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Just like the original series, this ones set of games has lots of optional things to go after outside of the main story. Much of the rare gear comes from doing these tasks and extra guild features help improve the game!

You'll be introduced to quests early on in the game but there are only two that are mandatory for the story. If you're going for 100% completion, do note that most or all of the quests have a unique boss monster which can't be found anywhere else in the game or the later games!

Steam Scientist's Invention
Party Members: Any
Reward: Text of Power
Unlocks: Stray Mecha Grunty Campaign

Animal Mania
Party Members: Any
Reward: Text of Stamina, Blade Thread, Rough Shell
Unlocks: Lucky Data Collection Campaign

Bikman's Art Supplies
Party Members: Any
Reward: Text of Sense
Unlocks: Bikman's Model Campaign

Bounty Hunter Test
Party Members: Any
Reward: Text of Power
Unlocks: Chase the Bounty Campaign

This quest won't appear until you've read the thread "Got Ganked" in The World section of the Community Forums. It appears early on in the game, but I'd recommend not taking it on until about the halfway point of the game. Cause clearing this quest can cause Chaotic PKs to pop up in place of regular PKs and at low levels these PKers can Game Over you with ease!

Crab Monster Party
Party Members: Pi & Kuhn
Reward: Text of Stamina

Maze of the Bird Monster
Party Members: Kuhn & Pi
Reward: Text of Wisdom

Underground Exploration
Party Members: Silabus & Gaspard
Reward: Text of Sense

Defeat Gurugon
Party Members: Piros the 3rd & Gaspard
Reward: Text of Power

Lord of the Dead
This quest and the events leading up to it are worthy of having their own page so the info on it is there!

These open up after you clear the quest related to them. The goals can mostly be fulfilled playing the game normally but some will require a little extra hunting around / play time. Some of the rewards you get for fulfilling these cannot be gotten in any other way in this game, or either of the ones that follow so if you want a 100% complete item list you'll need to do these!

Chim's Kicker
Activated by clearing the Crown Quest which is a mandatory part of the main story. I'm not actually sure the second goal is a goal-goal, but Dr. Kubo keeps tabs on how many of each type of Chim you've kicked and unless you're really going out of your way to avoid the Rare Chim Chims or Chim Assassains, you're gonna end up kicking at least 1 of each throughout a normal playthrough! Regardless the "strategy" here is simply to play the game. You'll easily collect more than enough Chim Spheres throughout the course of the main story, nevermind all the optional places you may end up!

- Goals:
Collect 500 Chim Spheres
Kick 1 of each kind of Chim Chim

- Rewards:
Life Scroll
Antidote Scroll
Dawn Bird Scroll
Priest Scroll
Word of Vigor

Lucky Data Collection
There are 17 Lucky Animals and 3 Unlucky Animals total to be found throughout the game and the main goal is to kick one of each since that will net you the rare Wild Robe armor. Some are less common than others so you'll likely complete the Kick 50 total part first.

- Goals:
Kick 50 Lucky Animals total
Kick 1 of each kind of Lucky Animal

- Rewards:
5 - Body Scale
10 - Dream Wood Leaf
20 - Aqua Board
35 - Fire Resist Seal
50 - Iron Shell
1 of each - Wild Robe

Stray Mecha Grunty
The goal here is pretty simple. Find Mecha Grunty in areas and give it Chim Spheres. A really quick area to grind this out is [Delta] Starting Your Shadow. Mecha Grunty is to your right at the start and to your left are a pair of trees full of Chim Chims to replenish your supply and no nearby monsters! It's a low level area which I suggest bringing Haseo alone to just so you can easily see and kick Chims without any party members getting in the way!

- Rewards:
5 times: Simple Steam Ring
10 times: Steam Plate
20 times: Steam Bracelet
35 times: Steam Armor
50 times: Steam Suit

Bikman's Model
This campaign has its own page since the included info makes for alot of extra scrolling on this already pretty long list of extras!

Chase the Bounty
Push your way into battle zones and save PCs from PKer's! Sometimes they may just need saving from monsters which doesn't count! Creating an Area with "Berserker" as the 3rd Word increases your chances of running into PKer's.

- Goals:
Defeat 50 PKer's
Defeat all 7 Chaotic PKer's

- Rewards:
5 - 400 GP
10 - 900 GP
20 - 1500 GP
35 - 2000 GP
50 - 3000 GP

Chaotic 1: 4000 GP, Olm Shell
Chaotic 2: 5000 GP, Wing of Lufu
Chaotic 3: 6000 GP, Soil Bug Antenna
Chaotic 4: 7000 GP, Scorpion Tail
Chaotic 5: 8000 GP, Midoro Flagellum
Chaotic 6: 10000 GP, Sleeping Powder
Chaotic 7: 15000 GP, Mantis Nail, Ripper's Blades

Books of 1000
They're back and instead of using Data Drain a bunch of times to get them, they come freely when Haseo takes over as Canard's Guild Master! Fulfilling their requirements unlocks Music and Wallpaper for the desktop, and videos of cutscenes just like in the old games. But there's more! You also get different Greeting Cards which you can send to party members to find out a little more about them. The real incentive however is ranking them up. They start at 1 and can go up to 3 by the end of the game. In order to rank up, all eight of them must be at 2 or higher, and then 3 or higher (though they can only go up to 3 in this volume).

- Rank 2:
Bronze Storage Expansion (costs 10000 GP)
Raises the amount of items and equipment your guilds storage can hold by 10 (from 50 to 60).

Max Guild Shop (free)
This increases the amount of things you can sell in your guild shop by 2 (from 5 to 7).

