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Mac Anu
Human Male


> Hey hey! Are you having fuuuuuuuuun?!
• This version is 3 times more fun than the last! If only there were shrine maidens. It would have been 6 times more fun.
• I put in shrine maiden on the Job list, but then one of my co-workers deleted it. What's the big deal about shrine maidens anyway?
• Hm? Me? I-I'm not part of the development team, nope! Piros the 3rd?! Who's that?! I don't know him!

> What on earth are you saying? Oh, damn, I forgot to put it on Whisper again.
• I really shouldn't have played any online games before. I've got all these bad habits that make it hard to remember "The World's" controls.
• Before Pluto's Kiss I used to play an online game called GG101. I leveled all the characters I had as high as their level caps would let me.
• And now it's such a pain to remember to Whisper. I hope GG101 comes back sometime.

> My connection's been really laggy lately.
• I knew I should have changed it to fiber optics. Man, just the other day, I lagged during a fight. And when it got back to normal, my whole party had been killed! I'm at my wit's end, I'm telling you.
• It's way too dangerous to be a healer with a laggy connection. Guess it's time to break out the wallet.
• Crap, I just remembered I bought 12 games this month. If I spend any more, I won't have money for food... :(

> This city's really gone downhill. Hmph, it would seem I am too beautiful for it.
• By the way, have you ever been to the arena? Now that is a great place.
• There is a Samurai inside all our hearts... That is the place where he awakens and fights. The arena.
• If we see each other in the arena, I hope we will be able to cross swords. Of course, I will end up victorious.

> I play the game to protect the girl I love.
• I hope you find that special someone soon. LOL
• The other day, I gave my girlfriend a sword for a present. It's to protect her when I'm not around. Pretty cool, right?
• My girlfriend said she lost the sword I gave her. Of course, it's no problem. I just bought her another one.

> Online game are really interesting, aren't they.
• I go to a net cafe on my way home from work to play them every day now. Here, I can forget all about my boss who's younger than me, getting angry at me, or my daughter's delinquency.
• I have a big problem with the Character Edit... See, most of the players are made up of beautiful-looking people, right? I just can't seem to make a middle-aged character the way I want!
• I have a problem with a man my age controlling a pretty young man or woman. I feel so embarrassed...

> I joined Moon Tree because I admired Sakaki!
• My goal is, naturally, to create "The World" where we can all get along.
• Today, I'm on duty to patrol the Town and recruit new members. It may be boring, but Sakaki said it was an important job.
• Do you know the girl who's always with Sakaki lately? She's really cute...W-what? I don't mean anything by it.

> Whoa! You're an Adept Rogue?! That's awesome!
• I can't even remember the last time I saw one! I'm sure it's tough for you, but good luck! You don't know what's so tough? That's even more awesome! I like you, kid!
• When Rogues were first added to the jobs, the repercussions were huge... They leveled up real slowly and had to level up before they could change weapons. As it is, they're heavily lacking in dexterity. Anyway, it's really tough to raise one.
• That's why no one plays them anymore. I see the makings of a real man in you1 It'll be hard, but hang in there!

> ...If you desire victory, place yourself amongst silence.
• If you wish to stand on top, you must learn to always survey the battlefield. Swinging your sword without purpose is a fool's doing.
• An enemy's element, habits, skill tendencies, HP and SP status...there are many things to observe in a battle. Another important factor is to grasp the positioning between your allies and your enemies. If you respond to the battle situation appropriately, you can gain the trust of your allies easily.
• ...Of course, it seems that some idiots are feeling the painful effects of striking before thinking. Hmph, how foolish...

Rider Chyob
> My fist breaks evildoing! I am the one who will protect this world! Transform!
• When using Arts, just yelling "Rider Chop!" makes you a hero, too! Now? I'm on patrol to protect The World's peace and future! If you ever need help, just call me, and I'll come flying!
• Today is another fight for world peace! How would you like to join me in that fight?! Come now, take my hand!
• A hero never sleeps or rests in his duty to protect the peace! ...Of course, you'd become a complete addict if you do that here. :) Lately I've been making sure to fall asleep after 10pm. Hey kids! Don't try staying up late at home! LOL

Lieutenant Okada
> Me? Don't mind me, I'm no one special...Just a former pilot...
• Fighter jets are great...When you're flying at the speed of sound, it lets you forget everything...
• There's no such thing as a great fighter jet. All it is is a giant, boneless, metal coffin...
• Do you know about the monsters known as gremlins? They're the enemies of all fighter pilots.

Corporal Yano
> Always smiling, always the beloved soldier! Hm? Can I help you civilian?
• We foot soldiers are the heart of the military...Without our loyalty, there can be no victory!
• The thunder of marching military boots...the glitter of the rifles! The wonderful military life! Oh! Yes sir!
• You have a good build...Have you ever thought of working for our army?

Ookami Itto
> Me? My name is Ookami Itto. Don't call me anything else. Got it?
• I am indeed a big Ookami fan. The version where Hideki stars as the leading role is a classic, an the bible of my heart.
• The most famous scene can be said to be where the main character, Ookami Itto, compares a grain of rice offered by a farmer to and entire dollar.
• So I call myself Ookami Itto to honor him. LOL I'm so evil...

> Hey, how's things?
• Can you believe the stuff CC Corp is pulling? Seriously, just stop with this amateur business crap already.
• You don't know about the server loss incident? It's when all the data for "The World R:1" was lost.
• In the end, "R:1" ended up being shut down, and we're still waiting for compensation. I sent them a protest e-mail, but they just ignored it. Man...

> Flutter about! Flutter!
• Forming a party with people you don't know is really interesting. Like the other day, we all turned out to be fans of the very first GAMDUN. That was an amazing coincidence.
• We were all saying famous lines from the series during battle. It was great! Stuff like "Not even my father laid a hand on me!" (Upon Counter) "I-I'm gonna fire! I'm gonna fire! I'm gonna fireeee!" (Gun Attack) Or "I don't want to admit the mistakes I've made from my youth" (Party wiped out) LOL
• It sucks when you group with someone way too nerdy, or with someone you can't talk to, but those become good memories too. Why don't you try forming a Party with people you don't know? You'll love it!

> Phew, I finally managed to log in.
• Computers these days are just too tough, you know? When I was young, computer screens were all black, and we only had white text.
• And now, they're so...colorful. I'm still amazed.
• Things have really been amazing lately. It's a technological revolution.

> I'd love to become the master of a big guild.
• It's true that anyone can become a Guild Master. But, it's another thing entirely to become a leader for a big guild.
• After all, you're tested on things like your popularity and your personality... All sorts of things that have nothing to do with your playing style. I've heard it's rough.
• I'd like to try running a giant guild, but... There's no way I could...After all, I'm not the least bit popular. LOL

> Hey, do you know the card game "Crimson VS"?
• I heard that the Champion of "Crimson VS" was playing this game, which is why i started playing myself... But it's too damn huge! How am I supposed to find the Champion here?!
• I know I sound like a fanboy, but I'd love to meet the Champion at least once. It'd be even better if I could get his autograph though.
• The Champion's name? It's Gaspard. The guy in second place is called niu wang. The dead heat between those two is amazing.

