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These games are packed with optional stuff not required to beat them, like Gruntys, but I covered those elsewhere. This guide will cover optional characters, dungeons, and other little things.

Goblin Tag
The goblins love to "play tag." Of course it's not your usual game of tag. You must go to their field alone and try to kill them. But there's something new. You again have to beat three goblins per round but this time you can bring party members with you to help out! Each of the first four goblins will give you a piece of the rare goblin armor. Defeating the fifth will net you the key item "Imp's Crown." Equip all four pieces of the armor after getting the pin and you'll be able to cast the final Gob-summon...King of Goblin!

[Sigma] Detestable Elusive Sunny Demon
Goblin: Stehoney X / HP: 1450

[Sigma] Detestable Elusive Messenger
Goblin: Jonue X / HP: 1590

[Sigma] Detestable Elusive Scent
Goblin: Zyan X / HP: 1730

[Sigma] Detestable Elusive New Truth
Goblin: Albert X / HP: 1870

Since you are allowed to bring party members be sure to pump them up with Speed Charms + accuary & attack boosting "blood" items as well as yourself. The first two set of goblins are rather easy and don't even have any magic. Make good use of Saber Dance against 'em. The Zyan X squad can use Ola Repth and curse you to drain your SP which can be a pain if you don't strike them down fast enough. To deal with them do the usual magical attack and accuracy boosting, then strike 'em down with "Rom" type magic. Albert X can't heal but can use the damaging MeGan Rom spell. The best strategy for winning is to power your party up and then take full control of them. Use the "Designate Target" command for fighters and for Wavemasters try to choose their spells for them. Also lower his magical defense and put him to sleep with The Moon!

[Sigma] Detestable Elusive Gate
Goblin: Martina X / HP: 2010

Despite what I once advised, totally DO bring Wavemasters along! If they have "Pha" level magic you're good to go! You'll want to take away her magic tolerance with a Beast's Bane and put her to sleep with The Moon so be sure to use the magical attack and accuracy enhancing items. With her asleep jump in their and spam magic attacks! The Martinas can cast Ol Repth but that isn't much to worry about. The field is setup to allow the goblins to get trapped against objects somewhat easily and the fight isn't very hard. Guess they wanted to go easy on you for the final gob battle?

King of Goblin is the reward for beating these five goblins. It's a non-elemental summon that attacks one enemy. Being the last of the Goblin summon series its power isn't to shabby and the casting cost not to bad compared with other summons.

There are dungeons out there that hold rare items you will want to get your hands on. But what are the keywords needed to find these areas? Read below to find out! Be wary of these dungeons though as they are chock full of Data Bugs. By the way, you'll need to treasure chests and Gott Statues to find these things.

[Omega] Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel - Lv.78 Thunder

- Rare Item:
Risky Coffee: A unique item in name, but in effect it's the same as a Noble Wine. Found in the Gott Statue.

[Omega] Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet - Lv.90 Wood

Rare Item:
- Christmas Card: Trade to Jutah for the rare Wavemaster weapon the Silent Bomber. Found in the Gott Statue.

Elemental Books
Want to boost your or party members elemental stats? Check out the Gott Statues in these dungeons to do just that. You can visit as many times as you want to get more and more of these stat boosters.

[Omega] Chosen Hopeless Sea of Sand - Lv.95 Fire
- Firelore: Fire Element +2

[Omega] Chosen Hopeless Ice Wall - Lv.95 Water
- Sealore: Water Element +2

[Omega] Chosen Hopeless Night Grass - Lv.95 Dark
- Darklore: Darkness Element +2

[Omega] Chosen Hopeless Far Thunder - Lv.95 Earth
- Earthlore: Earth Element +2

[Omega] Chosen Hopeless Treasure Gem - Lv.95 Wood
- Forestlore: Wood Element +2

[Omega] Chosen Hopeless Capsule - Lv.95 Thunder
- Stormlore: Thunder Element +2

Item Completion Event
Upon beating the game this event will open up for all players including of course, yourself. Can you register all 758 items? You needn't worry about rare items as they are not counted in this quest. Below are the categories of items which you need to fill in. To get items, buy them in the Root Town shops, trade with Players & Gruntys, abuse the Spring of Myst and do good old dungeon crawling.

