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Many characters dialogue in the towns of Mac Anu and Lumina Cloth remained the same as in Rebirth. Rather than needlessly reposting it all, you can check it out here.

Mac Anu (Server Incident)
Human Male


> W,where am I? Is this really "The World"?!
• Where's the development room?! The debug machine!! No way! This bug was repor-- *coughcough*. H,hello there, young man. What a coincidence seeing you here.
• R,rather unusual bug, don't you think? Not only are we unable to use the "Log Out" command, we're actually inside of "The World"! If you can't call this an abnormality, then what can you call it?!
• Don't tell me we're actually going to be trapped here forever... Are we? If that ever happened, what would become of my mortgage... Or my sons' tuition... Honey! Kids!! Help meeee! I'm in heeeere!!!!

> Eeep!! You scared me!! Don't sneak up on me like that!!
• I just got a message from Sakaki telling all of us to meet at "Moon Tree". I presume we'll be going off to stop Kestrel from taking advantage of this situation and causing disturbances...
• I just don't understand. Why should I have to do something like that...! I'm a regular player, just as much a victim of this as anyone else! I'm not an admin or anything!! So why should I have to act like one and suffer for it?!
• I'm not moving from here anymore! Never!!

> What's going on...? Am I really inside "The World"...
• That's it, I'm dreaming. This has got to be a dream. Ah ha... Ahahaha... It must be because I haven't slept in 4 days and I couldn't hold up anymore. Man, I'm terrible. I can't stop playing "The World" even in my dreams.
• Huh? What was that? This isn't a dream? D,don't be ridiculous! There's no way something like this could happen for real!
• S,shut up! Don't worry about me!! Don't talk to me!! You're a liar! You think I'm going to believe you!! Get out of here!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Human Female


> Hey, you there!! What's going on?! What on earth is happening?!
• Why am I unable to log out?! Is this some new type of bug?! What are the debuggers doing!? Why hasn't this been reported!? Aaaaah! I'm no less than 3 seconds from going off the deep end! Eeeeeeee!!
• And never mind the debuggers, what about the system admins!! After all that talk about wanting to become admins, this is how they spend their time?!
• Call an admin right now!! Now!! NOW!! Call them!! I'll knock some sense of duty into them with my secret whirlwind bamboo-breaker tornado drop!! Taste my magma and die! Hoooo ho ho ho ho!!!!!

> Let me out of here... Help...
• Um, I can't seem to log out for some reason... And I seem to be inside "The World" and...
• My short mail isn't working... My friends keep disappearing...
• Hey, this is a dream right?! This isn't real, right?! Let me out!! Out out out out out!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Beast Male


> W, why can't I log out? What am I gonna do when I have to go to the bathroom!!
• I can't even log out with the log out command... This has never happened before... What should I do...
• Oh man.... I can't go to the bathroom. Waaaah.... This is the biggest crisis in my life... But, as the leader of the Healing, as a man, I must not back down!!
• I will log out no matter what! Here we go!! ... ...... I can't do it! Whyyyyyy?!

> What's going on? Why can't I log out...?
• If I'm not mistaken, we're inside the game....aren't we? This is a much bigger problem than not being able to log out. What could be happening...? I simply don't understand it...
• There's no way something this fantastic could actually happen... There's no way... And yet, here I am inside the game...
• Hey, Haseo... Do you have any idea how to escape this mess? Anything at all will do... Just tell me anything you might know...

> W, w, w, w, what am I gonna do? We're inside the game!!
• There's no response on the Healing Receiver either! And I can't use my Transformation Cancel command either!! I can't contact my squad leader or the other members at all!
• This is the biggest incident in the history of the Healing Squad!! What should we do?!
• T, that's it! The system admins! I'm sure they can do something! Now is the time to act!! We must go find an admin!!

Beast Female


> Where are the admins?! Come on out!!
• Huh? What are you looking at? Got a problem with me?
• Yeah, so I'm a guy offline. What's it to you?
• Don't talk to me if you've got nothing to say. I'm busy. Hey! Admins!! Come on out or I'll sue!!

> Uw...sniff sniff... Sob, sob...sniff...
• My friend was...PKed and.. Sniff...won't come back...
• Sob...I managed to run away, but... She took the attack to save me and...
• She won't come back... No matter how long I wait in town... I sent her some Short Mails but... She hasn't responded to any of them... It''s all my fault. What should I do...sniff...