> Hey. If you hear any interesting rumors, could you fill me in? "He" and I are kind of bored.
• Some people say that AI is just a clump of data, but I don't agree. For example, there's a rumor that the online crisis 7 years ago was started by an AI's rebellion. This is only a rumor. But, I find it awfully real.
• There are two rules to urban legends. One, it must be a groundless rumor with no certainty. Two, its origins must be untraceable. However, the rumor from 7 years ago follows neither of those rules. It's just as if it really happened.
• If that rumor were true...Can we really consider AI to be just a clump of data? A new neighbor with the power to rule the world of computers. Perhaps that is what AI really is. Perhaps my idea is too offbeat. And yet...

Lonely Wolf
> Man, look at all the couples here...
• I wish I had a girlfriend... ...After all, this isn't real life. I thought I could get at least one girlfriend.
• I just can't seem to talk to girls. Even after I work up the courage, I freeze up and can't think of anything to say. I've had 158 instances of contact with girls, and they've all ended in failure...
• Sigh. I wish I had a girlfriend...

> You there, young one. Do you know about SteamPunk?
• The rumor is that they designed this version of "The World" using SteamPunk as a reference. SteamPunk is an action/adventure style film set in a latter 19th to early 20th century industrial world. The biggest feature is the fact that the world revolved around the use of steam technology in all its machines.
• There's lots of movies, comics, and even books that use SteamPunk as a theme. If you're interested, try searching out more on your own.
• Punk usually implies antisocial, but SteamPunk doesn't always refer to that. That's part of where the name SteamPunk comes from. Part of it comes from its roots parodying cyberpunk as well. Just a little trivia for you. Go on and show it off to your friends.

> Hey. Do you know Sakaki, from Moon Tree?
• The rumors say he's not as nice as he seems.
• On the surface, he appears to be a faithful servant, acting as Guild Master as a matter of practicality. But underneath, he's actually plotting to take over the guild.
• Scary, isn't it. Just like real life politics.

> Man... I wish I could go back to "R:1."
• We don't need any stupid PK system...Sigh.
• "R:1" was great to play in its final days. Sure, there were still some problems here and there. But it was so much warmer, and better, than it is now.
• If only they'd make a non-PK server...

> Has anything changed since you started playing online games?
• I used to cook for myself frequently. I've even cooked up some elaborate dishes too.
• But I haven't done so since I started playing online games. I eat while I play, and since I can't play while cooking, I've ended up eating nothing but junk... Sandwiches and hamburgers are great, because they're so easy.
• When I visited my parents recently, they said I'd gotten really fat. I got scared and weighed myself...And it turns out I'd gained over 20 pounds...

> Don't you lose track of time when you're playing online games?
• It's the same way when you're watching TV. Why does time always go by so fast whenever you're having fun?
• The other day, I thought I would try just leveling up for a bit, and logged in around 9pm. Then, I kept thinking "Just a bit more, just a bit more" and before I knew it it was morning! I could only laugh when that happened.
• If only we had 48 hours per day...Nah, I'd still play online games till morning. :(

> The basics of business is that a smile costs 0GP. Yup.
• If the empoyees treat their customers well, even the smallest of stores can appear to be doing really well, right? It's the same in online games.
• If you talk sincerely and seriously with customers, they'll remember you. And that's the trick. After that, you don't have to say anything and the customers will come to you. Of course, even if you get good at this, it doesn't mean you can sit on your laurels.
• My real life profession?...A video store clerk.

> Wanna trade?! I've got some great stuff!
• They say there's all sorts of people in "The World." Ain't that the truth. Leveling up, the arena, PKing, chatting...There's all sorts of ways to enjoy yourself. Mine? My attraction is to numbers. In other words, I'm a businessman.
• Buy cheap, sell high. It's about working the system of supply and demand! Once you get the hang of it, money begins to snowball. I love it :)
• So, how about a trade? I'm sure I can use anything you don't need.

> Would you like to play with me?
• Hey! If you have any items you don't need, let me have them! I don't have much on me now.
• Hey! Give me something! Come on, you can spare something... Cheapie!
• Come on, I want stuff, but I don't have any stuff. That's why I want it! Geez, you're hard to talk to.

Blue Eye Samurai
> Is something the matter?
• I'm called Blue Eye Samurai. I'm a PKKer. Haseo...Sounds familiar...No, it must be someone else. His level is different than yours.
• Some people say PKKing is hypocritical, but I just say "So what?" Don't you agree? PKKers and PKers are all the same as regular players. We're all just enjoying ourselves in a virtual world.
• Some people call us hypocrites, but I think that's foolish. They don't realize that they're just enjoying themselves, and not questioning their own superiority. That's right, the Moon Tree people.


Wise Dragon
> Are you well, young one?
• I've been playing "The World" since its first version. It's been nearly 10 years... They say time and tide waits for no man, but it still surprises you by how quick it goes.
• "The World" as it is now is significantly upgraded from the original. But the players...Well, people's hearts don't change. If anything, they've gotten worse.
• Perhaps my thinking like that is just proof that I've gotten old...

Battery Tomekichi
> Hello hello!
• I'm from Fukushima. It's been some years since I moved to Tokyo though... I still can't shake my Fukushima dialect though...It kind of sucks, but oh well.
• I live together with my younger brother, and he's had no trouble adapting to Tokyo. It's always been like that...People always said Shadeko was better then me... Oh, Shadeko is my brother's name.
• Sigh... Guess it can't be helped...

Human Female


> I thought all the urban legend fuss had died down, but it seems like it's picking back up...
• Do you know about Schrodinger's cat? It's a theory that says that until you confirm every event for yourself, everything is a possibility.
• The Key of the Twilight, the Epitaph of Twilight, Tri-Edge, strange characters... They may all exist, and they may not. You can't say for sure either way. But once you confirm the truth with your own eyes and lose sight of the infinite possibilities, there's no turning back.
• Will tomorrow really really be a good day? People are scared of darkness, and they become relieved just by attaching a tag called tomorrow to it. ...It's really funny, isn't it.

> HMDs are way behind the times these days.
• These days it's all about the Micro Monocle Display! Often referred to as the M2D. Huh? You don't know about the M2D? It's a small, sunglass-style monitor.
• Back then, there was a cartoon called Dragon Orb where M2D-like devices appeared. And now that kind of technology is a reality. It's great!
• Next up is Astral Boy, then Daroemon! I can't wait till there's one in every house!

> I just started playing online games, like yesterday! Sooo, I hope you'll, like, teach me lots of stuff, k?
• There's, like, so many nice guys here, I'm, like, so happy! Like, the other day, some guy gave me a level 80 sword!
• I'm, like, still so low I couldn't, like, use it, so I sold it instead! I got lots of money! I was so happy!
• When I, like, told the guy who, like, gave me the sword, he gave me another one! Thanks to that, I got, like, lots more money!

> Have you completed all the quests?
• Me, I've been to almost every place that I can go to at my level. Mere fighting is so primitive. Don't you think it's so much more refined to simply enjoy a story?
• But, to enjoy a quest, you always have to fight. There's just no way to avoid leveling up...
• If you insist, I may consider allowing you to help me level up. Hoooo ho ho ho!

Wang Lin
> I was invited to join Moon Tree by some people who were...oddly polite.
• They talked about harmony with everyone online, or something like that. It all sounded vaguely religious... To tell you the truth, I was like "Yeah, whatever."
• I think it's fine for us all to exist, whether you're a PKer, a PKKer, or a cheater.
• Online games are fun precisely because you come across people different than you, right? if we all played exactly the same, I don't think it would be anything less than boring.