• Twin Blade
• Blademaster
• Heavy Blade
• Heavy Axeman
• Long Arm
• Wavemaster

• Head
• Body
• Hand
• Leg

• Items
• Scroll
• Treasure

Key Item
• Grunty Food
• Virus Cores

The Gott Statues in the dungeons in the following keywords are the only place you can find the following weapons. These are needed to in order to finish the Item Completion Event.

[Omega] Generous Corrupted Great Seal - Lv.79 Fire
- Armor: Angel's Cap, Angel Chain
- Weapons: Baian, Madlance

[Omega] Generous Corrupted Fort Walls - Lv.79 Earth
- Armor: Angel Helm, Angel's Cap
- Weapons: Rugrats Nights, Baian

[Omega] Turbulent Loose Aqua Field - Lv.79 Wood
- Armor: Matador Hood, Lone Leg Mail, Blade's Chain
- Weapons: Raian, Awful Stun Rod

[Omega] Vaguely Hopeless Sunny Demon - Lv.85 Fire
- Armor: Angel's Cap, Angel Helm
- Weapon: Miracle Twin, Gungnir

[Omega] Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market - Lv.85 Earth
- Armor: Angel's Cap, Angel Chain
- Weapon: Evil Eyes, Miracle Twin

And the prizes for finishing this all up? A strong sense of accomplishment, the .hack//SIGN intro song will be added to your desktop music collection along with videos of the scenes from the previous games where you met the .hack//SIGN characters.

Raising your allies affection will net you e-mails from them. If you want to learn more about them, respond with the replies below. To check an allies current affection level open up Ryu Book V. Affection can be raised simply by having a person in your party for certain periods of time, giving them items and equipment, and responding properly to e-mail as seen below. In .hack//Quarantine, the maximum affection level is 1000.

Mail #1: A thought
Reply With: You suck! / Me Too (either one works)

Mail #2: Newbies
Reply With: But

Mail #3: RE: But
Reply With: The Incident

Mail #4: You know
Reply With: Yeah / Me too (either one works)

Mail #1: Work at home
Reply With: Well

Mail #2: RE: Well
Reply With: Pretend

Mail #3: RE: Pretend
Reply With: Hair

Mail #4: RE: Hair
Reply With: Age

Mail #1: Fair eyes
Reply With: Time Machine

Mail #2: RE: Time Machine
Reply With: Maybe

Mail #3: RE: Maybe
Reply With: Time Machine

Mail #1: Flexed Arm Hang
Reply With: Beforehand

Mail #2: RE: Beforehand
Reply With: Good

Mail #3: RE: Good
Reply With: Flexed Arm Hang

Mail #1: Red Beard
Reply With: Yeah

Mail #2: RE: Yeah
Reply With: What kind?

Mail #3: RE: What kind?
Reply With: Maybe I'll watch

Mail #1: No Subject
Reply With: Yeah

Mail #2: RE: Yeah
Reply With: I see

Mail #3: RE: I see
Reply With: I get it

Nuke Usagimaru
Mail #1: Canned Foods
Reply With: Yeah

Mail #2: RE: Yeah
Reply With: You're right

Mail #3: RE: You're right
Reply With: Uh...

Mail #1: Savings
Reply With: B-day Money

Mail #2: RE: B-day Money
Reply With: No Problem

Mail #3: RE: No Problem
Reply With: Heh heh

Mail #1: The pup
Reply With: What is it?