> Um, excuse me. I have something I'd like to ask you...
• We're inside of "The World" right now, aren't we? Ah, I don't mean that we're playing "The World", I mean that we actually exist inside of it now. I'm sorry, it's hard for me to say... Do you get what I'm trying to say?
• If we're inside "The World" now, what's become of my real self... I hope this doesn't mean...that I've fallen into a coma...
• It just occurred to me that perhaps the same thing occurred 7 years ago. N, no, I must be overthinking things. Forget what I just said.

Mac Anu
Human Male


> Online game are really interesting, aren't they.
• I go to a net cafe on my way home from work to play them every day now. Here, I can forget all about my boss who's younger than me, getting angry at me, or my daughter's delinquency.
• I have a big problem with the Character Edit... See, most of the players are made up of beautiful-looking people, right? I just can't seem to make a middle-aged character the way I want!
• I have a problem with a man my age controlling a pretty young man or woman. I feel so embarrassed...

> I play the game to protect the girl I love.
• I hope you find that special someone soon. LOL
• The other day, I gave my girlfriend a sword for a present. It's to protect her when I'm not around. Pretty cool, right?
• My girlfriend said she lost the sword I gave her. Of course, it's no problem. I just bought her another one.

Human Female


> Ooh, it's Haseo! Ciao! It's me, your girlfriend of your heart, NAOO!

Beast Male


• Oh yeah! The "Terror of Death"! Haseo! Hm? But I heard rumors that his character was reset...

> Hm? Did you need something?

Lumina Cloth
Human Male


> Listen to this!
• It turns out my daughter was playing this game too! I'm so worried that she's getting into trouble...
• Have you ever met my daughter? She's got a face that's all black with makeup, wears gaudy clothes, never lets go of her cell phone... O-Oh, right. This is just a game...
• Ah, I'm so worried...At this rate, I'll have no choice but to peek at her computer...

> Someone's trying to extort my girlfriend...I don't know what to do.
• There's no way she could deceive anyone. Who in their right mind would ask to get their money or items back!
• No one humiliates my girlfriend and gets away with it! I'll personally shut up anyone who does that to her!
• Protect my girlfriend's honor, and capture her heart... Two birds with one stone! Ha ha ha!

Human Female


• I'm in the Arena now! If we ever, like, fight, I hope you'll go easy on me!

> Haseo?!
• You've got a lot of nerve talking to me, knowing I'm in Kestrel.
• Bordeaux is like a sister to me...and you... One of these days I'm going to PK you and send the screenshot to everyone. Remember that.
• The only reason you were able to surprise Bordeaux like that is because of Negimaru and Grein's incompetence. Don't think you can get away with this, Haseo! You haven't seen anything of what Kestrel can do yet!

> What the hell do you want, Haseo?
• I heard you did something awful to my Negimaru. Negimaru's grudges are my grudges. Better watch your back.
• Negimaru is a wonderful guy who's cowardly, mean, and a good-for-nothing lout with no fighting sense. I won't forgive anyone who harms him, even in an online game!
• Ah, Negimaru... My small chest wants to burst just thinking about you...

> You're the guy who PKKed Grein, right?
• I'm a member of "Kestrel." And Grein is a favorite of mine. His beastly size, his constant silence; it all makes you want to bundle him up and take care of him.
• You need to be punished for hurting my Grein like that.
• We'll hunt you with all of Kestrel's power. Do look forward to it.

Beast Male


> Hey. Are you here to watch the arena, too?
• You're a little late. You just missed Sirius. Man, it must be great to be that cool. I wish I could be like that. I'd love to talk to him just once.
• To tell the truth, I'm in Sirius' fan club. I'm member number 0000912! It's pretty low, right? I'm rather proud of it. LOL
• I'm not like these new, young Sirius fans. I'm willing to blow off cram school in an instant for him! Of course, my parents aren't too happy about that.

Beast Female


• Some idiot says things like "Look at your opponent", but come on, that's when you get attacked! He really is an idiot!