> Hi! I'm Chobi! Nice to meet you!
• Have you ever been to all the appropriate areas, and still found the monsters' attacks too hard to handle? At times like that, try pressing the O button! You'll be able to reduce the damage done by guarding!
• If you use the O button to guard, you can avoid being knocked away by a monster's attack! You can even reduce spell damage, so you've definitely got to try it out!
• Oh, but, you have to be really careful when guarding in the arena. If you get his with a knock-back attack from a player, it'll break through your guard and still send you flying. Use it well, and win! Well, good luck! :)

dr. D
> Hey there! Doing okay, young man?
• Don't you look so down! Your lucky animal will run away from ya! Have you ever met an animal in an area? If you have, that means you're super lucky! It means you've got it going on!
• If you do see an animal, you can't just run up to it, no no! Animals are timid, you see! So you've got to sneak up on them gently from behind!
• There are even some animals who will attack! When approaching an animal, it's good to look reeeeal closely at them!

> It's the Henaun Morning Report! Hey there, Bristle Boy! Going to try the Henaun Signal Cutter? It's something else!
• What do you think! It takes all your nappy hair that you'd given up on, grows it out, and turns it into an even bigger mess!
• Huh? You're looking for someone? I'm afraid our extensive client database is a well-kept secret and a matter of utmost complicity! Now, what's the name?
• Tri-Lech?! Eep! What kind of ero-potamic search are you conducting?! I'll thank you not to bring your sex-craze here!

> Hello! :)
• Are you the one watching "Tell me, Piros the 3rd"? Thank you very much!
• I came here from Ultra Online, and this is really realistic! It was 2D, after all...
• Let's see, It's the year 2017 now, so...Whoa! I've been playing online games for 19 years now! XD What kind of addict am I?! XD

> Moon Tree's Master Zelkova is so dreamy. =)
• Master Zelkova, and his assistant, Mistress Kaede...I love their whole master/servant thing.
• But, what's with those horns on Master Zelkova's head? You can't edit in deer horns...and I've never heard of an item like that...
• Hmm, maybe it's something special you get for beating a special monster, like the Descendant of Fianna in "R:1." The Descendant of Fianna's wings were nice, but those horns are really cool.

> ...Hmm. Choosing a guild is pretty difficult, don't you think?
• I heard you could do anything you wanted in Kestrel, which is why I joined them. But, it looks like Kestrel's whole idea of freedom is to just let them do whatever they want... It doesn't matter what they do, the guild never acknowledges it.
• It's not that it's a bad thing. It's just difficult. Even if they have trouble with people in other guilds, the guild itself never takes action.
• Oh, there are some nice individual guild members who will help you out, but there's only so much an individual can do. Of course, Moon Tree looks like they take care of you excessively, and that would suck pretty hard too. Mmmm. Guilds really are difficult.

angel hair
> Player names are really interesting.
• Some have names of movie and anime characters, and some even have names of historical figures. Some of them use sayings, or something from a current event.
• It's really amazing how everyone manages to think of one.
• My name? It refers to the pasta. That's what they call really thin pasta overseas.

> You can never really throw away a present...
• Like the Health Drink I got when I first logged in, or my level 1 weapon. Honestly, it's all just junk, but I just can't sell them.
• They're the exact same items that they have in stores, and yet, they're not. It's like, when you look at that special item, you see the face of the person who gave it to you... Maybe that's why I can't throw them away.
• But my storage room is about to burst. I don't know what I'm gonna do... ...Maybe all I can do is make a new player and use them as storage space?

Heavenly Flower
> You really shouldn't play games when you're sleepy...
• I've been snoring away while holding the controller almost every day. :)
• When I wake up, I often notice that people I don't even know would be guarding me.
• Of course, I have a higher chance of being a ghost by the time I wake up.

> Harvest Clerics really don't have anything resembling defense.
• It's hard getting hit by an enemy 2 or 3 times and just falling over dead...
• If only they'd add in a magic-warrior type job, I'd be so happy. A job where they'd have decent physical power, and decent magic power, would be so convenient. I hope they add one.
• Wait a sec, that's an Adept Rogue!...Well, so much for that idea.

> Would you like to trade?
• When trading, it's a good idea to look real closely at the other party. For example, Cleric-type jobs tend to not want weapons or armor made for the front-line.
• The things you want always seem out of reach to you, right? Everyone has that sense in them. If you use that idea well... It's even possible to make a killing from it.
• Well? Why not try trading with me and see for yourself?

Moonlight Dance
> Do you own a pet?
• My pet is my biggest source of concern when I'm gaming.
• I have a cat, and she gets all sulky whenever I'm playing a game. Once she starts jumping up on my desk and asking for attention, that's when I have to stop. Otherwise she'll sometimes force the game to shut down, or type something strange. I can't keep up with her ;(
• I had no choice but to buy a cage and keep her in it while I'm playing. But then, 3 days after I bought it she learned how to escape from it on her own... I wonder what else I could do.

> Man, CC Corp doesn't do anything halfway.
• All the "R:1" players wanted was to have "R:1" restored.
• But instead, CC Corp just went off and announced "R:2," and changed "The World" to a completely different game. Honestly, they're just letting everyone run amok.
• I really don't get what big corporations are thinking sometimes. Seriously, what ARE they thinking?!

Pen Pen
> Grunties are so cute, aren't they? :)
• Grunties are the NPC guild mascots.
• They look different for every guild, and they even talk different, but they're all so cute!
• Personally, I like the Moon Tree Grunty the best. He looks kind of like a bean sprout :)

> Do you know about Chim Chims? Those little squeaky things.
• Chim Chims are basically tiny, right? But you know, there are some places where there's absolutely huge Chim Chims!
• Their name was...hmm. I'm pretty sure it was...King Chim Chim. I think.
• Normal Chim Chims drop Chim Spheres if you just kick them once, right? But not King Chim Chims. Apparently, you have to kick them a bunch of times. I've never seen one, so I don't know if that's really true or not, of course...

> Hi there! What's up?!
• Hey...Are you that guy in black and red? Didn't you take care of those PKers who were after me before?
• ...Never mind, it couldn't have been you. I think the guy in black and red was an Adept Rogue who had a spiky tail.
• If you see that guy in black and red with the spiky tail, be sure to let me know!

Beast Male


> Man, my eyes are killing me. I guess that's what happens when you stay up all night to play though.
• I failed a test at school the other day. I guess it was to be expected though, seeing as I play this game instead of studying.
• So now I have to take a make-up test, and if I fail that, well, let's just say it's not looking too good for my credits. LOL LOL I'm done for.
• Aw, it'd just be futile if I tried studying now. Hell with it! I'll just stay back for the third year in a row!

> Hey. Are you enjoying "The World"?
• I'm Pale. I've been playing "The World" for a little more than a year. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
• Hmm? I could swear I've heard your name somewhere before. I wonder where it was.
• Oh yeah! The "Terror of Death"! Haseo! But, I'm pretty sure his level was a lot higher than yours.

> As always, "The World" will be home to urban legends. Would you like to hear one?
• I heard this from a friend of one of my friends. He said that if you go to the Hulle Granz Cathedral in the middle of the night, you can hear a girl crying.
• All those that hear this girl crying are cursed and become comatose a week later.
• To escape the curse, you have to tell this story to five people. All right, that makes three!

> Ever since beasts were officially added to the game, I can't stop smiling!
• Long live "R:2"! Time to train to become a great beast lover! A beast lover is someone like myself who just can't stop loving beasts! I'll do anything for beasts! Anything at all!
• My love for beasts is so great, I joined Kestrel! Yay for Master Gabi! Ooh, I'd love to dive in that chest and breathe deep!
• I've got so much love I'm out of control! That's when I say "yay!" Come on, all together! Yaaaay!

