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If some this stuff seems familiar, then you've played Rebirth! Most of the quests and campaigns are, and work the same as they did in that game! Most of the unique equipment comes from doing these, so if you want to collect all items there's no getting around (re)doing these!

Gathering Shadow
Party Members: Any
Reward: Text of Sense
Unlocks: Bikman Model Campaign

Challenge from the Goblins
Party Members: Haseo
Reward: Word of Spirit
Unlocks: Highway Master Campaign

Party Members: Any
Reward: Word of Vigor
Unlocks: Chase the Bounty Campaign

This quest won't appear until you've read the thread "She got me..." in The World section of the Community Forums.

Mushroom Hunting
Party: Atoli & Bo
Reward: Dusk Chim Chim

Invasion of the Super Beings
This quest and the events leading up to it has its own page covering the needed info!

Do the corresponding quest to get rolling with these! Regardless of the point in the story, you can pretty much work to finish these as soon they've begun. But for the sake of keeping a good pace its probably better to just work towards the goals as you play through the game. Most of them involve doing things which can only be done in Areas anyway.

Stray Mecha Grunty
Early in the story you'll have to participate in the "Steam Scientist's Test" quest, after which this campaign will begin! The very simple goal once again, is to find Mecha Grunty in areas and refuel it 50 times! I'd try the area [Delta] Great Forbidden Holy Ground, since you can find Mecha Grunty right at the start and a tree full of Chim Chims nearby. No baddies in this first part of the area either so you can get in and out without trouble.

- Rewards
5 times - Wrist Watch
15 times - Steam Coat
20 times - Steam Watch
35 times - Steam Vest
50 times - Steam Battle Pod

Highway Master
Now this one you didn't encounter in the first game! Upgrade your bike, create an Area with "Passing" as the first word and go ram some Chim Chims! They're lined and grouped up specifically for this, so it must not be harmful to 'em? There are 5 different courses and to take first place in each may seem like it requires cheating...

- Goals
Complete 50 Runs
Ram 3600 Chim Chims
Take 1st Place on all 5 Courses

- Rewards
5 - Raging Muffler
10 - Kirisame Engine
20 - Hazy Tires
35 - Shigure Engine
50 - Biker's Charm

400 - Beginner's Text
800 - Beginner's Book
1200 - Word of Vigor
1600 - Word of Spirit
2000 - Beginner's Text
2400 - Beginner's Book
2800 - Word of Vigor
3200 - Word of Spirit
3600 - Word of Vigor

Course 1
Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Return Feather
Astrid Specimen
Calm Propeller
Broad Angel
Blade Angel
Demonic Mallet
Godly Potion
Hagane Armor

Course 2
Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Return Feather
Fairy Rain
Aqua Board
Cow Stomach
Bayonet Angel
Dual Angel
Time Conch
Kurogane Armor

Course 3
Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Knight Soul
Warrior Soul
Fire Resist Seal
Stingray Stinger
Ninja Claw
Scythe Angel
Strategic Fan
Tidal Muffler

Course 4
Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Astrolger Soul
Wizard Soul
Dustproof Lens
Tinted Glass
Hermit Shell
Gauntlets Angel
Anti-Air Compress
Night Tires

Course 5
Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Astrologer Chain
Wizard Chain
Knight Chain
Warrior Chain
Flash Light
Lance Angel
War Drum
Wave Muffler

Lucky Data Collection
Time to give each of the Lucky Animal's a good kick again! Once you get started on this campaign you're given an "Animal Radar" which, when used in an Area, will which type of Lucky Animal is present. If it's one you haven't kicked yet, get to it! Although to meet the first goal you'll have to kick the same one more than once anyway. The radar will take up a spot in the Items part of your inventory until this campaign is finished by the way.

- Goals
Kick 50 Lucky Animals total
Kick 1 of each kind of Lucky Animal

- Rewards
5 - Wind Barrette
10 - Whistle Armor
20 - Golden Lion
35 - Mountaineer Vest
50 - Summit King
1 of each - The Unexpected

Bikman Model
Just like with the first game, this campaigns got a very long list associated with it and gets its own page to cut down the scrolling needed on this one!

