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Never-ending fantasy?

I picked up Phantasy Star Online back when it launched in February 2001. My experience with the PS series up until that point was having played the earlier games in the series on the Sega Channel for all of ten minutes cause I had no idea where to go or what to do! Yet now over 10 years later I'm still hanging with this action-y PS series spinoff.

With so lil interest in the series before PSO its obvious why I bought into it anyway. The hype! The fact that it was a Sega game! The fact that it looked so cool! It came with a demo for Sonic Adventure 2! Funny thing is that just like with the old games I instantly found myself to be lost! "There are two doors I can go through? Am I going the right way? Whats way over there??" Oh Forest 1. You're the smallest area in the game yet back then you were truly a wilderness.

However it wasn't until nearly a year later that I added a section for the game to this site. That section looks much like it did way back when except with a ton more stuff added! As is the case for game-specific pages it got its own special background image and in this ones case the menu colors had ta be adjusted x.x;

Now that I think about it, there's been over 10 games in 10 years. Ya wouldn't normally think of this as a yearly series but there's been...
01. Phantasy Star Online 02. Phantasy Star Online Ver.2
03. Phantasy Star Online Ep.I & II 04. Phantasy Star Online Ep.I & II+
05. Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst 06. Phantasy Star Universe
07. Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus 08. Phantasy Star Portable
09. Phantasy Star Ø 10. Phantasy Star Portable 2
...an there's still the unlocalized Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity! PSO2 is coming out in 2012. Also that card game but thats not really action-y so I'm not gonna count it! I sure have spent alot of money on just the games alone. Nevermind the subscription fees @_@; Not just money but time. Several thousand hours of my life spent playing this stuff lol.

There were many downs like going from free to paid. NOLing. Final quests never coming to fruition. BB being PC only. PSU's slow start and abrupt end. Poor support from Segac. Infinity not getting a localization. But there were so many good moments to! Teaming up with people from all over the world. Seasonal/Holiday lobbies blowing my mind. Getting to L100 & L200... repeatedly. Running circles around lil FO's. Expressing my love of kitties which are so cute an rare an baby! An much more!

But can I really keep going after so many years and generations of going? After all I did get burnt out on and stopped playing (ha) main series Pokémon games. PSUs sudden closure and loss character data due to the offline/online seperation really sent a shock through my system which I dun think I've recovered from yet. If PSO2 works in the same way I may not make it to that game. Even if not there's the uphill battle for content updates due to Sonic Team not giving a crap about players outside of Japan.

I dunno. It just might be to much for me to keep going on. If it stays PC only I won't even have the choice to play it or not lol. If it comes to PS3 and relies on PSN to play online and PSN goes down for 30 days again would it crush my interest in the game as it did with PS:P2? Oh wells its nothing for me ta worry about right now. The game may not even be good! And if it is, Segac West may not even bring it out here.

Regardless, the PS Generations section has an will continue ta be a mainstay of this place for some time to come! Its grown quite large ya know an as I still play up to 3 of the games every now and then theres usually something to update inside. I've wanted ta clean it up for awhile now but its so large! Maybe I oughta use my recently created Archives as a base template...

I just do this all for fun anyhow so none of the above really matters~
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