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Aside from the trading group and added .hack//SIGN npc's, all of the game start text remains the same as it was throughout Outbreak which can be seen here.

Game Start

Wing / Male Blademaster

> Oh, ah... Hello...
> Um... I really don't like to talk much. There's nothing to talk about.

Macky / Male Wavemaster

> Hi! What level are you?
> What? You wanna hear about my workout sessions? Later, OK?

NOVA / Male Heavy Blade

> Hey, hangin' in there?
> Hey can you check out my English accent? Dis is a pain. How's that sound? OK?

Sachiko / Female Wavemaster

> Wish I could get good items...
> When you hear about unfortunate incidents, doesn't it make you feel you're lucky to be here?

Neja / Male Twin Blade

> Yo yo! Are ya havin' fun?
> Hey! You're not the sorceress! I was fooled by your red color. Sorry, but I'll be on my way now.

Heavy / Female Wavemaster

> ......
>' to...slow...down ag....ain....

Benkei / Male Heavy Axemen

> Morning! What's up?
> Hey! I just got an email from Ushiwaka. Gotta go.

Hayate / Female Twin Blade

> Good evening. How are you?
> What? Do I hear a cry for help?! The beautiful Twin Blade Hayate is on her way! Just you wait!

Task / Male Long Arm

> Wassup!
> You like gossip, don'cha? Well, just hold on 'cuz I'm gonna get some really juicy info in a bit.

Hinata / Female Blademaster

> How are you doing?
> I turn my back for a sec to chat, and my mailbox is full. Hold on, let me sort everything out.

A-Kichi / Male Wavemaster

> Morning!
> I hope the cops don't overhear our conversation. Well, I'm outta here. Later.

Cleama / Female Long Arm

> Y'know what?
> What? What do you want? Stop following me around. I'm busy.

Grid / Male Long Arm

> I'm so bored.
> Phew... I'm tired now, so I'm taking off. Bye.

Quess / Female Wavemaster

> This kinda bugs me...
> So many questions in life... Why, why, why? That's the infinite question.

Nekoski / Male Heavy Axeman

> Cats are so cute!
> Meow! Oh wait, my cats are calling me. I gotta go.

Gyokuro / Male Wavemaster

> Hiya! You wanna trade?
> ...What? Nothing?! I thought I wrote the whole script! It must've been a dream! This is definitely not good. I'd better get started right away. Catch you later.

Osugi / Male Twin Blade

> Good Morning! Or is it good afternoon?
> I shouldn't be talking about this... it's really embarrassing. It's only going to get worse.

Acreola / Female Long Arm

> Hello! Have you gotten used to the game?
> Um... I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll talk to you later.

Borscht / Male Blademaster

> Hey, what's up?
> I'm having trouble writing my new song. I can't make it rhyme right. I'm going to sit on it for a while.

M-78 / Male Blademaster

> Heh heh heh.
> Heh heh. Now how should I take advantage of them next time? Hey! Don't eavesdrop! I'm still working on it!

Yuckey / Male Wavemaster

> Hey, hey, hey, how're you doing?
> Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're buggin' me. Do you have to talk to me now?

Nijukata / Male Heavy Blade

> Um... Have we met?
> I heard this game... is dangerous.

Hirami / Female Blademaster

> Yo, wanna know something?
> So, do you like the Hirami Insider? I'll have more the next time we meet up. How's that?

Henako / Female Wavemaster

> Oh yeah! Come on! Right on!
> Henako is tired... Henako has no more energy. Time for Henako to sleep. Good night, says Henako.

BIG / Male Blademaster

> .......... ...5ORRY.... I w45 7hinkin9 48Ou7 5OM37hin9...
> HMM... YOu knOw wh47? c4n YOu 134v3 M3 41On3 fOR 4whi13? I C4n'7 COnC3n7R473 wi7h p3Op13 4ROund.

Yuji / Male Blademaster

> Oh, hello there.
> Hey hey, could you not look at me with those puppy dog eyes? For what it's worth, I think geniuses are a little whacked... Haha.

Cima / Female Long Arm

> You're a long ways off before you can talk to me!
> Are you still here?! What's your problem?! Don't you get it?! If you get it, then scram.

Koji / Male Wavemaster

> I'm doing just fine, thanks.
> What? Yes, can I help you?