Mail #2: RE: What is it?
Reply With: Raining

Mail #3: RE: RE: Raining
Reply With: Don't worry

Mail #1: Weirdness
Reply With: That's true

Mail #2: RE: That's true
Reply With: I know

Mail #3: RE: I know
Reply With: Sorry

Mail #1: Lima Beans
Reply With: That's not good

Mail #2: RE: That's not good
Reply With: My friend

Mail #3: RE: My friend
Reply With: Food

Mail #4: RE: Food
Reply With: Corn

Mail #1: Question
Reply With: As a Friend

Mail #2: RE: As a Friend
Reply With: Honestly

Mail #3: RE: Honestly
Reply With: It's hard

Mail #4: RE: It's hard
Reply With: Understand

Terajima Ryoko
Mail #1: I'm sure you know
Reply With: Not bit

Mail #2: RE: Not bit
Reply With: Is he?

Mail #3: RE: Is he?
Reply With: Don't worry

Mail #1: Hey
Reply With: Don't try too hard

Mail #2: RE: Don't try too hard
Reply With: I am not!

Mail #3: RE: I am not!
Reply With: Really?

E-Mail #4: RE: Really?
Reply With: Umm...

E-Mail #5: RE: Um...
Reply With: It'll pass

Mail #1: About The Past
Reply With: I want to know

Mail #2: RE: I want to know
Reply With: Why?

Mail #3: RE: Why?
Reply With: So?

E-Mail #4: RE: So?
Reply With: Maybe...

E-Mail #5: RE: Maybe...
Reply With: The World

Mail #1: Why?
Reply With: Because

Mail #2: RE: Because
Reply With: Um...

Mail #3: RE: Um...
Reply With: Girl

E-Mail #4: RE: Girl
Reply With: She is awake!

E-Mail #5: RE: She is awake!
Reply With: Thanks

Mail #1: Please Tell Me
Reply With: Don't worry

Mail #2: RE: Don't worry
Reply With: Crimson Knights

Mail #3: RE: Crimson Knights
Reply With: For you

E-Mail #4: RE: For you
Reply With: You shouldn't

E-Mail #5: RE: You shouldn't
Reply With: Important Thing

Mail #1: FRi3nd5
Reply With: Huh?

Mail #2: RE: Huh?
Reply With: You knew?

Mail #3: RE: You knew?
Reply With: Aura

E-Mail #4: RE: Aura
Reply With: Idiot

E-Mail #5: RE: Idiot
Reply With: Sorry...

Mail #1: I'm sorry
Reply With: Don't apologize

Mail #2: RE: Don't apologize
Reply With: Mia

Mail #3: RE: Mia
Reply With: You

E-Mail #4: RE: You
Reply With: No Reason

E-Mail #5: RE: No Reason
Reply With: You've Changed

Mail #1: Past
Reply With: So

Mail #2: RE: So
Reply With: Fate

Mail #3: RE: Fate
Reply With: Then...

E-Mail #4: RE: Then...
Reply With: You two

E-Mail #5: RE: You two
Reply With: You

Wondering whats with all the white? Secret post-game characters! Look at 'em only after beating the game and epilogue as needed.

Hero of Zeit
The Hero of Zeit. Like the goblins, this is another special event that you can participate in any time you wish. The point of this event is to get the the end of any dungeon starting with the keyword "Chronicling" in a speedy way. The time to beat for first place is 2 minutes and 12 seconds set by Balmung himself. If you're able to beat that time you will get a set of rare time armor! Rank in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place and you'll only receive one piece of the set. Bring Speed Charms and Fairy Orbs!

Ryu Books
Ryu Books are Key Items generated after using Data Drain a number of times. Within these books holds the records of your gameplay, and the key to unlocking additional desktop accessories, music, and videos. Using Data Drain 80 times may sound overwhelming but if you're looking for virus cores, good equipment, or just need to weaken monsters that keep getting revived your count will go up in no time.

10: Ryu Book I
20: Ryu Book II
30: Ryu Book III
40: Ryu Book IV
50: Ryu Book V
60: Ryu Book VI
70: Ryu Book VII
80: Ryu Book VIII
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