Dol Dona
Human Male


> Dol Dona's new greenery is a sight for sore eyyyyyyyyyyyyes!!
• Let me tell you about when I first realized my love of shrine maidens! Pleeeeeease!! I first learned of them when I was in 4th grade, on New Year's Day. It was that shrine... yes, that was the very beginning.
• There I met the love of my life. Shrine maidens! Their long black hair, flowing white robes and crimson red skirts. They stole my heart for good. Yes, that was when it all began. The beginning of my lonely shrine maiden life.
• I worked long and hard to try and stay near them for even a second longer than normal. They wouldn't let me work at the shrine, and no one would look at my shrine maiden game idea. And furthermore...Hey!!! Don't look so bored when I'm talking to yoooooooou!!!

> Listen up kid! It's all about perserverance!!
• Even in pro wrestling they send their athletes off to Mexico and other far away places for training. If you think about being forced to take part in a rough match in a harsh environment, it sucks. But if you don't give up, you'll be a hero when you come back, and they'll treat you better than ever.
• Everything is like that. It's all about perserverance. There will always be something good waiting for you at the end of something bad or harsh. Schoolwork, friendships, it's all the same.
• That's why you should never run away from "now" even when things aren't going your way. So buck up, kid.

> What a sickeningly peaceful city. My sword will rust if I stay here too long.
• It seems that Lumina Cloth is truly the only place to rest my warrior's soul. Heh heh heh... Being there makes my blood boil like on a full moon's night.
• The SAMURAI inside me is shouting! Shouting for me to go hom... Ack!! W, what's wrong, sweetie?! P, please don't make such a scary face, the wrinkles... Aiee! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!! I'll get right back to work!! Please forgive me!!
• AFK: Currently seeing hell... AFK: Currently getting ready to go to work... AFK: Currently going to work...

> I made a guild to spread my girlfriend's wonderfulness even farther.
• It's called the NAOO-Knights! As the name says, we're a bunch of knights who go around protecting her. I'm the Guild Master, of course, seeing as I'm the one who loves her the most.
• Yesterday, I took my girlfriend hunting for rare items. Naturally, I gave everything I got to her.
• She was really happy, and she gave me a handmade Alchemized item... I'll treasure this Cronos Spike +1 for the rest of my life...

> Does Moon Tree really have the right idea...? Since that server shutdown incident I don't know anymore...
• Lately I've been thinking that Moon Tree has been crossing the line between players too much... We're players, not admins. We're just running around pretending to uphold law and order. In the sense that we're both just role-playing characters, Moon Tree and Kestrel are the same.
• Moon Tree just went around declaring all PKers to be evil, and declared themselves to be justice, but... The fact that PKers are allowed by the system might mean there's also a kind of justice in it.
• What is right, and what is wrong... I have no idea... I have no idea anymore...

> ...Victory lies on the tip of a thin, fragile thread. One can only attain it by painstakingly drawing it near.
• Strategy isn't just about attacking the enemy with the most appropriate method. If you wish to master battles, you must also think of how your enemy moves and behaves.
• Usings spells or abilities that will impair your enemy with status effets is an important part of battle control. For example, if you use a Curse spell or ability, you can prevent your enemy from using Skills. Using status abnormalities that match the situation will help lead you closer to victory.
• ...Of course, there will always be some idiots who simply attack and attack until they or the enemy loses. Hmph, how foolish...

Rider Chyob
> My great grandmother always told me that I should help out others in need.
• ...Hm? Why am I bringing this up all of a sudden? I'm just looking into becoming a new hero. There's a new show on TV that just kind of put me in the mood, you see.
• Heroes these days match their way of protecting the world to the needs of the age! I plan to protect "The World" using a style that's appropriate for this age!!
• ...Huh? My old catchphrase was better? It was pretty hard thinking this new one up... :) My fist breaks evildoing! I am the one who will protect this world! Transform!! ...You're right, this one suits me better! :D I'll change back the macro settings to the old ones :)

> Ever since that server incident, there have been a lot of suspicious rumors about "The World".
• There's no change to the black dot and white girl rumors, but the comatose rumors are spreading fast. Even players who aren't interested in rumors have been talking about them.
• Something has changed in "The World" since that day. Or maybe something that stopped has started again. It almost seems to me like the continuation of what happened 7 years ago. What on earth could be hiding in this world... I'd love to find out.
• Well, until I hear back from Nuada, I may as well keep my ears open together with "him". If you ever hear any interesting rumors, try thinking about what they mean. It's much faster to unravel a rumor than it is to peruse 1000 books in order to find the truth.

