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11/28/19 [9:50 p.m.] - color change time!! yup its that time of the year again!

11//27/19 [9:28 p.m.] - got another cutie discovered an listed!

11/26/19 [8:48 p.m.] - did an update to the psp2i records page since I've gotten back into that game abit now that I definitely have no others games in my recent backlog or anything!

11/25/19 [9:34 p.m.] - got my best shen1 forklift race time on the game scores page! ya I kept a game save there to replay those lol.

11/24/19 [9:54 p.m.] - added a new cutie w/pic! a jeanne! good name imo.

11/23/19 [12:08 p.m.] - gots my .hack archives update done early! now I can put lotsa time into giving shen3 another shot. time for forced grinding!! -_-

11/22/19 [8:02 p.m.] - put sf5 ce on my eyein' up list an a couple of things on my no longer barren oughta replay one!

11/21/19 [10:25 p.m.] - a fussy face just joined the legend! >□<

11/20/19 [5:40 p.m.] - added a new cutie to the list! yet another akari! guess being cute comes as part of the package of having that name!

11/19/19 [8:52 p.m.] - got tired of dying in shenmue 3 so I went an read the shenmue sidestory manga instead! so thats been noted on the media page!

11/18/19 [7:28 p.m.] - shenmue 3's been put on my games list and backlog, where it may end up staying cause holy heck does it suck! dear game developers: under no circumtance will the concept and implimentation of "stamina" ever going to be good and make a game more fun.

11/17/19 [3:11 p.m.] - okies I rewatched the shenmue movie today so thats getting noted on the media pages! its... a much worse movie than it is a game!

11/16/19 [3:42 p.m.] - got another version update for the .hack archives!

11/15/19 [10:26 p.m.] - now shenmue II's been beaten! what'll I do until my still unshipped copy of III shows up?!

11/14/19 [7:29 p.m.] - got sick of my avasig page looking so outta whack so I smallerized a buncha the more recent ones so it looks much cleaner!

11/13/19 [8:02 p.m.] - think for fun I'll rewatch the shenmue movie sometime soon so I added to my rewatch list as a reminder!

11/12/19 [7:33 p.m.] - the faces legend continues... uh not in like a sequel sort of way but in like a new addition to it!

11/11/19 [8:37 p.m.] - its shenmania around here so more of their random game scores got updated!

11/10/19 [9:14 p.m.] - always more cuties to add to the list! izumi of shenmue 2's already there of course so I can't add her again but I add a new spacey girl!

11/09/19 [6:22 p.m.] - shenmues added to the beaten games list an I'm hopping right into the sequel! no time for .hack goodness this week I'm afraid!

11/08/19 [8:29 p.m.] - got more stuffs listed for the shenmue collection random game scores section!

11/07/19 [10:46 p.m.] - did alil updatin' of the psp2i titles page after breakin' for the night on shenmue goodness. 6 hours in an feeling like I'm pretty close to the end already lol.

11/06/19 [9:10 p.m.] - fixed some small errors on the sept & oct archived update pages of this year!

             [8:57 p.m.] - made a listing for the shenmue collection on the game scores list. with emulation (or w/e) inaccuracy I figure I should keep scores made on there seperate from the original versions!

11/05/19 [8:25 p.m.] - okies got the site titles page updated with the last few months of 'em!

11/04/19 [6:11 p.m.] - put shenmue on the currently playing list! surely 2 weeks is long enough ta replay these games one more time beofre 3 drops??

11/03/19 [9:27 p.m.] - time for cuteness to increase with the addition of another cutie to the list!

11/02/19 [8:54 p.m.] - .hack//archives have lived to see another update! did that sound ominous o.o?

11/01/19 [10:59 p.m.] - updated the site stats page! new fresh month start hyyyppee... I'm cold already.

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