> We just got a cute new girl in our guild.
• Her name's NAOO. She said this was her first online game ever, so we're gonna do our best to help her out.
• It looks like NAOO has really never played a game in her life. She accidentally sold some of her equipment just the other day. Must not know the controls yet.
• She looked so sad, I decided to buy her some new equipment. She'll be thrilled.

> You're a noob aren'tcha. Want some advice?
• It's all well and good to make a party consisting of just you and your friends. But if you want to be more efficient, you'd do well to think about who should be in your party.
• A Tribal Grappler for hard enemies, a Lord Partizan for flying enemies. A few changes here and there can really give you an advantage in battle.
• Harvest Clerics have to think about element. If they attack an enemy's weak element, it'll do great damage. One of the good and bad things about fighter jobs is they do fair damage regardless of element. Basically, it all comes down to knowing when to use what.

> Hello!
• As you can see, I'm a Beast, and I've got the face to prove it, don't I? But even so, I'm actually a Harvest Cleric! When I tried to cast Repth on someone I came across, they screamed "Help!" ROTFL
• Ya Tribe Beasts like me often get mistaken for monsters. I wouldn't mind that on its own, but we're often targeted by PKers... And they say things like "What's the problem with killing a stupid Beast?"
• According to them, they don't feel the slightest bit guilty no matter how many Beasts they PK... Maybe I made a mistake with this character...

Beast Female


> I haven't seen any GMs in "R:2."
• In "R:1," GMs would be showing up all the time.
• The rumors say that CC Corp made them become hidden on purpose... Which means that any player standing next to you could be a GM.
• It's not that I'm doing anything bad, but, don't you find the idea a bit scary?

> "R:2" sure has a lot of restrictions...
• You need a guild to do everything here. I wish they'd thought about the solo players some more! I don't like just going along with their system, so I've decided to do nothing but solo.
• It's hard not being able to ride a steambike, or open a store. But it's great to play and not have to worry about others.
• The hardest part is leveling up on your own. If you just run around attacking enemies, they'll gang up on you till you're finished.

> Mmm, I don't know.
• You see, I joined Kestrel but... They're really, kind of, all over the place...They have PKers and PKKers, all in the same guild. I heard it was a guild where anything went, but can you believe it?
• I wonder if I can really manage in that guild... And our Guild Master is so unusual...
• I knew I should have chosen my guild better. I guess it's true what they say about those who rush receive less...

> It's not a battle if you don't get excited!
• Move before you think! If you think, you'll never make it in time! You've got to try before anything begins! Even if you get surrounded, you musn't stop attacking! As long as you never give up, your companions will be sure to follow through!
• If you can connect combos, you'll get a chance to do a Rengeki! Anyway, the important thing is to just keep hitting the enemy!
• Some idiot keeps saying you've go to think, think, but it's when you're thinking that you get taken out! He's such an idiot!

> If you want to make money easily, you've just got to make a few adjustments!
• For example, have you tried relying on combining random area words?
• Just changing the word combinations can get you some pretty big returns.
• Like an area where the monsters are weak, but the items you can get are great!

> Huh? My name?...It's read "blue."
• You see, I really wanted to make my player name just "Blue." But, I found out there was already someone else with the name when I was making my character...
• I tried a bunch of other combinations, but nothing seemed to work. There was nothing I could do, so I tried adding numbers and symbols. Now that you look at it, you can kind of tell that it's supposed to be "Blue," right?
• It's nice to have the freedom to customize characters in "The World," but they should all duplicate player names. That rule is really inconvenient.

> Did you know that way back, "The World" used to be called "Fragment"?
• Fragment means just that, a small, often broken piece of something larger.
• Broken bits and pieces...I wonder if that name means something.
• Maybe someone who's been playing this game since it was called Fragment would know?

> I heard another player turned up in a coma.
• It's all over the news. CC Corp must be up to something.
• They had rumors about that 7 year ago too, right? You know, the rumor that "The World" players had fallen into comas at Shinri Hospital.
• That rumor's pretty much died out by now. But no one's come out to disprove it. ...Or to prove it, of course.

Lumina Cloth
Human Male


>These arena features are so much fuuuuun!
• Have you heard about the new giant ranker? What? You haven't? Then I'll tell you! Or rather, please let me tell yoooooooooou!
• She's called MikoMikoMiiko, and she looks just like a shrine maiden! Ah, she's my femme fataaaaaaaaale!
• Good luck, Miiko! Go for it, Miiko! Give 'em hell, Miiko! I'm cheering for yooooooooou!

> Real men talk to each other with their fists!
• Burning Cosmo with the seething fighter's spirit! It's beautiful. If you want to be a real man, you shouldn't use a sword. Guns? Get out of here!
• I clear all RPGs with just my bare hands. That's how I cleared Dragon Best 88, I made all my characters pure fighters. Pretty amazing, right?!
• There's no point in playing an online game with no fighters. Don't you think? Maybe I should get rid of the shrine maiden this time as well, so I can...uh, I mean, never mind.

> It's such a pain, being a healer.
• I mean, you can't fight flashy like with other jobs. And if someone dies on your watch, it gets really awkward to deal with the other players.
• You know what? Guys who are active in real life should never choose healing types for their job. Otherwise you'll just end up worried and anxious like me.
• Still, every now and then... When someone thanks you from their heart for healing them, you just can't quit being a healer.

> Ah, my Samurai blood yearns for a fight!
• You say you wish to fight me? ...Hmph, don't be foolish. You have already lost to me in beauty.
• Do you really wish to fight me? Very well, I accept. Now! Draw your sword!
• Hmph. How careless of me. I forgot that you cannot draw your sword in town. Consider yourself lucky, young one.

> Someone's trying to extort my girlfriend...I don't know what to do.
• There's no way she could deceive anyone. Who in their right mind would ask to get their money or items back!
• No one humiliates my girlfriend and gets away with it! I'll personally shut up anyone who does that to her!
• Protect my girlfriend's honor, and capture her heart... Two birds with one stone! Ha ha ha!

> Listen to this!
• It turns out my daughter was playing this game too! I'm so worried that she's getting into trouble...
• Have you ever met my daughter? She's got a face that's all black with makeup, wears gaudy clothes, never lets go of her cell phone... O-Oh, right. This is just a game...
• Ah, I'm so worried...At this rate, I'll have no choice but to peek at her computer...

> I don't care too much for the arena battles...
• Even if they are approved by CC Corp, it's still just PKing. Why does everyone want to fight, I wonder. Is it so important to win against another?
• Some of our guild members participate in the arena, you know. Sakaki doesn't say anything, but I think we should stop them.
• By the way... Would you like to join Moon Tree too? Help us protect "The World's" order together!

> A flat road provides no trials. Only those who climb mountains can be real men! Right, kid?!
• Of course, playing as a Rogue may be kind of thorny as well as steep...
• They do say that if you raise one as far as it can go, it becomes monstrously strong though...
• As it is now, there seems to be an advantage for someone who specializes in something. Anyways, you know. Just have to wait for the next version!

> ...True light is found inside silent darkness.
• Trying to find light within light is a fool's task. Those who cannot find their path were manipulated by their circumstances, and could only panic and do nothing. If you wish to find your path, first you must quiet your heart and grasp the battlefield.
• Understand the difference between them and yourself, compensate for your weak points, aim for theirs and victory will be yours. For example, simply knowing the range of an enemy's skill will increase you chances of victory greatly.
• ...Of course, it seems that some idiots view the situation optimistically, and fall apart for it. Hmph, how foolish...

