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Running from the end of July to through early August,
get your friends and reminisce of fun in the passing summer.


01.) Overview

02.) Areas

03.) Special Words

4.) The end

[Part 1.] - Overview

This quest is online and available only for a brief time during the end of July and early August. It was not made available at all in 2005.

Quest -> Event -> Festivity On The Beach



The Lab is closed for the night...
My thoughts:

This quest sure lives up to its former name. The first time it was made available in '03, the title was "Resting At The Beach."

And resting is what you do. There's only a total of 15 enemies and if you never say the proper word they'll actually be none!

The gist of what you're supposed to do is gather some friends and hang around the campfire chatting and recalling summer memories. But as you chat you'll come upon words which activate events.
[Part 2.] - Areas

This quest takes place in the Seaside area under a night sky. Most of the stage is blocked off, you'll only have access to the beachy spots and also a special cliff you can't get to in normal play.

Also Pioneer 2's lights are off and only the nurse and quest lady are available to talk to. The shop doors are locked. Once you return from the beach you'll find chief Natasha walking about and she'll forgive you for sneaking down to the beach.
My thoughts:

Could've been better. The whole stage should have been accessible and each little "room" could have had their own special little things. But as it stands the beach part is the focus here so what they provided does its job.
[Part 3.] - Special Words


beach -> Warps you to the campfire
cape -> Warps you to the cliff
door -> Warps you to the teleporter

Music/Sound Effects:

explosion -> Changes bgm to Burning Rangers theme
wheel -> Changes bgm to Chu Chu Rocket music
dream -> Changes bgm to NiGHTS theme
splash -> Changes bgm to the Rappy Holiday music
awesome -> Makes the Pleasure sound effect
yes -> Makes a ding sound effect


burst -> A yellow firework shoots up
pop -> A red firework shoots up
bright -> Makes fireworks go off
roman -> Launches a rocket to the right of the campfire


scorpio -> Shows a consellation
bird -> Shows a cross consellation
power -> Shows a big consellation

Character Effects:

go -> Shows lights below yourself
hp -> Restores hit points
ice -> Freezes your character
mistake -> Shocks your character
love -> Shows a lot of hearts (only when near a character of the opposite sex)
glow -> Causes a glowy ball to follow behind you

Area Effects:

old -> Puts the screen in black & white
boo -> A ghostly light hovers by the plants behind the rocks
darkness -> Causes the screen to go pitch black
what -> Makes A big blue wave across the water
dance -> Causes the ocean to glitter
zapped -> Staticy bolts zap down all around the beach


camp -> Makes the campfire smoke
sky -> Shows a shooting star in the sky
star -> Makes 3 stars fall
shower -> Sparkles emit from the rocks


icky -> Makes a Dolmolm appear (up to 5 times)
bye -> Plays a cutscene of firebombs hitting the beach
My thoughts:

Cool cool cool stuff! I mean, it can get boring, but it sure as heck is original! I wish it were available year round. The limitedness of this event sucks.

By the way there are multiple words to make these effects go off but rather then listing each one, I just put the shortest versions for easier typing.

Also new things seem to have been added in since the original release of this quest and words effects have changed. Which is both cool and kinda sad..
[Part 4.] - The end

Well that's about it. This guide is not quite done yet. And when it is done, I'll probably find something more to add to it as is the case with my websites POKDEX hehe.
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