Crest / Male Heavy Axemen

> A/S/L? ...Oh, hi, Kite.
> After speaking with you, I yearn to do some research.... That is all that is on my mind right now. I shall speak with you later.

Mayunosuke / Male Heavy Blade

> Hi there.
> ...................... Sorry...! The'

Mutsuki / Male Blademaster

> How's it going?
> So... can I interest you in purchasing a cat ear book that I made? I think you'll like it.

Oborozukiyo / Male Twin Blade

> My goal! Conquer 10 areas in one day!!
> Now I shall excuse myself since I am in the midst of writing a love letter to my beloved Alicia. Please refrain from communicating my true feelings about her. 'Tis embarrassing.

Bell / Female Twinblade

> Good afternoon! I'm Bell, a Twin Blade!
> You... don't know who I am, right? What? Uh... oh... um, nothing. I think I'm going to shut up now.

Cossack Leader / Male Wavemaster

> Hah! The patrol today feels great!
> Yessir! Nothing else to report, sir!

Alue / Male Wavemaster

> Yo! How are you?
> Hey, if I keep talking to you, my fans are gonna get rowdy, see. The rule is: 3 minutes per person. I'm sure I'll have some free time in the future. Make an appointment with my secretary.

Alpha Ichigoro / Male Long Arm

> Bonjour! I am Alpha Ichigoro!
> Ah... I don't understand what you say. I study what you say now. Talk to me later. I go study now. Bye.

Alicia / Female Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Blade's Chain for 6 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 War God Guard for 6 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Hat for 1 3-Floor Tower.

Stare / Female Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Matador Hood for 6 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Bladed Gloves for 6 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Mail for 1 Doll Amulet.

Flare / Female Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Master's Hands for 6 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Mercenary Mask for 6 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Gloves for 1 Magnolia Miso.

Fool / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Alert Greaves for 6 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Sublime Stole for 6 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Cats Boots for 1 Scent of Gero.

Teria / Female Long Arm

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Killer Hauberk for 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Guard Solleret for 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Dad for 1 Maiden's Plot.

Waffle / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Lone Leg Mail for 6 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Paladin Mail for 6 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Dreams of Yore for 1 Field's Deed.

Cyan / Male Heavy Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Angel Chain for 12 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Divine Gloves for 12 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Gimme Life for 1 Rouge Fragment.

Panta / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Angel's Cap for 12 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Divine Hands for 12 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Key Axe for 1 Ice Bar.

Jutah / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Angel Helm for 12 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Greaves of Awe for 12 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Silent Bomber for 1 Christmas Card.

Annri / Female Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Celestial Robe for 12 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Magus Solleret for 12 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Super Wufei for 1 Chinese Food.

Benoit / Male Twin Blade

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Able Lamellar for 12 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Alien Leg Mail for 12 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Yoshida (26) for 1 Boxed Lunch.

John / Male Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Denial Greaves for 12 Cooked Bile, 6 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Ragaraja Mail for 12 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Sacred Guard for 12 Cooked Bile.

Micino / Female Blademaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Honokagutuchi for 10 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Spear of Curse for 10 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Trickster for 10 Golden Axe.

Tim / Male Wavemaster

> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Diablo Blades for 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Malice's Axe for 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Witch's Stick for 10 Silver Axe.

Bear / Male Blademaster

> Hmm? Do you want something from this old guy?
• If you're stuck, I'll help you. No... I guess this old guy is the one that's stuck... Sorry, it's about the real world. My deadline is close... hmm...
• I wonder what Tsukasa is doing now? Oh... it's a player that I know. There were a lot of things that happened...
• Now that we can't PK, this world has gotten much more peaceful... You could PK before... It was the worst when the Crimson Knights disbanded...
> Oh sorry. It's the ramblings of an old guy. Just ignore it. Well, later.

Mimiru / Female Heavy Blade

> Hi! It's Mimiru!
• Your friend looks like me. Maybe I should have chosen vivid colors when I created this character...
• Yeah, A-20 just keeps going with that insane plan of hers. Why doesn't she think about me?! Don't you agree?
• I guess it's not all right since the town is totally messed up... Oh, but is this... ...caused by? Oh, sorry. Don't mind me.
> Oh, sorry. I got a mail, so I'll talk to you later! What? We're changing the meeting place again?!