- Rank 3:
Platform Storage (costs 30000 GP)
Allows you to deposit items and equipment to guild storage from platforms in areas.

Being able to both store and sell more items/equipment is a big boon and well worth getting. Rank 2 is achievable just by playing the game normally. Rank 3 will require some dedicated searching and probably Bike riding and the upgrade isn't super worthwhile in its current form, being able to deposit items to storage by using Platforms in Areas is okay but could be better. You don't need 1000/1000 any of the Books to reach this but it gets kind of close.

This guy is a real jerk! Luckily you won't run into it normally! First off he won't begin appearing at all until after you've read "The Dark guy PK'ed me" thread in the Official Forums. After that you have to create a Grass Field area because Doppelganger won't appear in Temples or Caves, or story/quest related areas for that matter! Then you literally have to stand still idling for 5 to 15 minutes, no button presses just sit there waiting.

Although before you do that it may be a good idea to battle some monsters in order to build up your Morale meter because having a Beast Awakening ready really helps. Since Doppelganger is always Haseo's level +8 it's always going to be a challenge, plus it has health regen. It also uses the same weapon type Haseo is using and will change in battle when you do. For that reason using your broadsword is a bad idea since it can easily hit all of your party members at once if they're grouped together! I have read strategies based around using it though, so in the end its up to you!

The cheapest strategy is to find a field with Sleipnir in it. Fill up your Morale meter by fighting monsters, kick the lil critter after its full, then wait for Doppelganger to appear. Initiate battle with it and Sleipnir will pop up to cut its HP in half. Then Smoke Screen and repeat until Sleipner runs out of help! His HP will be way low and you'll be able to easily take the rest of it out with the awakening. By the way don't bring Atoli or Gaspard with whether you do this fight normally or not because you need to outdamage him and they don't quite cut it. Your reward is the Key Item "Own King" which does nothing in this game! Having this item in Reminisce when you refight Doppelganger will net you a pretty overpowered weapon!

Avatar Refights
The key items you collect from defeating opponents in Avatar battles can be used at the Serpent of Lore to rebattle them at your leisure. Beating them will unlock wallpapers for your desktop! By the way these wallpapers will only unlock in this game. If you hold off on doing these refights until Reminisce or Redemption you'll only earn a pretty paltry sum of GP.

Data Convert
Doing this on the title screen before starting a new game accesses your game saves from the previous series! A save from Infection, Mutation, or Outbreak nets you an e-mail from BlackRose. One from Quarantine nets you that and one from Hokuto!

This is familiar territory as well! Use the right replies and usually get an affection boost and learn a little more about your party members! Rather than getting replies based on affection level, they're spread out as the story progresses.

Mail #1: No way!
Reply With: Like What?

Mail #2: Re: Like What?
Reply With: Resident of the Forest

Mail #3: Re: Resident of the Forest
Reply With: You don't need to know

Mail #1: Hi!
Reply With: Tri-Edge

Mail #2: Re: Tri-Edge
Reply With: Endrance

Mail #3: Re: About Endrance
Reply With: Good Luck

Mail #1: Remember this
Reply With: Who are you?

Mail #2: Re: Who are you?
Reply With: Comatose

Mail #3: Re: Comatose
Reply With: Debt

Mail #1: Hello, Haseo
Reply With: Sound

Mail #2: Re: Sound
Reply With: You did well

Mail #3: Re: You did well
Reply With: Matsu

Mail #1: Nice to have met you!
Reply With: G.U.

Mail #2: Re: G.U.
Reply With: Pi

Mail #3: Re: Pi
Reply With: Gabi

Mail #1: He of Fair Eyes
Reply With: Tri-Edge

Mail #2: Re: Tri-Edge
Reply With: Rumors

Mail #3: Re: Rumors?
Reply With: This doesn't involve you

Every now and then a thread with a ! next to its title will pop up. This means there's a post you can reply to! Usually these will get you an affection boost with the party member you're replying to. Non-party member posts are usually worth replying to as well. The first three relate directly to the Abyss/Lord of the Dead stuff.

Community Forum
- The World
Thread: Anyone opening chests?
Reply With: Area Word

Thread: Confusing Event...
Reply With: more detail

Thread: Found an irritating mob
Reply With: What kind of monster?

- Crimson VS
Thread: Ranking
Reply With: Let's play some time.

- News
Thread: Fun internet game
Not now

Thread: Wanna buy an M2D?
Reply With: Yeah, it's worth buying!

- Rumors
Thread: The mystery of The World
Reply With: Any! You'll get a different response for each one!

Official Forum
Thread: Moon Tree Contact Only
Reply With: Wow

Top Ranker?
You only need to make the Top 16 of Arena ranking teams to continue the games story, but the 750 WP you need to get there is far from the amount of WP the top team has! You may become the Emporer, but Team Akatsuki has over 2800 WP! If you wanna claim true domination over the Arena you can grind out lots of battles to eventually surpass the top teams WP. There's no reward or acknowledgement in the game for doing so however.

New Game+?
Not exactly in the usual sense but if you have Clear Data from Reminisce you can start a new game in Rebirth greatly powered up! With 35 as you starting level you'll breeze through a huge chunk of the game! Having access to 3 of the 4 Dual Sword skills is also really nice since you can then focus on leveling the Broadsword once you get it! (Note: this feature doesn't seem to exist in the Last Recode version.)

Level 35
Level 5 Dual Swords
Weapon: Wind Corpse
Armor: Vigor Mail
Accessory: Brave Pendant
10000 GP
Health Drink x30
Sprite Drop x20
Revival Medicine x10
Healing Rain x15
Sprite Rain x10
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