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All of the AIs? dialogue remained the same as in Redemption. Rather than needlessly reposting those, you can check them out here.

Mac Anu

Human Male

> Can you believe it?
• The World's coming to a close, and not even a single shrine maiden has shown up! What a disappointing way to go out... If only one would grace us with her perfect beauty...
• I even put shrine maiden on the job list, but then someone deleted it right away... Why would anyone do that?! We're talking about shrine maidens here! They could save the day!
• Hm? Me? I-I'm not part of the development team, nope! Piros the 3rd?! Who's that?! I don't know him!

> Mac Anu feels so empty now.
• Seems like there's no way to stop the mass exodus of players at this point.
• It's not the ending itself that's the problem. Everything has to come to an end, after all. The important part is how it ends, whether it be with a bang or with a whimper.
• Whoa, that was a pretty good line, huh? I always seem to come up with the poignant stuff when I'm not even really trying. I've got such a scarily refined intellect, I give myself the shivers!

Corporal Yano
> A military man needs a true adventurer's spirit!
• Th-Th-The World is c-coming to an end!
• B-But I can't sit back and just let it happen! I will defend this town to the death! All units, begin defensive manuevers! Machine gunners, provide fire support! Artillery, blow a hole in enemy tanks on sight!
• No! It's an enemy attack! Where are the reinforcements? Curse it all! Just drop a bomb on my head already! Man up, Charlie! It's barely even a graze! Oh, heavens above, please send me more troops! ...Y'know, when you play soldiers in a empty town like this, it's actually pretty fun, don't you think?

Human Female
> Myths about the end of the world exist in almost every culture, even if they do sound a bit far-fetched.
• Great floods, final judgments, the twilight of the gods... I could go on. These concepts of "the end of days," old as they are, have had a profound influence on modern society.
• But the end of The World is different. The plug is pulled on the power supply and that's it. It's over for good in the blink of an eye.
• It's a completely different way of ending things than the old stories tell us. It has much more of a 21st century feel to it. Wouldn't you agree? Whether online or in real life, the real question we should ask is, what kind of ending should we seek after?

dr. D
> Hey there! Doing okay, young man?
• Don't you look so down! Your lucky animal will run away from ya! Have you ever met an animal in an area? If you have, that means you're super lucky! It means you've got it going on!
• Haha, as if! The World is coming to an end, and with it so does my luck.
• If only there were a Lucky Animal that could make The World continue on... I'd catch it again and again so we could keep play forever! This bites...

> Man, this sucks! I just bought an M2D!
• Like, I literally just replaced my monitor this spring with the new micro monitor display! Wait, have you not heard about the M2D? It's a compact monitor, kinda like a pair of sunglasses.
• You pay top dollar for one, and the next day they tell you The World is ending. Well that's just great! This has to be one of the worst days of my life...
• There's no way I can get my money's worth now. Guess all I can do is play to the very last second!

Beast Male
> Hello!
• As you can see, I'm a Beast, and I've got the face to prove it, don't I? But even so, I'm actually a Harvest Cleric! When I tried to cast Repth on someone I came across, they screamed "Help!" ROTFL
• So it's sad The World R:2 is finally coming to an end. I used to get PK'ed because people mistook me for a monster. I definitely won't miss that... But I'll still be sad to see this place go, that's for sure.

> Farewell R:2...
• The hopes and dreams of the Beast Empire vanish with you. A beast lover is someone like myself who just can't stop loving beasts!
• But don't think we've given up! The World R:3 will be coming out for sure!
• And when it does, the Beast Empire will be reborn from the flames of our undying love for beasts! Now, say it with me! Yaaaay!

• I dunno why, but Towa just has those two bits of dialogue. No third this time around. Very weird!
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