Chase the Bounty
Haseo's a PKKer right? So keep up with that moniker by entering battle zones and fighting PKs! Though sometimes those zones may just have monsters. Using the key word "Berserker" in an Area name helps up the PKer encounter rate at least!

- Goals
Defeat 50 PKer's
Defeat all 7 Chaotic PKer's

- Rewards
5 - 3000 GP
10 - 3200 GP
20 - 3400 GP
35 - 3600 GP
50 - 3800 GP

Chaotic 1: 17000 GP, Ein Baku Tongue
Chaotic 2: 19000 GP, Niku Baku Tongue
Chaotic 3: 21000 GP, Anti-Paralysis, Fast Glycerin
Chaotic 4: 23000 GP, Iron Crest
Chaotic 5: 24500 GP, Iron Shell
Chaotic 6: 28000 GP, Tortoise Crest
Chaotic 7: 28000 GP, Tortoise Shell, Invincible Shell

Chim's Kicker
Kick and kick and kick them Chim Chims! As you play through the game you're sure to encounter at least one of each kind of Chim Chim, unless you're really unlucky and never run into a King Chim Chim but even that's pretty unlikely. So there's no need to grind or go out of your way, these goals can easily be met while you play.

- Goals:
Collect 1000 Chim Spheres
Kick 1 of each kind of Chim Chim

- Rewards
Life Scroll
Ressurect Scroll
Reflex Scroll
Repeal Scroll
Dawn Chim Chim

Books of 1000
Want more free GP, music/wallpaper/movies for the desktop, greeting cards, and guild upgrades? Then fulfill the needed requirements for each book! You'll most likely get to Rank 5 by the end of the game and end up working towards Rank 6 in the post-game.

- Rank 4:
Platform Transport (costs 20000 GP)
This lets you use platforms to warp to other platforms you've passed by in areas.

- Rank 5:
Max Guild Shop (free)
This increases the amount of things you can sell in your guild shop by 3 (from 7 to 10).

- Rank 6:
Silver Storage Expansion (costs 50000 GP)
Raises the amount of items and equipment your guilds storage can hold by 15 (from 60 to 75).

Basic Alchemy (costs 80000 GP)
Allows you to alchemize equipment at platforms in areas.

The Rank 4 reward honestly isn't worthwhile. Buy it for completion sake but good luck trying to find a legit use for it! Rank 5 & 6 stuff is where it's at! More selling and storage space is always great, and being able to alchemize equipment in the field can come in handy at times!

Looking for a tough fight? Then challenge a Doppelganger! They'll only show up in Grass or Wilderness fields, and only after standing around completely idle, without touching any buttons for a while... or wait until the post-game! You'll get an e-mail which, among others, gives you the key word "Moonlight". Using this in your Area name will spawn a Doppelganger right away, no waiting needed! Since its level is always Haseo's +8 you'll never out level it.The general rule is to fight him using your Dual Sword weapon since the others smack your whole party around. At the very least never use your Scythe!

"The cheapest strategy is to find a field with Sleipnir in it. Fill up your Morale meter by fighting monsters, kick the lil critter after its full, then wait for Doppelganger to appear. Initiate battle with it and Sleipnir will pop up to cut its HP in half. Then Smoke Screen and repeat until Sleipner runs out of help! His HP will be way low and you'll be able to easily take the rest of it out with the awakening. By the way don't bring Atoli or Gaspard with whether you do this fight normally or not because you need to outdamage him and they don't quite cut it."

To take him on in much less cheap way, switch Sleipnir with Ganesha. You'll have an HP and SP advantage over him but little else. I've done it myself! If you defeated him in Rebirth and carried over your save data you'll get the Heine's Invasion dual swords! If not, you're out of luck. No, no! There are still rewards to be had! Beat him once and get Heine's Shadow and the Forgotten Shadow key item. Do it a second time to earn Heine's Zero and the Moonlight Faith key item. They're really good weapons with really good abilities!