> Hello there, I'm Saltaholic. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
• There's been a lot of fuss in the news lately about ULCs, but companies are still the same as ever. Only the tools have changed. There's no point if people themselves don't change.
• Meritocracy is just a fancy title. The only ones using it are computer companies. Managers just wander around doing nothing the same as before, and only the ones who kiss up get promoted.
• The only good part of work is going out for drinks and eating out with your co-workers. At home, you've got your scary wife waiting for you, waiting to dash your brief moment of escape.

> ...... ...Sorry...I fell asleep...
• Oh, NAOO... ...You're good. ...Everything...I do... All for NAOO...
• ...NAOO's site is... cute ...Viva... idols... ...NAOO is... secret...
• ...My water's....been stopped... ...My propane gas...has been stopped... ...Trying to...find funds... ...for internet and electricity... ...Bought too this month...over 12... ...Only eaten...1 loaf of bread...a day...

> I soloed an Area and was KOed in one second flat. Hello, I'm ohmRICE.
• Have you ever been to an offline gathering? If you haven't, you really should! They're lots of fun! I promise you'll find someone you thought was a girl turn out to be an introverted old man in his 40s. Really, it's just a big carnival full of thrills and chills.
• I often go to them together with Kaki Leader. I met him about 4 years ago. At an offline gathering, of course. He and I were complete opposites, but that worked out well. We're 20 years apart in age, but we get along great.
• ...Huh? B, Butt Rice? How did you know about that name?! My name is ohmRICE! O-H-M-R-I-C-E!! Don't ever call me Butt Rice again!!

Kaki Leader
> Hm? If it isn't the Emperor. What do you want with me?
• Ask Butt Rice if you want to know about me. You should be able to hear all you want. What's that? You want to know about Butt Rice? ...I don't have anything to say about him myself. There's nothing more boring than gossiping about someone when they're not around.
• Even so, the fact that you knew that I knew Butt Rice... You must read the Community Forums regularly. There's no need to hide it. Everyone looks at the forums now and then.
• Oh yeah. I will tell you one juicy thing. In reality, Butt Rice is... ... a completely decent guy in real life. Did that satisfy your curiosity? Ha ha ha!!

> Heh heh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
• I am Umbrella, the lord of the secret organization Bad @$$ that brings fear and terror to the entire world!! ...Hm? What kind of evil deeds are we doing? Why, that's obvious!! We cancel without warning right in the middle of a good trade!
• ...That's no big deal at all? Then how about this!! We get in your way on purpose after you've finally worked up the courage to talk to that cute girl!! Heh heh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
• We are Bad @$$!! The secret organization that brings evil and terror all over the world!! In order to defeat our sworn enemies, those annoying pests at the "Medic Union"!! We are searching for those with strong hearts willing and ready to sacrifice them to evil!! We would welcome you!!

Human Female


> Those who fight with monsters must be careful not to become one themselves.
• It takes much courage to find justice in one's self. Even more to show it to others. But in most cases, justice is merely a convenient excuse for one's lies.
• Having two lies confront each other does nothing to give birth to truth. Fists swung in anger will eventually only reign destruction upon yourself. Take a look. All the poor liars will one day destroy themselves.
• It takes a fool to know a fool, as they say. Well, that's only natural. Wise men are always modest. It can be said that one's true shallowness shows when you point at others. If there are those that would say you are a fool, take it to heart. It will help raise you right.

> Hello! It's your idol, NAOO!
• Some nice boys, like, made up a guild just for me! You know, it's called the NAOO-knights! Would you like to join it, Haseo?
• I just joined my first guild! I had no idea they were sooooo much fun! I'm sooo grateful to the guild master, IGA!
• Whenever I'm leveling up by myself, some nice boys, like, always come to help me! Every time I level up, they like give me presents and stuff! Thanks to them, my wallet, like, feels ready to burst! Every day is like paradise!