Rider Chyob
> This city overflows with madness! Time for me to step in! Transform!
• This is a city where trouble could occur at any time...I smell a plot...
• Tell me if you see anyone suspicious! That's a promise from a hero!
• Huh? Am I going to fight in the arena? Heroes don't fight in tournaments like that! I mean, I'm scared! Ha ha ha!

Lieutenant Okada
> Me? No one worth giving his name...Just...a pilot.
• Pilots are...lonely creatures...
• Fighter jets are fast...And yet, so very fragile...
• Had to patch my baby up all the time with glue. But alas, it's beyong repair now.

Corporal Yano
> In the end, a soldier is merely one who follows orders from above...Very stoic. Ahh, so cool...really cool!
• Why doesn't "The World" have military uniforms? Surely there must be a demand for them?
• Nothing remains in a military man without his uniform...Nothing whatsoever!
• Everyone here has a sparkle in their eye. Perfect for the army! I can scout all I like!

> Why not take a look? I've got some good equipment.
• They guys at the arena are my favorites. They don't care what they spend for weapons. They don't even care if it's a bit more than market price, which means more profit for me.
• It doesn't matter if my customer is a PKer or a ranker. As long as they buy, they're God.
• The words I hate are "look this up" and "make this look prettier." I mean, I'll go the extra length for my customers even without them asking. Bargain freaks are the worst. I get pissed off just thinking about them.

> What's that guy's problem?!
• Some jerk just yelled at me! Didn't his mon ever teach him some manners?! Forget manners, HE'S the one who needs to brush up on his game rule knowledge! Rrrgh! So angry!
• Huh? What did I do? I just asked him to give me his member address! I didn't say anything else, and he went ballistic. I don't get it! And here I was just trying to be friends with him! What is he, stupid or something?!
• Huh? Proper greetings? Who needs something like those? The way you play this game is by exchanging member addresses and calling them for help when you need it. Randomly whispering to people to make an exchange got me into this mess. This sucks.

Blue Eye Samurai
> What, you want me to help you out?
• Take a look. As usual, there are a number of foolish PKers wandering freely. They don't even bother to think about what it means to expose one's power to the public.
• Learn their names, their equipment, and their abilities...Then strike! I love seeing the whites of their eyes when they come against me and my perfect strategy. A lot of them come this way.
• If you're the type who makes himself a lot of enemies, you should remember this as well. You'd do well to learn the difference between exposing your power, and showing it off.


Wise Dragon
> The arena...Now that's a great place.
• People, are like jigsaw puzzles. They fit in there, but not here, or they fit in here, but not there... But that's how peoples' hearts grow, through trial and error.
• But these days, young people don't seem to know anything but how to hurt each other. They take up blades, and try to impose their own order on others. Truly deplorable.
• This world didn't always used to be this way... Just like the real world, online worlds are prone to fading away.

Battery Tomekichi
> Hi again.
• The other day I was at an offline party for "The World" players, and I was talking to this girl there. But I got carried away, and she shot me down.
• I always talk too much and get shot down. I know what the problem is, but still...
• It's so hard!

> Whoa! What's up?
• I was finally able to join my dream guild, Crusade, where they focus exclusively on arena stuff! I couldn't be happier! I'm telling everybody I meet!
• Of course, I'm still on the bottom rung, so I'm out here now buying items for everyone else... They pretty much just treat me like a lackey.
• But someday, I want to become the Emperor! I'm gonna do my best! They say there's special bonuses for becoming the Emperor too!

> !
• Are you "The Terror of Death"?! You've got guts. You do know that I'm a member of Kestrel, right?
• I adore Kestrel's Guild Master, Master Gabi. That guy's not like the rest of us! And he's way better than a damn PKKer like you!
• When I meet you in an area, it's gonna be your last, Haseo!

> What?
• I'm a girl in real life. I'm not really hiding it. It's just for kicks.
• I hate those chatty, airheaded girls who use all those emoticons and shriek nonsense. I wanted to start shutting them up, and that's why I became a PK. LOL
• Whenever I see someone having fun in la-la land, I always get this urge to crush it. Maybe I'm sick or something...Ha ha ha.

> So you're "The Terror of Death"...
• I used to be a freek PKer. Ever heard of Wind-Cutter Dragonfly? Ah, so you haven't. I was scouted by Kestrel just recently... The whole seniority thing is a lot tougher to get used to than I thought.
• I have someone I report to directly, and he's always demanding money and items. He's called Negimaru. There are guys like that in real life, aren't there...
• I think I'm just more cut out for soloing. But, I don't think I could ever say I wanted to leave Kestrel now...Aw man...

Colt 31
> You want someone PKed?
• I'm a hitman. Well, just within the game. It's very profitable. My e-mail is always full of PK requests.
• Paying real money just to have some game character PKed... People's grudges can be really scary.
• How about you? I'm giving away screenshots of the actual scene of the PKing for free. LOL

> I...I'm a PKer!
• I became one after I was PKed to take out my frustrations! Now I'm gonna PK till the cows come home!
• ...At least, that's what I thought when I decided to become a PKer, but, then I realized I was a Cleric. A Cleric PKer...What and odd thing to be...
• Wait a sec! I just need to join up with some strong PKers and back them up! If I join a guild like Kestrel, I'm sure to find some PK companions!

> What...?
• You kind of piss me off.
• What do you want?
• Leave me alone...Jerk.

> Well well. If it isn't the "Terror of Death."
• It seems that some members of my guild, Kestrel, were taken good care of by you. There are lots of people...who would just love to thank you for it.
• Uh oh...I'm afraid it's a little late for apologies now. If someone picks a fight, we accept it. That's our policy.
• Come to think of it, Kestrel had an assistant Guild Master a while back who was against PKing. Naturally, a half-assed guy like that wasn't able to stick around with us...LOL

> Hi!
• My parents both work, and they always get home late, so I'm always playing online games. Real life? I'm in 4th grade!
• The other day I was fighting this Twin Blade called NonBE and he called me his rival. I'm not too good with that formal stuff. He was so serious about it, so I said OK. LOL
• NonBE is apparently 30 years old and working. To think he called a 4th grader his rival... I wonder how he'd react if he knew my real age. LOL

> Hey hey!
• In real life, I'm a 30 year old working man. I've finally been promoted to a managerial position. I can't raise my sales at work...but I can raise my arena rank!
• I declared a rivalry against a Twin Blade called Chamnosuke. He's another "Demon Palace" ranker. I can't let myself lose to him!
• Chamnosuke and myself are life-long rivals! I'd love to meet him offline and talk to him in person someday...

> Hmhmhm...Did you want something?
• I'm one of those "Outdoor Introverts" you hear about lately. I'm sure you know from the news and stuff, right?
• Right now, I've got my M2D on and I'm logged in from a cafe. Playing "The World" on my coffee break! I couldn't be happier!
• The only thing that bothers me is that the cafe owner keeps refilling my drink. Thanks to that, I'm so full of water that you could tip me over and I'd go splat. LOL

> Did you want something?
• As long as it exists in the system, PKing in "The World" doesn't break any rules. Those who oppose it just because things don't always go as they like are nothing but babies...
• Those guys are Moon Tree trying to get PKing abolished are way off the mark. They need to think about the problems of manners and the problems of the game seperately.
• The World's PK system is a part of the game. If you don't like it, just go play a different game. It's all up to the players, isn't it?!