Avatar Refights
After you've finished a new Avatar battle during the story you can head back to the Serpent of Lore and refight 'em to your hearts content! Doing this unlocks new wallpaper for your desktop which you can only get by refighting them in this game. Waiting until Vol.3 to do these will only get you some lousy GP.

Crimson VS
The card game which was teased in Vol.1 is now up and running! Your goal if you choose to play is to make it the top rank and beat the champs deck! If you like TCGs you'll probably be able to get into this easily but if you're like me and aren't interested at all and are easily confused by numerous rules and stuff? Find a good guide, that's my advice! I do know that as you win up through the ranks you'll start racking up more losses than wins, which means it's time to change up your deck.

At some point a new topic on the Crimson VS board will open and net you the key word "Competing". Using that as the first word in an Area name you'll be able to obtain a few cards for the game in Beast Statues, so the Area has to have a Beast Temple and not a boss! Oh and if you're going to get into this mini-game, get started on it as soon as it becomes available. Then check on your rank pretty much every time you log out of "The World" since it runs concurrently. If you say, start Crimson VS once you're cleared the main story and intend on taking the top spot you'll be in for a LOT of extra play time. I certainly didn't make that mistake once before, nope nope, not me...

Not to many of these this time around, and your answers won't get you affection boosts. The first two have to do with the "Invasion of the Super Beings" secret quest, and the third is just for fun.

Community Forum
- The World
Thread: A hidden character discovered?
Reply With: Area Words?

Thread: What's the deal?
Reply With: Which dungeon?

- Crimson VS
Thread: Ranking Info
Reply With: Any of the three, though the third option makes you look like a jerk!

The World's Last Hope!
After you've finished the main story a thread in "The World" forum called "My first time" will show up. By reading that and going to the places indicated you'll get to meet Kazubolo in-game! Which will lead to unlocking a wallpaper for the desktop. This quest is strange in that it needs to be done in one go. If you meet him once then head out to do an Area and check the thread again afterwards he won't be in the next location. You'll have to meet him back in the first one and then re-read the thread to send him to the next. Read thread, log in, meet him, log out, and repeat with no messing around between!

Lost Weapons
During the latter part of the story you'll be naturally directed towards Haseo's Lost Weapon, but theres still others to be unlocked and acquired! In total you'll need ta get out there and collect 100 more Adler's Keys! Which there's a trick to! The lower the level you are, and the higher the level the Area you visit for collecting them the more keys you'll get! Each one you collect can be worth up to 5 depending on the Haseo/Area level difference. So its prolly good to get to work collecting 'em soon after Haseo gets his. On the other hand, if you don't collect some/all of them in this volume, the remaining ones will automatically be held by their wielders in Vol.3!

Import Bonus
In addition to all of the other stuff importing does, bringing over your Vol.1 save data nets you a bunch of nice lil goodies that're listed below!

Strange Coffee x3
Fairy Rain x4
Fairy Drop x10
Healing Storm x3
Healing Potion x10
5000 GP
1 movie

New Game+?
Wanna cheese a big part of the game? Have some Redemption Clear Data handy and start a new game using it! Starting at Level 70 will get you through the start and early middle portions of the game with ease! However there are drawbacks to this. You won't start with any Music or Wallpaper from Rebirth aside from the default ones, nor will you be able to get them. Old news and forums posts from that game won't be viewable either. And of course you won't have any of the exclusive gear, or have the exclusive monsters logged in your Ryu Books. If you don't care about the completionist aspect of the game, this is a worthwhile way of replaying Reminisce to relive the story. (Note: this feature doesn't seem to exist in the Last Recode version.)

Level 70
Level 13 Dual Swords and Broadsword
Weapons: Poison Indigo and Wrath Kuajie
Armor: Vigor Buddha
Accesory: Compress Watch
GP: 25000 GP
Healing Serum x35
Revive Rain x15
Sprite Drop x10
Fairy Drop x10
Fairy Rain x10
Revival Medicine x15
Health Scroll x2
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