but I don't have time to speak with a dog! Get out of my sight!
> Are you still here?! What's your problem?! Don't you get it?! If you get it, then scram.

Koji / Male Wavemaster

> I'm doing just fine, thanks.
• Where do hackers get their ability? I don't think they teach you how to do that in school.
• My last name is not Watanabe or Okada or Jokura.
• Hackers... I'm worried... thanks.
> What? Yes, can I help you?

Crest / Male Heavy Axemen

> A/S/L? ...Oh, hi, Kite.
• Just a virus from a hacker has this much effect on the game?
• I major in Biology, so if it was a real virus, I'd have some knowledge, but this one is digital.
• I heard from Henako that the hackers who are distributing the virus are also into soccers.
> After speaking with you, I yearn to do some research.... That is all that is on my mind right now. I shall speak with you later.

Mayunosuke / Male Heavy Blade

> Hi there.
• This world is pretty broken up, but my machine is in bad shape as well. The HD is making noises.
• I was trashing unwanted items, and trashed 84 Healing Potions by mistake.
• Maybe it's not a good idea to be playing right now...
> ...................... Sorry...! The'

Mutsuki / Male Blademaster

> How's it going?
• There's some guy hanging around my Alicia these days. I think I saw him somewhere...
• Damn it. I've lost my space. Where am I going to put it up? Oh well, I'll just go put it up at the... (message deleted)
• They say there are skills only from event related items... I knew that.
> So... can I interest you in purchasing a cat ear book that I made? I think you'll like it.

Oborozukiyo / Male Twin Blade

> My goal! Conquer 10 areas in one day!!
• It's my daily routine to watch Alicia from the shadows. My ninja powers conceal me!
• I was asked to write a fanfic for Mutsuki, but it's too personal! It's a love romance between me and Lady Alicia, but I think it's too risque to show it to other people.
• These hackers are quite an inconvenience...
> Now I shall excuse myself since I am in the midst of writing a love letter to my beloved Alicia. Please refrain from communicating my true feelings about her. 'Tis embarrassing.

Bell / Female Twinblade

> Good afternoon! I'm Bell, a Twin Blade!
• Those hackers should stop causing problems and play with me!
• You know the group that Yuka is in? I heard that their manager likes really young girls! Oh, this is a secret, so don't tell anyone!
• I've been in the recording studio all day, so... I mean watching a band record, yeah! Anyway, you are going to buy Yuka's solo album, right?
> You... don't know who I am, right? What? Uh... oh... um, nothing. I think I'm going to shut up now.

Cossack Leader / Male Wavemaster

> Hah! The patrol today feels great!
• Back in the day... hah! I was just remembering the old days when I was on patrol!
• Hah! Yasu needs to get his act together! He has a family!
• Hah! I can't believe hackers were behind this!
> Yessir! Nothing else to report, sir!

Alue / Male Wavemaster

> Yo! How are you?
• Yo, I just hate hackers!!
• The hackers are jealous of me, so that's why they're doing this!
• Game 2 asked me to write a column for them. Being popular is okay I guess. But Alue is the one that's popular and not the real me. Isn't that depressing?
> Hey, if I keep talking to you, my fans are gonna get rowdy, see. The rule is: 3 minutes per person. I'm sure I'll have some free time in the future. Make an appointment with my secretary.

Alpha Ichigoro / Male Long Arm

> Bonjour! I am Alpha Ichigoro!
• Me, I'm getting good at slangs! Listen, listen! You talkin' to me? Yeah you. You talkin' to me?
• Japanese really like tuna ne! Eat tuna with a heart of a koi! Which do you want to eat, tuna or koi? Japanese, very fishy!
> Ah... I don't understand what you say. I study what you say now. Talk to me later. I go study now. Bye.

Alicia / Female Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Inferno Gloves for 6 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Wolf Crest for 6 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Hat for 1 3-Floor Tower.

Stare / Female Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Fire Lion Hood for 6 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Fire Hands for 6 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Mail for 1 Doll Amulet.

Flare / Female Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Fire Dragon for 6 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Lava Greaves for 6 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Gloves for 1 Magnolia Miso.

Fool / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Blaze Solleret for 6 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Blazing Robes for 6 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Boots for 1 Scent of Gero.

Teria / Female Long Arm

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Jasper Hauberk for 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Flame Leg Mail for 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Dad for 1 Maiden's Plot.

Waffle / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Fire Beast for 6 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Hunting Guard for 6 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Dreams of Yore for 1 Field's Deed.

Cyan / Male Heavy Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Sonic Gloves for 12 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Owl Crest for 12 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Gimme Life for 1 Rogue Fragment.

Panta / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Spirit Hands for 12 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Cave Bear Hood for 12 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Key Axe for 1 Ice Bar.

Jutah / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Owl Crest for 12 Burning Oil, 6 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Spirit Dragon for 12 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Oaken Greaves for 12 Burning Oil.

Annri / Female Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Airy Robes for 12 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Oaken Solleret for 12 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Super Wufei for 1 Chinese Food.

Benoit / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Oaken Leg Mail for 12 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Spirit Hauberk for 12 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Yoshida (26) for 1 Boxed Lunch.

John / Male Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Tree Beast for 12 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Charred Guard for 12 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Oaken Greaves for 12 Cooked Bile, 6 Sports Drink.

Micino / Female Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Jindachi for 10 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Dragnir for 10 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Rising Sun for 10 Golden Axe.

Tim / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Professional for 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Artisan Axe for 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Tenami for 10 Silver Axe.
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