Lettuce Taro
> Want some help in the arena?
• I'm a mercenary. Arena specific. I'll take on anybody as long as I get paid.
• I've been doing the mercenary bit for a long time. After a while, I found out I'd become a ranker without even realizing it. After that, I started getting more jobs and lots more profit.
• But, I'm afraid I can't pair up with you... They say you've made enemies of "Kestrel." I'm afraid I can't cross that bridge.

Machida Man
> Hey there, here for the arena?
• Am I here for the same reason as Kestrel? How rude. I'll have you know I'm nothing like them. I'm here purely to enjoy the arena.
• Battling characters we've lovingly raised. The arena is as pure a sport as they come. That's why I want to convey that arena's true pleasure to those who don't know it.
• Those Kestrel guys have no idea about what the arena really means. It's their fault that the arena continues to be misunderstood. Such a shame...

> Oh! If it isn't Haseo.
• It's me! Me! You PKKed me before. Man, it's just like you to not remember. Still, you've killed as many PKers are there are stars in the sky. I guess it can't be helped.
• Many complain about difficult topics such as PKing, parameters, and manners. But, it's just a game, you know? I mean, what are you all getting so worked up about. LOL
• I can't help but laugh at what those Moon Tree guys are trying to do.

Great Leo
> Hmph, and who are you?
• I'm the Guild Master of Crusade, Great Leo. My guild is a special fighting force devoted to the arena!
• The only condition to join Crusade is to be an arena ranker. Eventually, I want to make it the strongest guild around, even stronger than Icolo.
• Our goals are "Down with Icolo" and "Down with the Emporer"!

> Oh man...
• Listen to this! My wife became a PKer!
• We were fighting the other day...and she threatened by saying she was gonna kill my player ;(
• I'm so scared of my wife's player, I can't even go to an area anymore... I can't believe I'm cowering to my wife even inside a game...Man...

> Hey, how ya doin?
• My nickname is "JJ The Puncher"! I'm an arena ranker. I smash all my enemies to pieces with my iron fist!
• He he he! Don't worry. I won't PK you. I used to go nuts as a PKKer, but now I devote myself entirely to the arena.
• Come to think of it, there was a really strong PK I met once that even sent me packing. His name was "Red Metal"...Damn, what was it? I don't hear much about him these days.

> Hey, you know me, right?
• My name is Flamberge. I'm a ranker in the "Demon Palace" trying to get myself known. I'm in a guild called "Crusade." I guess you could call me their ace.
• Not even Endrance is a match for my blade. Even Icolo's Sirius and Taihaku exist for no other reason then for me to defeat them.
• Someday, I'll replace Great Leo as the Guild Master and...oops, I think I said too much.

Human Female


> There's only one thing that's worse than injustice. And that's justice without a sword in its hand.
• Even Moon Tree, who are always singing about harmony and order, have a lot of power. Power is essential in order to have people follow you.
• Whether that's intelligence or force is up to each individual thought. But, force is easier to understand, and that might be why we all end up naturally fighting.
• There's no such thing as happiness or unhappiness in this world. There's just ways of thinking... But, that's all it takes for things to simply become defined.

> Hmm. I wonder what I need to do to win?
• I'm great against monsters, but terrible against humans. I've never won once in the arena. I've fought over 60 matches, but I always lose.
• My companions all call me The World's biggest loser. It's enough to break your heart...
• Thankfully, I've never come across any PKers... I'm sure I'd lose to them too. Yeah...I'm positive I would.

> Eeee! It's Haseo! I'm so happy I got to, like, meet you!
• I'm gonna, like, start fighting in the arena too! If we ever, like, fight, I hope you'll go easy on me!
• When I, like, said I wanted to fight in the arena, it was SUCH a big deal! All these nice guys, like, turned blue in the face, and then they, like, said I shouldn't fight! But I said I still wanted to, so, they said they would, like, be my shield!
• I'm so, like, happy they all like me so much! I appreciate it SO much! Haseo, will you ever, like, help me out if I, like need it?

> The other day, I met the most amazing person...
• He had blue hair, a yellow outfit, a kind smile, and an elegant demeanor. A true gentleman. I'm only sorry I didn't manage to get his name. How foolish of me... So, I decided to call him Blue Boy now. What do you think? Lovely name, isn't it?
• Our meeting was so dramatic. He appeared out of nowhere while I was being attacked by monsters and rescued me.
• The way he wielded his bayonet...My cheeks get hot just thinking about it. Ah, I adore you, Blue Boy...

Wang Lin
> I saw some Moon Tree guys earlier.
• I guess even those guys compete in the arena. Don't you find that kind of strange? They say arena Battles are part of the system, but so is PKing, isn't it?
• It's up to all players whether to PK or not. Where do they get off making up local rules when they don't even run things.
• ...Of course, I guess local rules are part of the system too, aren't they. In the end, I guess we're all the same kind of animal. LOL

> Watching the arena Battles is so much fun!
• It seems like cheering for Master En is the "in" thing lately, but I prefer Alkaid, Sirius, and Taihaku myself.
• Once, a long time ago, I saw those three from Icolo form a team together! There were crazy-looking effects all over the place, and their opponents when down like, bam!... It was SO damn cool!
• Huh? You don't get it? Well of course you don't. Only ones who saw it firsthand could understand!

dr. D
> Oh ho! We meet again, young man!
• Have you ever heard a siren go off in an area? That's the sign that a Doppelganger is approaching!
• If you hear a siren, you have to turn back right away! Don't go forward no matter what! He who runs away lives to fight another day, after all!
• Even people who have leveled up as high as they can go are still easily defeated by Doppelgangers. You'll never hold up against one as long as your level is low!

> Hi, welcome to the Henalympic venue. I'm Henako representing Japan in Electronic Device Gymnastics.
• I bet the Russian Henalchakov is going to attempt the extremely difficult Electronic Perestroika Cossack Twist...
• But, if I can pull of my "Electronic Triple Spin Adolescent Hang," we're sure to get 10 points from every country!
• Ha ha, your electronics still have a long ways to go, Hasebonne! Eat some liver! That's how I got here!

> Hello! Versus matches are great. Me, I'm the laid-back type myself.
• Or rather, everyone else is just out for blood! I'm sure it's very tiresome for them.
• Of course, if it was an arguing match, I'd be feeling pretty good about my chances. :)
• Did you know that Endrance's cat says "munee" when she cries? It's a lie. I'll never forgive kitty!

> Hey, didn't we meet before?
• It looks like you couldn't care less, of course :)
• Man, PKers piss me off. If you want to hit people, go to the arena, you know?!
• What was CC Corp thinking? Give me the guy who came up with that idea! I bet they're just ignoring all the complaint e-mails I've been sending them!

> Well hello. Would you like to be PKed?
• I'm the oldest of the PKing triplets, Aira. I have two younger sisters. The middle one is a Steam Gunner named Hiira, and the youngest is a Twin Blade named Kiira.
• "The World" is an awesome game, isn't it? How wonderful to just be able to openly declare that you're a PKer. No one can punish us for doing so. I mean, we're just playing by the rules.
• PKing is just like chess or Shogi. As long as you don't go against the rules, anything goes. That's how games are.

> I'm Menou...hack, hack.
• Hack...I may not look it, but I'm a member of the ranker guild Gem. Hack...Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it feel like the air is really bad here?
• Hack... I think the medicine has helped a lot...
• Hack... Even someone like me can go nuts as long as it's in an online game... :)

> Give me your life!
• I am a ninja! A Kunoichi!
• The path of the ninja is a path of killing. That is what my master said before he died!
• Rin hei tou sha kai jin retsu zai zen! Mm!