A-20 / Female Twin Blade

> Heh heh...
• I keep running away so my level doesn't increase... But I've been to all the places with lower levels, so it's boring.
• I'm looking for people to go with me, but when they find out where I want to go, they won't come.
• A-3 is still looking for that Golden Grunty. Probably upset that I got one...
> Well I have to meet someone so I'm going. Hopefully I won't die this time...

Post- [Omega] Obedient Someone's Knights

Crim / Male Long Arm

> What's up! I'm Crim, the Red Thunder. Did you want something?
• I hate what you call fads. You got a hot soul?
• People live with numerous anxiety problems... but did you know that the answer lies in the heart? Listen to yourself... listen to your heart and soul and find the answer there!
• "Nashan. If you desire to know the truth then you must know that you also need the courage to accept it." ...It's like my own personal spell. I can see something great in your eyes!
> OK! Well, are we done? I'm kinda busy these days...



• Lately, I just feel great playing this game.
• Are you taking enough calcium? You get short tempered if you don't have enough calcium. Maybe bullies don't take enough calcium.
• "The World" is back to normal and Cima is back to normal! And she's back to yelling at me again... Cima! I love you!!!


• Have you seen Solomon Grunty? I've got a new pair of pants for him...
• Since I started forming parties with friends, who cares about leveling up? =)
• My real body has totally leveled down. My muscles are totally flabby now. So, I started to take up sumo!


• They're analyzing Mr. Shiosame's voice data for "Space Ship Super Nova." Mr. Shiosame is the only guy who can be the voice of the captain, so it's totally cool.
• I got a friend in the United States! I hope my English gets better now! Well, we only talk about anime. We're just a bunch of otakus. ;-)
• hmm? You sure look fresh. Did something good happen? Yeah right... It's the game... =)


• Look at this!! Even with my horrible luck I got a rare item! They can't call me "Lady Luckless" anymore!
• Oh, I used to only get spam, but I'm starting to get prize mails as well! I got a new PC for just $200!
• Oh, I got a friend the other day. It's the girl in the red skirt that's always looking at me. What? A ghost? There are no such things as ghosts! Oh, wait. I'm on the third floor... Huh?


• I met the girl who's a priestess in real life. I'm sorry, I was wrong!
• Don't talk to me in some archaic speech! It gets on my nerves!
• The more people that play, the more fun this game gets.


• I can't believe how great it feels to talk at this speed! I'm free at last!!
• I think I'm getting out of shape because I just play games all day...
• .............................. ...Oh, it's fixed. It slows down sometimes, but it's much much better than before!


• Oh, and I got 100 weapons, but now all my items are filled up. What should I do?
• Heavy Axemen are slow, but they sure are dependable.
• Benkei has the strength and Ushiwaka has the skills! We're as good as your Azure guys!


• Twin Blades are weak, but they got speed!
• I'm getting better at being a hero! Beautiful Warrior Hayate! Hmm... maybe I should form a team now. I'll be the Red Ranger!
• hey, isn't that one of the most powerful Twin Blade weapon? You truly are amazing! Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't talk to you like that.


• Did you read Game 2? I am so into Hijiki in "Twinkle Diary 2"! The Shira pillow on the auction site was $2000!
• The onion head on Tetsuko is getting so much bigger! I wonder why she does that.
• So, a fracto merger? I thought so...


• 100 Friend List! I finally reached 100! Yaay! But I get so many e-mails everyday, so an entire day goes by with me just replying.
• I got my friend to teach me about PC, so I was able to fix my cousin's computer! I guess I was the only one who thought that she didn't like me. I'm so glad.
• I'm glad the servers are doing pretty good.


• The cops are waiting for me outside in the real world. I wonder what "The World" is going to look like seven years from now.
• When I get out next time, let's meet!
• Your character is pretty cool! Woah, deja vu...


• The guy that asked me out the other day wasn't that bad, though he's not very good looking. What? I shouldn't judge somone by look? That is so lame.
• Although I complain quite a bit, I still like this game you know.
• You know, they're all pretty nice people. Who's the one that's spreading nasty rumors?


• I think it's time to leave... But I can't stop...
• I need to figure out the reason why I am so bored and deal with it. Let's see... No job, no money, my girlfriend left me, and don't have friends either. OK, I'm depressed.
• I'm hungry. I've got no job, so I have no income. I don't even have money to buy food. I sometime wish the GP that I have in "The World" was real money.


• So why did those people fall into comas?
• It feels like there's something different... wonder what happened in "The World?"
• It feels like something's been lifted. Why is that?


• zzzxssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
ssssssssssssssssssssssssoookiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...... Oh, damn, my cat keeps stepping on my keyboard! Meow!
• I think I can understand what cats are saying these days...
• There's actually this girl that I've kind of got a crush on. She and I just have the greatest conversation about cats! I'm not gonna tell you who she is though.


• Huh? I should be working? Oh, work... I'm glad I didn't have to beta-test this game...
• I love having a girlfriend! I don't have to worry about dinner and things like that anymore. I haven't met her in real life yet though, but I'm sure she's great. ...I hope.
• Heh heh heh, I got a girlfriend. I met her here.


• Don't you sometimes end up with curry when you're making stew? ...or am I the only one?
• I waved for a cab and some guy on the other side of the street waved me back.
• How does your hair look in the morning? I always have to take a shower or it just stays up! I'm, just imagining things when I feel like I've lost hair in the back of my head, right?


• Oh, I bought the Cat Toilet! I thought it would be good, but... Cats hate water, so they won't use it! :-(
• I'm only playing 1 hour a day! ...starting tommorow =)
• Nekoski and I have been talking about cats! He's so weird and funny! He says, "If you like cats, do you like me too?" Isn't that funny?


• The net is just great! I can meet my friend here no matter how far away they live!
• I got a call to be a part of Oregon Ash from Tetsuya! It's so amazing! I'm going to be big, I tell ya!
• I started to grow a goatie, but my friends all laugh at me! They just don't get the beauty of it!


• The "Key of the Twilight" is at Omega Wimpy Disappointing Paradise! Don't tell anyone! Heh heh heh!
• "The World" is a fake online game where everyone besides you is an NPC. For instance, I only say the same thing over and over again, right? Heh heh heh.
• I heard that if you wander around here, it raises your defense, heh heh heh.


• Hey, hey, hey, do you put soy sauce or hot sauce on fried foods?
• Hey, hey, hey, what do you want?
• Find Waldo! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


• I remember girl's names. Meg, Yuki, Shoko, Kana, Sayaka... I'm pretty sure I remember all of their names. Hey! You're Kaori's other character, right? You sound the same. What? No? Hmmm...
• I heard the game continues on ever after you finish it.
• I'm getting really forgetful these days. I even forgot my real name. No, I'm serious. Who am I?


• I heard that they are developing new job classes to change into!
• I heard that someone has a weapon to summon a "Wounded Warrior." Apparently there's a big explosion. Scary, huh?
• The game creators are really grateful that you've played this far.


• Henamon get! Henapi (Level 5 bil.) Attacks: Hena Vibe, Hena Hold. I'll attack you with Hena Vibe and get you with Hena Hold!
• It seems the vibe went away and I'm a normal girl now. * But without this vibe the aura of the cosmos is weakened and there's me that wants you! Kiss kiss!!
• Hey you! Come and get your fortune read by Henako! Do you see it? I see it! I saw you and Henako in love!


• I'v3 R34Ch3d 4 COnC1u5iOn 48Ou7 7h3 COM45 4nd 7h3 8u95. I dOn'7 und3R574nd 7h3 d374i15 Of 4nY Of 7hi5!!!!!!111
• Huh? Wh47 w45 i7? D4Mn i7, I'v3 fOR9O773n! On, wh47 w45 i7? UMM... Oh, Y34h! 7Od4& i5 MY wif3'5 8iR7hd4Y! m4n, 5h3'd ki11 M3 if I fOR937 7h47!!11!!!1
• I'M 7hinkin9 Of wRi7in9 4 nOnfiC7iOn nOve31 48Ou7 wh47 h4pp3n3d in "7h3 WOR1d."


• This world is a transient dream. However, time will pass, and history will be repeated!
• Dreams dashed... Hopes and ambition lost... No... I will recreate the chaos!!!
• People call me a rebel, and that may be true to those who are in the lukewarm water of peace. However! No. No matter what I say, it will only sound as a yelping of the loser. I will leave now.


• What? Do you want something from me? I'm bored right now, so I'll listen. But if it's boring, it's going to cost you 50K! If it's good, 3K!
• It's not fun any more... It's back to the way it used to be...
• This is boring! It's back to the normal daily routine! Maybe I'll go make fun of Wing.