> Did you see the Demon Palace final tournament match the other day?
• There was a blue-haired young man in it. He handled his clumsy opponent ever so gracefully. His hair was a sight to behold. And then he had the generosity to let his flimsy opponent win. He stole my heart then and there.
• Come to think of it, your name... I feel like I've seen it somewhere before... Ohhhhh, it's you!! The no-talent challenger to my blue-haired beauty!! I noticed right away how close you two seemed to be!!
• This must be fate itself calling. Yes, that must be it! You there, foolish Rogue! Introduce me to my blue-haired beauty! Come on!! Hurry up!! Ah, my beauty. Wait for me! I'll be there as soon as I can!

> Hmm? A black and red guy? :D
• The spikey clothes... The cool silver hair... Hm...? No, you look like him, but something's not the same.
• What could it be? What could be different? :D Come on! Figure it out! :D The eyes are different! Weren't they blacker before? :D
• Mmm, where could that guy be? :D I don't really remember. If you see him, tell him I'd like to repay him for abandoning me :D What do I plan to do? Paste him good and hard with 100 Chim Spheres :D

> Hey there, Mr. "Terror of Death"! You've been keeping busy lately, huh!!
• You were great in the Demon Palace Title Match the other day. Congratulations, really. I was there watching the match with my friends, and we were all moved by your gallantry. As a fellow Japanese man, I feel very proud of your skill.
• So how's the PKK business lately? I haven't heard too many rumors these days. They say those who are truly strong break evil wihtout ever drawing their blades. That's the philosophy behind Moon Tree. What do you think? Would you like to join Moon Tree as well? If you like I'd be happy to put in a good word for you.
• It seems that you're taking good care of our Atoli. Has she been of help to you? She can be a careless girl, but please take good care of her. If you stay with her, I'm sure that you too will come to realize that crushing power with power is a mistake.

Beast Male


> Oh, it's you! What's up? Did you want to hear another urban legend?
• In the end, urban legends are just rumors. Just flights of fancy born between people. Even though it can surpass truth for a moment of time, the legend fades away when people get bored of it.
• And yet, the server incident rumor that's going around is only getting bigger and bigger. You know, this is really an odd occurrence. Almost like that incident actually happened...
• ...Hm? What's with that face? Did my story scare you that much? Well, don't worry, it's still just a rumor. Nothing for you normal players to worry about.

> I'm looking for members to join the Lovin' Guards!! Why don't you join us!!
• We're flying around night and day to spread the glory of Master Gabi and all beasts!! We have pledges undying efforts to our cause based on our love for all beasts!
• Dol Dona is a holy land for beasts!! We will create our beast kingdom paradise here!! Beasts to the right.. Beasts to the left... Beasts going shopping... Beasts with little beasts... Mmmmmm..... My heart swells just thinking about it...
• Now, join our Lovin' Guards and shout your love for beasts together with us!! Wait, what did you say!? You're not interested in beasts!? Hmph! Get out of here!

> A new guild's been made just to protect NAOO. I joined as soon as I heard.
• It's called the NAOO-Knights, and it really feels just like the old round table. We have different ranks, and they go up and down depending on our loyalty towards NAOO.
• How do we raise our loyalty? Well... For example, you could give her a rare item, or protect her during a monster hunt. Basically, anything you can do that will make her happy.
• It's tough to give her so many items, but it's worth it to see her smile. All right, off to gather more items. Good luck, me!

> Oh, Haseo... Um, long time no see, meow.
• Have you heard from Tabby at all meow? I haven't heard a thing myself, meow ;( She must be studying to be a nurse right about now, meow. She must be working hard, meow.
• What's with the meows, meow? Healing Squad members are supposed to say it after every sentence, meow! Why not join the Medic Union yourself, Haseo meow? We'd welcome you now, meow!
• Wow, we've talked a lot, meow. I have a meeting with Healing Blue, so please excuse me now, meow! Changing sparkling bravery to healing in the hopes of a better tomorrow!! We are the Medic Union! Hope to see you again, meow!!

> ...Haseo...meow... Long time no see...meow.
• Rain falls to make the flowers grow...meow. There's a saying like that...meow. I chased after you with Tabby only to have the guild disbanded...meow. Oh no, I don't blame you at all...meow. Now it's a fond memory...meow.
• If we hadn't had that incident, the Medic Union would never have been formed...meow. When I told Governor Tadashi about that incident he only gave me a lecture...meow. He asked me who let go first...meow. It really hurt to hear...meow.
• Sorry for the depressing story...meow. I have a meeting with Healing Red, so if you'll excuse me...meow. Changing sparkling bravery to healing in the hopes of a better tomorrow! We are the Medic Union!! See you later...meow.

