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Finishing the Quest "Gathering Shadow" will open up this campaign. If you did this in Rebirth you already know how it goes since it plays out the same here. Really simple, really weak rewards! If you do this campaign in full very early in the game when it becomes available, I guess you may get some items you otherwise wouldn't until later in the game? But in the end they're still non-unique rewards unlike what other campagins give you.

Bikman Model
The goal is to just hand out flyers to the NPCs who're also playing R:2, and to do that all you have to do is talk to them once. 25 more players have been added to the roster, bringing it up to 160 total. But don't despair! Things are made easier in this game because you're given a "Flyer Radar" item! Going into your items menu and using this will bring up a list of NPCs in towns/areas you haven't yet given a flyer to! You'll still need to log in and out a bunch but using this will cut down on time spent running about seeing if anyone you still need is there or not. Keep in mind, the Flyer Radar will take up a spot in your Items inventory until this campaign in finished.

Your starting point ought to be Dol Dona as it houses the fewest NPCs, some of which only appear there (town-wise, pretty much all NPCs appear in Areas) and a bunch of which can also be found in Mac Anu. From there focus on Mac Anu and then Lumina Cloth. Once those are cleaned, all that remains are members of the Medic Union who only appear in Areas! They occasionally appear standing by Platforms in groups of 3.

Whether you're looking for the Medic Union or others you haven't yet checked off in Areas, it's good to use a nice small field type area. Like before I recommend [Delta] Starting Your Shadow. It's a small field with only 3 Platforms, one of which is right in front of the one you start at which gives you a good chance of finding the players in the Area quickly. The third Platform is just two really easy battles or Smoke Screens away! I suggest Smoke Screens, because getting into a battle with NPCs nearby can cause them to disappear for some odd reason.

While tinkering with the Chaos Gate keep any eye on the player icons and numbers associated with them. If the number on the left is 3 and the number on the right is 2, this means there's one person in the Area you haven't yet given a flyer to. If the numbers match then there aren't any you haven't given one to, so don't warp since it would be a wasted trip! Just hit the Circle button, then the X button again and the numbers should change! Keep gong back and forth until you find numbers which don't match then head on out!

- Rewards:
12 - Fire Barrel x12
32 - Water Dragon x12
64 - Hurricane Razor x12
111 - Ein Baku Tongue
160 - Niku Baku Tongue

All Human Men - Twin Scales
All Human Women - Jade Dragon Eye
All Beast Men - Tortoise Crest
All Beast Women - Tortoise Shell

Player List
- Key
All = the player can appear in both Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, and Dol Dona
MA = the player only appears in Mac Anu
LC = the player only appears in Lumina Cloth
DD = the player only appears in Dol Dona
ML = the player appears in both Mac Anu and Lumina Cloth
Areas: the player only appears in Areas

- Human Male: 56
Ninjato (All)
Eddie (All)
Rudolph (ML)
Nogmung (All)
Oimatsu (ML)
IGA (All)
Vergilius (All)
Midnight-Head (ML)
Rider Chyob (All)
Lieutenant Okada (ML)
Corporal Yano (ML)
Ookami Itto (MA)
SideWinder (MA)
tres (MA)
Ubadama (MA)
Heretic (MA)
Kunio (MA)
Encephalon (All)
Lonely Wolf (MA)
Boltz (MA)
Dimitri (MA)
Aralagi (MA)
Aryosha (MA)
Mihirogi (MA)
Nagi (ML)
Kazuki (ML)
Blue Eye Samurai (ML)
Mark (ML)
Wise Dragon (ML)
Battery Tomekichi (ML)
Yoshio (LC)
Katar (LC)
Nagare (LC)
Dragonfly (LC)
Colt 31 (LC)
Pokuri (LC)
Fang (LC)
Chamnosuke (LC)
NonBE (LC)
AK47 (LC)
Pilgrim (LC)
Lettuce Taro (LC)
Machida Man (LC)
Takowaza380Yen (LC)
Great Leo (LC)
Ayuo (LC)
Flamberge (LC)
Saltaholic (DD)
Signaless (DD)
ohmRICE (DD)
Kaki Leader (DD)
Umbrella (DD)

- Human Female: 44
Schrodinger (All)
Trigger (ML)
NAOO (All)
Isolde (All)
Wang Lin (ML)
Chobi (ML)
dr. D (ML)
Henako (ML)
Syake (ML)
Senion (MA)
Inui (MA)
angel hair (MA)
Olive (MA)
Heavenly Flower (MA)
Mile (MA)
Moonlight Dance (MA)
Alice (MA)
Pen Pen (MA)
Abcinian (MA)
1/2 (All)
Restia (LC)
Zebra (LC)
Mako (LC)
Aira (LC)
Menou (LC)
Chrysanthemum (LC)
Punisher Mitch (LC)
Black Pearl (LC)
meruru (LC)
Heart in Brocade (LC)
Hiira (LC)
NiangNiang (LC)
Ayame (LC)
Rental Daughter (LC)
Kiira (LC)
Sapphire (LC)
Madame Insane (LC)
Jade (LC)
Joanna (LC)
Ruby (LC)
Aleneor (LC)
Onyx (LC)
Katura (DD)

- Beast Male: 25
Barson (Both)
Pale (Both)
Nuada (All)
Tanu (All)
Vanguard (All)
Sky (MA)
Seisaku (DD)
Hideyo (DD)
BJ (Areas)
Osamu (Areas)
Ryotaku (Areas)
Towa (Both)
Shirochan (LC)
Eteman (LC)
Yatsuhusa (LC)
Chamee (LC)
Suzuki Pig (LC)
Pochi (LC)
Julias (DD)
Governor Tadashi (DD)
MSF (Areas)
Bernard (Areas)
Vitamin (Areas)
Jyunjiro- (Areas)

- Beast Female: 35
Ingrid (ML)
TomCat (All)
Sagittarius (All)
Quasar (All)
b1u3 (MA)
Mikatan (MA)
Tiphereth (MA)
Lady of the Lamp (Areas)
Florence (Areas)
Rintaro (Areas)
Ougai (Areas)
Agnes (Areas)
Telese (Areas)
Amber (Areas)
William=G (Areas)
Doyle (Areas)
Watson (Areas)
Phelix (Areas)
Jill (Areas)
Yoko (LC)
Cecile (LC)
Kanko (LC)
Evil Woman (LC)
Ishikari Cat (LC)
Kitty Ladle (DD)
AppleStar (DD)
yabu (Areas)
victor (Areas)
stein (Areas)
Electronic Frog (Areas)
Galvani (Areas)
Axel Rod (Areas)
Katz (Areas)
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