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Omega Hidden Darkside Holy Ground

I also got an e-mail... from Aura.

Quit playing after the credits roll and you'll miss out on the epilogue! After doing a thing or two, both Kite and Elk get mail from Aura. She says a new life is about to be born but something's trying to block that from happening, much like what happened with her. Aim to prevent the same mistake from occuring again!

Free Time:
This dungeon can take around 2 hours if not longer and of course you can't save anywhere within it so you'd best be ready for this slog! Ignore monsters in the field and head straight into the dungeon!

Party Members:
Elk has to be a member of the party, so who will the third member be? Canonically (according to the Another Birth novels) this would be BlackRose. She's always been a good ally and her class gives the party a good balance. Because of Helba's obviously hacked stats, I've found her to be a good addition to the team. A bunch of monsters in the dungeon have "Physical Tolerance", so her powerful spells would be super useful for damaging them. However, who you bring is up to you!

Infection Level:
Before even starting the dungeon be totally sure Kite's infection level is fully in the blue. The sheer amount of Data Bug's within are sure to shoot his infection level up to critical levels before long. Being Level 99 helps slow the rate his infection level rises ever so slightly. Try and have Kite get the finishing blow on as many monsters as possible! Each kill will lower the infection level by a small bit, so once monsters are on their last legs set party members to standby or healing so they don't steal your kills! If you come up against multiple Data Bug's at once, try to initiate Protect Break on each of them at once and then use Drain Arc. The less times you have to use any form of Data Drain, the less chance you have of getting Game Over.

Stock Up:
The dungeon is 15 floors deep, the longest in the series! Having a ton of recovery and status raising items on hand will be a big help. If you've got "Sora's Blades" make sure to have them on hand because they help alot in getting Protect Break to occur. Mistral should have the weapon "Miracle Twin" up for trade so go ahead and grab that since it has good Earth and Thunder skills, two elements a bunch of monsters in the dungeon are weak to.

Take Control:
You should be used to directing your teammates in the midst of battle. Setting them to "Operation Recover" is good for getting them to stop attacking, allowing Kite to finish off monsters. When up against enemies that have "Physical Tolerance" manually controlling teammates to have them keep casting spells is very useful.

This place is chock full of high level Data Bugs, regular monsters, and at the very end two bosses!

Data Bugs:
059: ˆu{G/&}< i=n
079: A:ro*a Fe/th&r
097: $nderˆmo\
113: San=Hi/
303: De{th I$pˆa&t

Regular Monsters:
035: Dark Lord - serious pain in the butts
048: Madam Niagara
057: Mu Guardian - appears after Data Draining ˆu{G/&}< i=n
076: Psyche Vision - appears normally and after Data Draining A:ro*a Fe/th&r
095: Astro King - appears after Data Draining $nderˆmo\
109: Sand Hill - appears after Data Draining San=Hi/
192: Armor General - more likely to kill you than a high infection level!
239: VlitraMaster
300: Dark Asteroid - appears after Data Draining De{th I$pˆa&t

206: Dawn Wanderer
207: Temptress Lover

Rush Through!
This is one dungeon you don't wanna try to open every Magic Portal. So below are the directions I've found to be the quickest way through from floor start to floor end.

B1.) N, N, W, N, N, E, N

B2.) N, W, N, E, N, N, E

B3.) E, E, N, N, W, N, E, E

B4.) E, E, N, N, N

B5.) N, N, N, N

B6.) N, N, E, N, N

B7.) N, N, W, N, N, E

B8.) E, N, N, W, W, S, S

B9.) S, E, N, E, S, E, N

B10.) N, N, N, W, N

B11.) N, N, N, N, N, E, E, S, S, S, S

B12.) S, S, S, W, W, N, N, N

B13.) N, W, N, N

B14.) N, E, S

B15.) S, E, N, N

"And... to the new future."
Once you've defeated the final bosses you'll be treated to the series epilogue and final cutscene of the game. Then a congratulations screen shows up stating you've completed all episodes of .hack//!

- Completing this will unlock wallpaper images 87 - 96 and movies 99 - 102!

- N = North
- E = East
- W = West
- S = South
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