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Name: Lindsay / Lindz
Age: 29+? -_-!!! ::SIGH::
Birthday: August 9th
Location: Mineral Town
Height: 5'08"
Weight: 142 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Blood Type: ?? (is this something I should know?)
Color & Number: Pink (It's the new black!) / 5!
Foods & Drinks: burgers, hotdogs, pizza, lemonade, rootbeer, watermelon, airheads ^_^!
Cute POKéMON: Chansey, Blissey, Togepi, Torchic, Skitty, Happiny, Audino, Minccino, Goomy, Cottonee
Console & Handheld: PS2 / GBA (or PS3 / DS since mine are both backwards compatible!)
Game: None! Its impossible to pick just one I tell ya!! For reals! Prolly FFVII if I really gotta pick!
Game Series: .hack// series of course!
Anime / Cartoon: Angelic Layer / Ed, Edd & Eddy
Season / Holiday: Spring / Christmas
Animal: kitties! they're simply & undisputably the best!
Style: cute!
*kicks the faves away* Enough of that!

Useless Facts: I'm left-handed, whenever I get a cold it seems to last for months, I never get a fever, I am scared of dogs an beyond that just generally don't like 'em anyhow.

My hobbies are: playing videogames, swimming in the summer, playing darts, roleplaying on AOL, working for the UPNetwork.net message board, working on my own sites, watching cartoons/anime and um...oh yeah! Collecting cute pics!

What kinda girl I am: Sort of a tomboy in the way that I don't get dressed up often but sometimes I do love getting all prettied up! I'm pretty soft spoken an not a complete weakling. But thats all the extent of tomboyishness goes! Eh...I can be overmature but since I get very emotional I can seem hyper and kiddish. Too emotional. Ya that's right an I get jealous easily too. I seem to get headaches everyday which stinks! ;_; Also for some odd reason at late night I get bellyaches. WHY!? I try ta do good things though I end up making something worse and another person mad. I'm clumsy and pretty forgetful to. And I often relive days/events/conversations (super deja vu).
Christmas Presents!
Resident Evil: Ø, Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!, The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, 2 packs of Animal Crossing card, 10 pack of AA batteries, mini-Pikachu calculator, 2003 kitten calendar.
2003: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, Transformers Armada: Thundercracker, Transformers Armada: Air Assault Mini-con team, FLCL manga 1 & 2, pink, white and black pantyhose, cute Hello Kitty slippers, one big Nestle Crunch bar, and a biiiig thing of gumballs!
2004: Dart Board, Big Togepi Plushie, M & M's tin w/M & M's, $35.01, Sonic Happy Meal toy #6 x 2, Sonic Happy Meal toy #7 x 2, Sonic Happy Meal toy #8 x 2, Donkey Kong Smartie dispenser, Link Smartie dispenser, Mario Smartie dispenser, F-Zero GX, Ratchet & Clank 2, The Legend of Zelda (GBA Classic), Feel the Magic XY/XX
2005: $50 towards DS, Animal Crossing Wild World, Polarium, Sonic Rush, Yotsuba&! vol.3, stockings, pantsu (o.O) & t-shirts, chocolate covered cherries, new set of darts, toy balls for my kitty =o.o=, cute blue dress, $20
2006: Dragon Quest VIII, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, Mega Man X Collection, Resident Evil 4, Pacman charm, Luigi charm, Tin of gum (yum!), Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Vol.3, a cute Christmas lights necklace, bunny slippers, pantsu, cute yellow & pink shirt, bag of cookies, $40
2007: Mega Man ZX Advent, Sonic Rush Adventure, ATHF the Movie, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Vol.7, PS3 Blu-ray Remote, 2008 cat calander, chapstick x2, microfiber cloth x2, chocolate covered cherries, cute pink santa cap, pair of nice new shoes, $80
2008: Clubhouse Games, Sealab 2021 season 2, The Brak Show seasons 1 & 2, .hack//G.U.+ Vol.3, Fate stay/night vol.1, chocolate covered cherries, assorted clothing, $25
2009: The Legendary Starfy, Phantasy Star Ø, Phantasy Star Portable, Shin Megami Tensei Persona LE, .hack//Alcor, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate chip cookies, stockings, $20 PSN Card
2010: Perfume, mittens, chocolate covered cherries, 160gb HDD for PS3, Bayonetta, bubble gum, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Batman Arkham Asylum, Sealab 2021 season 3, $15 gift card
2011: Back to the Future the Game, Kirby Mass Attack, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, Fate/Extra, Sailor Moon Vol.2, box o' chocolates, $5 mcdonalds card, 2012 cat calander
2012: clothes, gum, cookies, $20 gift card
2013: clothes, candy, cookies, $5 mcdonalds card
2014: el zilcho
2015: .hack//Mutation - Demo Disc, .hack//Outbreak - Demo Disc, Atelier Rorona Plus -The Alchemist of Arland-, heavy winter jacket, chocolate covered cherries
2016: 7th Dragon III: Code VFD, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Ness Amiibo, lip balm, chocolate covered cherries
2017: .hack//Legend of the Twilight The Complete Collection, Monster Hunter Stories, Super Mario Maker, Yakuza Kiwami, 2018 cat calander
My temperature ratings~since I withstand heat very well it may look a lil odd to ya!

 80   85   90   95   100  110
  c     c     w     n     g     h
 o     o     a      i      o     o
  l     o     r      c      o      t
 d     l     m     e      d      !

My job? Sorta. I'm admin and part of the news team at: UPNetwork

As for a real job~I can't say! I'm under an nda >.>

Mmm...I think that's all for my profile for now.
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