> Hello. I'm Julias. Hey, wait a... Aren't you the Emperor, Haseo?
• W, why youuuu! You've got a nerve showing up before meeeeeee!! It must be fate!! I shall bring you to your knees!! How dare you hurt my beloved Pi?! You shall paaaaaaay!!!
• And you're commited even more crimes beyond that!!! From what I hear you're good friends with little Bo and big bro Matsu...!!! How can that beeeeee!! What did you do to theeeeeeem!!
• I feel sick just mentioning your evil deeds!! No more talk!! Stand right there!! I'll send you back to the hell from which you came!!

Governor Tadashi
> Can you here the voice of grief, young man? ...I can.
• This place is filled with grief of those who suffer from "PM empires" and the "Bad @$$". This world is in need of fiery passion, and above all, healing!
• My sould shouts! It shouts for me to bring healing to the world!! Our Great Mother has imparted her wish to save this world, and by her name we shall carry it out!!! And once again this world will be filled with joy and happiness!!! Ah, my soul!! It is crying!!!!
• Now, young man! Come join our Medic Union and let us shout together! Bring healing to the world!!! What? You don't want to?! W...why you!!! You must belong to "Bad @$$"! Don't try your sneaky mind tricks on me!! We will never lose! We will be sure to win!

Beast Female


> I often get asked if it's fun to solo in a MMO.
• It's true that it's hard to get EXP, and to make friends. You can't do anything really MMO-like. But, I find I enjoy just standing around watching the people running around the city.
• I imagine that those people are friends, those people fell asleep, etc. I imagine lots of things and then make them into stories.
• I guess you'd call it online people-watching. Why not try it yourself sometime? It's really fun!

> I'm scared... I think I'll log out after all...
• Say, were you logged in during the closed server incident? I was logged in myself, and got caught up in it.
• I was actually inside of "The World", and couldn't log out. I was so scared. I had no idea what was going to happen...
• Um, do you believe me?

> It's not a true battle if you don't rush them!
• Don't be afraid to use your Skill Trigger! Keep up the combos and pull out the Rengeki!! Add in some beautiful Arts and Spells abound!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! That's the stuff!!
• I don't care if they're armored or flying!! Just keep hitting them till they fall!! Keep using items too! Keep it all up and you'll attain glorious victory!!
• Some idiot says this is all wrong, but I say that you'll just get beat if you sit by and watch during a fight! He really is an idiot!

Kitty Ladle
> Oh? Can I do something for you, young man? <3
• Tee hee... Yeees? I sound different than I do on the message boards? Listen up, young man. Being an adult means having several different faces to use. :)
• Your hair looks like a cat. It's so cute. <3 Hey, let me touch it. :) Eeee! <3 <3 <3 It's so sooooft! I wish I could just take you home :D
• Hm? My real age? Tee hee, that's a secret <3

> Yes yes, what is it? Do you have any questions?
• I'm running around different Areas trying to help out noobs... I call myself "Friendlier Support than CC Corp"... Just kidding :)
• Today Renji and I are going to search through a dungeon. We promised to fill out the gaps in our items list... Oh, it's almost time to meet! I wonder if he's here yet.
• Renji? He's a really interesting guy. It seems that he's made no less than 3 characters, and all of their Jobs and personalities are different. Let's see, the 3rd is an ill-tempered Harvest Cleric, and the second is the Flick Reaper member of the NAOO Chasers.

Beast Male


> Changing sparkling bravery to healing in the hopes of a better tomorrow!! We are the Medic Union!! And we will now heal you with our hearts!!

> Changing sparkling bravery to healing in the hopes of a better tomorrow!! We are the Medic Union!! And we will now heal you with our hearts!!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

> Changing sparkling bravery to rejuvenation! Break open the door to tomorrow! We! Are the Medic Union! We are here to help, meow!

Beast Female


> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

Electronic Frog
> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

Axel Rod
> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!

> Back from a long day of fighting and wounds! I'm here to heal you! Medic Union! Here's a shot, straight from the heart!
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