• It's back to normal, but I feel there's something different, thanks.
• Going for a run in the morning is a great way to start the day! The other day I ran into the girl that I have a crush on!
• I just got a new video card! The graphics are great!


• I had Henako read my fortune, and she said that I will get married! I don't believe in unscientific matters such as fortunes, but I do hope if comes true.
• I wonder.. What was going on...
• Have your heard of internet transvestites? I met one such person the other day. I wonder if frustrations in real life are the cause of it. This would be interesting research.


• My HD is making weird sounds that sound like a song. Do you think there's something in there? I'm too afraid to open it up.
• I threw an item that my friend gave me into the Spring by mistake. It turned into a lame item. I don't know what to say to him.
• All right. I'm gonna release everything I stored up till now and have fun!


• ...You know... "The World" is okay, but I like the cat chasing game too...
• The guy that's been hanging around Alicia was Oboro. He needs to work if he's got time to stalk! I hope no on is bothering Teria. Maybe I'll go check. Hey, I'm not a stalker!
• Oboro didn't send it after all, so I put it up already. He needs to stop chasing Alicia. Well, I'm not done yet either, but oh well. Wait a minute, whose site is this?


• Well, I'm going to dinner and think about writing later.
• I'm going to play with renewed spirits!!
• Mutsuki found out that I've been watching Alicia, and he told her! But Alicia just laughed and forgave me. Lady Alicia is my shining star!


• Hey, I haven't told anyone, but you know, right Yuka? I'm... uh... nevermind. A girl needs some secrets. :)
• Now this is it! It's showtime!
• They just added a new girl to the group again! Yuka is much cuter! Right?

Cossack Leader

• Hah! It's rather boring when nothing happens. You, do something. Then I can arrest you.
• Hah! Strange! The same old town appears to be different for some reason.
• Hah! How's that! I've got belts in karate, judo, and kenpo. I'm a fighter!


• I had a concert at Carmina Gadelica the other day. Ever since, my fans stopped gathering. I wonder why?
• I'm starting to act like Alue in real life. It's so embarrassing. I don't think I can go back to that store again.
• Yo, I get excited when I come to "The World!"

Alpha Ichigoro

• Grazie to you! Grazie to ALL of you!
• Person called Alue was singing in Carmina Gadelica! He was bad. Very bad.
• Me country, Italy is great! Eat tomato, throw tomato, and dances with tomato! Yeah right! So, how was that?


• Since you're here, why don't you trade with me? I've been here a while, so I've got some good stuff.
• In this world I am not a geeky business man... but a swordsman. Well, it might just be an escape from reality, but that is why I like this world.
• I think about what happened... We may have been swallowed in some huge wave... Oh, it's just the old guy talking to himself. Don't mind me.


• I heard rumors that a monster shaped like a barbell was around... It can't be... right?
• I've been playing this game for a while. I know I don't look it. I was just waiting around...
• If you keep playing games you may not be able to log out!


• Do you know Rocker Grunty? He's got a hot soul just like me!
• I guess you guys are the ones that we handed off to... I guess it's all over... Now we can enjoy this game as is!
• "The World" is a game! If it's a game, you gotta enjoy it!


• The people in the class started to play with me, although my level hasn't changed >_<
• I think I got taller, but maybe it's my imagination.
• Do you want to trade with me? Oh, but I won't trade the Golden Grunty!

Kazu / Male Wavemaster

> Oh, you're sis's friend... um... uh... hello.
• All sis talks about these days is you. Like you guys went to blah blah blah and stuff... ............ ............ Look after sis for me... :)
• But how can you stand sis? If she wasn't my sister, I wouldn't even bother dealing with her... :)
• Sis took away my terminal, so I'm accessing from the internet cafe now... She gets furious and says, "Look what happened last time!" ...But it's OK for her to play...
> Oh, don't tell sis about what I said! She is impossible when she gets pissed off~! :)

Sieg / Male Blademaster

> Oh it's you. Thanks a lot!
• Balmung got stronger while I was asleep... But I'm sure I'll catch up! It sucks if the sword is better than you! :-)
• I gues I should apologize to Mai... She had a violin competition and she couldn't practice for it. But I'm sure she's fine! After she's done with it, we're going to play the game together!
• I told Edajima I'll introduce my girlfriend so I better see him the next time I login with Mai... Actually, he helped me on stuff before I asked her out...
> I'm sure Balmung is leveling up as we speak! Can I go now?
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