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People still like collecting these things, right? Just kinda ignore 'em myself but this page is still worth doing! These are unlocked by pretty much doing all the games have to offer... and grinding! There are 44 bronze, 4 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum for a total of 52 trophies to earn!

King of The World

- Obtain all trophies. (p)


- Complete Vol. 1 Rebirth. (b)
Just get to the ending! No need to 100%!


- Complete Vol. 2 Reminisce (b)
Same as with Vol.1.


- Complete Vol. 3 Redemption. (b)
Same as with Vol.1 & 2.


- Complete Vol. 4 Reconnection. (b)
Same as with... ya get the point by now right?

Perfect Score

- Achieve an overall S-rank area result. (b)
Most likely gotten in Vol.1, but should be doable in any of the four!

Clear All Areas

- Achieve an overall A-rank area result 50 or more times. (b)
Same as above! Luckily this one doesn't truly live up to its namesake cause finishing literally every possible Area would be... x.x

Trading Up

- Conduct a trade with an ally. (Allies will still count as allies before exchanging member addresses.) (b)
This can be done right at the very start with IYOTEN & Asta! Should be obtainable in any volume.

Mercantile Spirit

- Conduct 50 or more trades with allies. (Allies will still count as allies before exchanging member addresses.) (b)
Same as above! I recommend trading for Atoli's "Fairy Orb" items in Vol.1. They're not purchasable in that game so its an effecient way to get lots!

Just a Little Something

- Give a gift to an ally. (Allies will still count as allies before exchanging member addresses.) (b)
Doable in any volume!

A Show of Gratitude

- Give 30 or more gifts to allies. (Allies will still count as allies before exchanging member addresses.) (b)
Same as above!

Rookie Rider

- Ride you bike. (b)
Doable in Vol.1, 2, and 3.

Saddle Sore

- Ride your bike for over 30 minutes. (b)
Same as above! Ryu Book VIII displays how long you've used the bike.

My First Alchemy Set

- Alchemize an item. (b)
This can be done in any volume!

Alchemical Brother

- Alchemize 100 or more items. (b)
Same as above yet again!

Mecha Grunty's Savior

- Rescue Mecha Grunty 5 or more times. (b)
Save 'em in Vol.1, 2, or 3! Only 60% of player saved mecha? 40% of players are monsters!

Animal Kickers' Activist

- Kick or use your bike to ram a Lucky Animal 5 or more times. (b)
Can be done in any of the four games.

Chim's Kicker

- Kick or use your bike to ram 30 or more Chim Chims.
Once again this can be accomplished in any of the four games!

The Great Communicator

- Speak to 10 or more PCs in the same volume. (b)
Can do this in Vol.1, 2, and 3 for sures. Vol.4, I really couldn't say!

PKK 4 Life

- Defeat 5 or more PKers in the same volume. (b)
Can't be done in Vol.4, but the others are good to go!

Lone Racer

- Finish first on any course in the "Highway Master" campaign. (After obtaining the 1st Word "Passing" in Vol.2, you can attempt Bike Missions before beginning the campaign in Vol.3.) (b)
Ya can get "Passing" in Vol.3 if Vol.2 or its campaign was skipped fyi.

Mecha Grunty's Messiah

- Complete the "Stray Mecha Grunty" campaign. (b)
This campaign pops up in Vol.1, 2, and 3, so this oughta be obtainable in any of those.

Animal Hunter

- Complete the "Lucky Data" campaign. (b)
See above!


- Complete the "Chim's Kicker" campaign. (b)
See above the above!

The World Famous

- Complete the "Bikman's Model" campaign. (b)
Repetition is key~ do this in 1, 2, or 3~

Terror of Death

- Complete the "Chase the Bounty" campaign. (b)
This continues the theme of the previous few.

My Way Is the Highway

- Complete the "Highway Master" campaign. (b)
Only available in Vol.2 & 3!

Rengeki of the Century

- Perform 100 or more Rengeki attacks. (b)
Ryu Book I shows how many you've done. Rengeki's performed in the Arena add to the count btw!

Assassin's Touch

- Perform 300 or more Rengeki attacks. (b)
Same as the 100 one, just tack an additional 200 on! By the end of Vol.3 I had done over 2000...

Back Attacker

- Perform 100 or more surprise attacks. (b)
Ryu Book I keeps track of how many of these you've done. Stupidly easy to pull off an brokenly easy when ya get Accessories that make you invisible to baddies! By the end of Vol.3 I had over 1400!