Punisher Mitch
> I'm a punisher...
• I decided I was going to be a PKer before I even started the game. As proof of my determination, I gave myself the name "Punisher."
• As far as I'm concerned, the arena is heresy... PKing is only fun when you have to overpower someone who doesn't want to be PKed.
• I just go to the arena for kicks. In "The World," there's nothing more fun than PKing!

Black Pearl
> I'm Gem's Black Pearl!
• I'm in love with our leader, Onyx! I also deeply respect our special unit leader, Ruby! Although I can only make a small contribution to the two of them, I'm prepared to give my life to raise Gem's name!
• The arena's the fastest way to raise our guild's name! We're going to raise points, and someday, when we get a special area all to ourselves like Kestrel, the world will be ours!
• I'm also going to ride a steambike side by side with Onyx!...If we have two bikes in our guild, of course.

> I'm meruru!
• Young people these days are too loose! It's deplorable! I need to beat some sense into them with my paddle!
• Trying to pick up women in online chats is absolutely inexcusable! I'll make them repent so hard they'll have rings spinning around their head like Saturn!
• We need punishment!

Heart in Brocade
> Hm...You too?
• I'm so sick of all the players who just wander around me without any reason. Especially all those people who stare at me when I'm climing stairs. I mean, what's up with that?
• I want to complain to the system admins about harassment, but it's not like these creeps talked to me directly. But it's still creepy as hell.
• Of course...Thanks to that, I have no shortage of PK prey. The number of players who have followed me to an area...hehehe. Well, I'll just leave the rest up to your imagination.

> I don't have anything to say to you.
• I'm the second oldest of PKing triplets, Hiira. I have an older and younger sister. We compete for PKs between the 3 of us.
• Why? Well duh, it's a game. I don't want to lose to either of my sisters...That's only natural, right?
• I once met a stupid guy who tried to pick me up online. I took him out to an area and PKed him. The look on his face was priceless.

> Hmph!
• You're a PKKer? I'm an arena ranker. I have nothing to say to PKKers. I guess you could say you and I live in entirely different worlds.
• The difference between a PKKer and an arena Ranker... It's like that between an inner-city delinquent and a pro boxer.
• You do know that I'm a member of the arena fighting team Crusade. Don't go thinking I'm on the same level as some punk PKKer!

> Ahaha...Hee hee...
• I spread it! That's right, I spead it! Ahahaha! I spread your true identity all over Kestrel! ROTFL
• Ahaha...I heard about it from Bordeaux and spread it right away! The famous "Terror of Death" has leveled down, and is now hanging out with women! Are you scared?! I know you are! Come on, shake for me! ROTFL
• You won't find any more friends in this world. LOL Your power, the one thing you could count on, has left you, and now you're just like a little bug! That's right, a bug! Can you imagine? The "Terror of Death," a bug?! Oh god, it's too funny! ROTFL

Rental Daughter
> Hey there. Need some Cleric help?
• I fight in the arena as a free agent. I'm a pro-ranker-for-hire, you might say. I won't let you down. But I will expect something in return.
• ...Hm? You're...called Haseo? ...Then never mind. I can't help you out.
• Kestrel's Guild Master, Gabi, helped me out a long time ago, you see.

> I can see death written all over your face. LOL
• I'm the youngest of PKing triplets, Kiira. I have two older sisters. LOL We're all PKers and rivals. LOL
• We compete for the greatest number of players killed, and take screenshots as proof. LOL Guys are 3 points, girls are 2, and stupid beasts are 1. Pretty boys are a special 5 points!
• You would be ...5 points, maybe? Hahaha...LOL If I ever see you in an area, I hope you'll let me PK you!

> I'm Sapphire, from Gem...
• I got yelled at by our special unit leader, Ruby, again. It's impossible for me to be a lady gang member...even online.
• I'm very earnest, you see. I thought that, even if I can't do some things in real life, I could do them online... Maybe I just wanted to make up for my past, where I spent all my time studying, just like my parents wanted.
• I guess people who aren't brave enough to rebel in real life won't be any different online, huh.

Madame Insane
> Do you know anything about my husband?
• He's a pathetic-looking Harvest Cleric. He's named something that sounds like a fish; Ayu or Masu or something. The other day he was talking all lovey-dovey with the young wife from next door, and I got so angry!
• He hides himself in is room and starts to play online games. That's why I also started playing "The World" for myself. I'm a housewife with a lot of free time, so I caught up to him in levels right away. LOL
• Lately, I found out that rather than scolding that good-for-nothing in real life, it's a lot more effective to PK him here. I'll follow him everywhere he goes, and let him know that there's nowhere safe he can run either online or off!

> My, aren't you cute...
• I'm Jade. I'm in this guild called Gem. But never mind that... How would you like to have some fun? Heh heh heh...
• First, why don't we find an area where there's no one else around. Then, we can take off all our equipment and return to the way we were when we were born...
• ...That's how some idiots got PKed; naked and vulnerable XD

> I'm a Cleric in Crusade.
• I heard they started the arena to do something about PKing. They thought they could get them to stop by introducing a mutually consenting system.
• I gotta didn't really work out that way.
• Nobody knows who is right, and who is mistaken... But, that's how the world is.

> I'm Gem's special unit leader, Ruby.
• Gem is an arena-specific ladies guild. To join our guild, you must be a female ranker. Therefore, you can never join us.
• Our Guild Master...Onyx, is a charismatic figure to us. If it wasn't for her, we'd fall apart immediately.
• It's a shame that she's prone to chasing dreams sometimes...But, that's also part of her charm. It's my duty to train our guild members! Gotta get psyched!

> Hm...You want to join our guild?
• I'm Aleneor. I'm the assistant Guild Master for Crusade. It's an arena-specific fighting guild led by our master, Great Leo.
• The requirement to join Crusade is to be an arena ranker. However, that alone isn't enough. You also have to have dignity and intelligence.
• You...are no good. You lack dignity.

> ...I'm Onyx, the leader of Gem.
• Do you know about the "Key of the Twilight"? It's also known as the Twilight Key. It's supposed to be the ultimate item in "The World." A key that can grant any wish at all... Its existence has been rumored since the Fragment days.
• No one has ever acquired the Key of the Twilight. That's why there are no end to the rumors. Nothing inspires people to dream like uncertain information. Like the sailors who long ago set off to discover a new continent.
• I'd like to gather some friends and go on an exploration someday. Those that left in search of ay myth have yet to return. Those that left in search of a myth with never ever return...

Beast Male


> Hey. Are you here to watch the arena, too?
• You're a little late. Master En is gone now. Man, it must be great to be that cool. I wish I could be like that. I'd love to talk to him just once.
• To tell the truth, I'm in Master En's fan club. I'm fan club member number 0009737! It's pretty low, right? I'm rather proud of it. LOL
• I'm not like these new, young Master En fans. I'm willing to blow off lessons in an instant for him! Of course, my parents aren't too happy about that.

> Target an enemy from behind and press the X button.
• Hey, quit talking to me! You'll make me forget my strategy!
• Actually I've been too scared to fight another player. Even now I'm completely terrified. My controller is covered with sweat.
• I musn't run away. I musn't run away. I musn't run away.