Sneaky Striker

- Perform 500 or more surprise attacks. (b)
If you got the previous trophy then you're 1/5th of the way to this one!

I Have Seen the Light

- Perform 50 or more Awakenings. (b)
Once again, check Ryu Book I to see how far along your progress in this is! By the end of Vol.3 I'd done over 500!

True Enlightenment

- Perform 200 or more Awakenings. (b)
Keep on keepin' on! Fill up that Morale and unleash 'em every chance ya get. Especially in Vol.3 for delicious Virus Cores!


- Win 100 or more battles. (b)
Ryu Book I tracks, Arena battles and PKer fights add to the count!

Battle Hardened

- Win 500 or more battles. (b)
I earned this in Vol.1. Plenty of battles to be had across all four!

Ultimate Warrior

- Win 1000 or more battles. (b)
Got this midway through Vol.2. Over 2200 by Vol.3's end!

Courageous Companions

- Participate in 50 or more Arena matches. (b)
First three games only! Ryu Book VI tracks this one, including matches ya don't win. An since it only says "participate" you may not have to worry about winning...?

Battlefield Besties

- Participate in 200 or more Arena matches. (b)
See above. Guess the quickest way of cheesing this would be to select the lowest level opponents and 1-shot 'em with a skill right at the matches start?


- Perform 50 or more counterattacks. (b)
Vol.1, 2, and 3 only! These can only be done in the Arena and as with Arena related things check out Ryu Book VI for stats.

Otherworldly Speedster

- Perform 200 or more counterattacks. (b)
Gotta be quick on the Skill Trigger 150 more times than the previous trophy!

Data Drain

- Perform 10 or more Avatar Awakenings.
This is a Vol.3 only thing. And if you're only doing 10 of these you're prolly not interested in 100%'ing the games!

Red-Faced Intermediate

- Win 100 or more times in Crimson VS in Vol. 2 and 3. (b)
Vol.2, Vol.3, or a combination of both. You'll get waaaaay than 100 if you're aiming for the top!

Rosy-Cheeked Expert

- Win 500 or more times in Crimson VS in Vol. 2 and 3. (b)
Same deal as the last one. 500 wins is honestly chump change.

Sanguine Master

- Open the gallery after having collected all cards in Crimson VS in Vol. 3. (g)
Through random booster packs you can get cards that had special unlock conditions in Vol.2, so this one truly can be done in Vol.3 alone if desired.

Popping the Question

- Watch an engagement event. (g)
Can be achieved in Vol.3 & 4! btw, it doesn't gotta be of the "Forever in Love" marriage variety. I got mine from "Best Wishes" friendship with Matsu!

Guild With Benefits

- Reach guild rank 9 by raising all books in the Books of 1000 to rank 9 in Vol. 3 after having carried over your save data from Vol. 1 and 2. (g)
Gotta dedicate yourself to finding outta the way Items and Monsters across those three games!


- Collect a total of 60 or more 1st Area Words in Vol. 1, 2, or 3. (Carrying over save data is recommended.) (s)
This one can be gotten in Vol.1 alone if you're out there hunting unlockable Area Words!

Lexical Locator

- Collect a total of 60 ore more 2nd Area Words in Vol. 2 or 3. (Carrying over save data is recommended.) (s)
If you carried over data from Vol.1, this can be gotten in Vol.2!

Vocabulary Virtuoso

- Collect a total of 60 or more 3rd Area Words in Vol. 1, 2, or 3. (Carrying over save data is recommended.) (s)
Just like "Wordsmith" this one can be obtained in Vol.1 alone with alil extra word hunting!

Knows No Bounds

- Raise Haseo to level 150 in Vol. 3 or Vol. 4 (Using Cheat Mode does not count.) (s)
This ones self-explanatory! If you're somehow really lagging behind in level, there are items that can be added to Accessories which increase EXP payout!

The Truth Is Out

- Unlock all Terminal Disc files. (b)
Clear Data saves are need for Vol.1, 2, and 3 so each of these need to be beaten in order to unlock all of the files!

The World: A Parody

- View all Parody Mode content. (b)
Most of these are available from the start, but you'll need to beat Vol.4 + its bonus dungeon to get the rest! Then you'll need to watch 'em!

(b) = bronze, (s) = silver, (g) = gold, (p) = platinum
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