> Have you ever heard of any urban legends for the arena?
• Like, sometimes, a player from The World R:1 will be fighting. Or a seventh player that shouldn't be there will show up. There's quite a few of them.
• Oh yeah, do you know about Endrance? They say if you fight against him, you'll end up in a coma! Pretty scary, huh?
• Oh well, it is just a rumor. Still, you know what they say. "Where there's smoke, there's fire." LOL

> What!? Please, go away!
• I'm very busy stalking Master Gabi! Ah, Master Gabi...You're so cool... That fabulous beard...those charming ears...
• I'll never forget the first time Master Gabi spoke to me for as long as I'll live. He said "Cod Roeeeeee!"...
• As proof of my love for Master Gabi, I made a Fan Club. I'll squeeze all of Master Gabi's enemies to death with my love! Yaaaay!

> NAOO said she wants to try fighting in the arena.
• I told her it was too dangerous, but she won't give up. I can't bear to see her get beaten up.
• I tried to convince her, but she wouldn't listen. So I had no choice but to act as her shield.
• So now I'm leveling up so I can protect her. Leveling is great when you have an objective.

> Hey. The arena?
• I often get invited there. But it's all just for show... I mean, I can't actually do anything there. I'm just a Cleric.
• That kind of thing happens with parties now and then too. Because of my looks, my party members don't guard me, the Cleric, so I get knocked out often.
• I do admit that I'm also to blame, being a Cleric from the Ya Tribe, who's know to be powerful. Sigh...It really gets to you sometimes though.

> Oh ho...Haseo, eh.
• I hear you showed our girl Bordeaux a good time. Damn useless Negimaru and Grein...If I'd been there with her, that would never have happened.
• Bordeaux is ruthless. She'll take her revenge on you no matter what it takes.
• There's nothing so scary as a woman out for revenge. I'd hate to be in your shoes.

> Ook eek!
• I'm Eteman from the Beast guild "ZOO"! I may not look it, but I'm actually an arena ranker. Which means I'm pretty strong!
• But the Demon Palace has been fierce lately. I don't think I can be an upper ranker soon.
• I never thought that anyone could beat the former Emperor, Alkaid of Icolo. But I hear that Endrance defeated Alkaid in an instant with some invisible skill. I guess it just shows there's always someone better...

> Grrrrr!
• Rrrrrrrrr! Rowr!
• Bow, wow wow, brow!
• Grr! Grrrrowwwwwlll!

> Haseo!
• It looks like you don't remember me. You PKKed me before! I've never forgotten...the humiliation I felt!
• However, I've been hearing that the "Terror of Death" has been hanging around girls lately. Ha ha ha...Looks like that one got your attention. LOL
• Remember me when we meet in an area! I'll finish off you and your little friends!

Suzuki Pig
> Oink, oink!
• I'm Suzuki Pig! Nice to meet ya!
• I'm part of the Beast guild called "ZOO." Everyone there rocks!
• We're all fighting in the arena to raise the Beast's position in society. All right, let's do ittttt!

> Bow wow!
• I'm the Guild Master of "ZOO," Pochi. Nice to meet you.
• The only requirement to join "ZOO" is to use a Beast player! So, I'm afraid you're out of luck. Sorry 'bout that.
• My guild's full of great guys. Hope you'll get along with them.

Beast Female


> Testing your equipment, preparing your skills...If you really mean to win, you need to do everything you can.
• I don't know what happened to my Guild Master, but all of a sudden he said he wanted to become a top ranker. The whole guild's in an uproar.
• Leveling squads and money squads are working 24 hours a day. Me? I'm here to investigate our enemies.
• Personally, I would have preferred to remain a simple, laid-back hunting guild. I'm not really sure what to do.

> ...It's really hard to participate in the arena on your own too.
• It's not that it's against the rules. But with 3 against 1, well, it doesn't take a genius to tell who will win.
• When you think of it like that, Endrance is really amazing. He's done everything solo up till now, and hasn't lost once.
• I wonder what his level is. I'd love to talk to him, if only once.

> I was invited by a famour PKer to become a PKer myself...
• I was so scared...I couldn't answer him properly...
• Is it okay for me to say no? I wonder if he'll stalk me, then PK me... Oh no. ...I feel like I'm going to cry.
• There have been times when we've been messing around PKing each other, but... I've never PKed someone I didn't know. I...I don't want to do that. I'm scared.

> If your'e not in danger, then it's not a true battle!
• A comeback from imminent defeat! You've gotta love it! Even if you're in danger, just never stop attacking! That's the main thing! If you never attack, then there's no way the battle will ever end!
• If you're ever in trouble, just keep hitting til you land a Rengeki! And if that's no good, then the last resort is a Smoke Screen! After all, no point in pushing yourself all the time!
• Some idiot says things like look at your opponent, but come on, that's when you get attacked! He really is an idiot!

> I need a distraction...
• You're the most wanted man in Kestrel, aren't you? Everyone in my guild's all excited about who's going to be the first one to PK you.
• What, did you think you were some kind of a hero or something, being a solo PKKer? That's so childish. LOL
• If you've got a problem with me, fight me in the arena. Of course, a PK will be just fine too!

> Do you like puppies?
• I'm Cecile, nice to meet you! I'm in the Beast guild ZOO. Aren't Beasties too cute? LOL
• I'm definitely more of a dog person than a cat person! I love their loyalty :)
• The people here in Lumina Cloth are bloodthirsty, but our guild is a lot of fun :)

> I'm Kanko, from ZOO.
• There are lots of guilds out there, like Kestrel or Moon Tree. They should just try to get along! Why do they always have to fight?
• Maybe they have a lot of stress in their real lives? But come on, don't bring that stuff online. Evil air spreads about "The World," and it's us regular players that feel the pain.
• On that point, my guild's a lot of fun! Ah, so nice to be laid back :)

Evil Woman
> Do you know about the werewolf class?
• The werewolf class is a rare job that showed up in the final days of the first version of "The World." Apparently they were able to transform between a human form and a wolf form.
• In terms of capabilities, they're like Adept Rogues. But just think how cool it would be to transform! I wish I could transform! I'd transform into a Beast, and PK all I wanted...
• The demonic creature who bays at the full moon... Awoooooooooooooo!

Ishikari Cat
> La lala lala...
• There's lots of laid back people in my guild, ZOO... And yet there's also a lot of rankers. It's great. Everyone seems to be enjoying the game.
• In the end, it's all about having fun! Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and your money. If it becomes an obligation, then it becomes boring! Best to just have fun.
• Winning is fun, and so is losing. I mean, it's all just a game!

Beast Male


> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tommorow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tommorow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

Beast Female

Lady of the Lamp

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

Human Male


> Are you a noob? Hello! Nice to meet you!
• The thing I love about online games is getting to meet all sorts of people.
• When you get to an area, you should try searching for other players!
• Good things will happen if you do!

> Hey there! Nice to meet you!
• Are you going on an adventure now?
• I just got back from finishing a mission.
• The reward item was really good, so I'm feeling kind of rich right now. :)

> Hello there. Are you a noob?
• These days there have been PKers who only go after noobs, so be on your guard.
• PKers is a short way of saying Player Killers. In other words, players that kill other players. For us moderates who are just here to have fun, well, they're not much fun to have around. But, you can't really blame the PKers themselves. After all, "The World" allows for PKing.
• What do you do if you're PKed? Just think of it as a game and don't worry about it. It won't help at all to just worry.

Note: The three bonus NPCs are callbacks to NPCs in the original .hack// series! They do not count towards Bikman's Flyer Campaign, and you'll only ever meet them at the very beginning of the game before using the Chaos Gate to head with IYOTEN & Asta to [Delta] Courageous Engaging Daydream.
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