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Ode to a game that has kept me and many others playing for over two years now.

It's been 2 years now.

PSO may look alot different now but it still feels as though time hasn't passed one bit when your just hanging out in a lobby.

Almost a year ago I bought into PSO v2 as I decided it was time to return to the world. That return only lasted about 3 months though because the game ended up killing my original Dreamcast heh.

When I first got to Ultimate mode I was not impressed with it one bit. hehe...it's true.

But uh anyway I kept at it! In 3 months I got my main gal Helena to L144. Actually I had her at L145, but that never saved thanks to my DC dying shortly after I reached it. Oh oh and moving on I had great fun for the most part. Though Ultimate truly was a bitch!

My return wasn't without problems though. Alot of my original friends were now gone. And it was still hard as heck for me to get time to play the game online not because I didn't have time but because of my mom needing the phone alot.

Getting past level 100 was an unusual experience to me. Why? Well gee after a year of having characters only able to go up to 100 it was just plain neat!

The fun didn't last forever. Like I said, sometime in May this game caused my original DC to die. And that was that. I did get another DC but for fear of it dying to rarely played this game again.

::scratches her head in thought:: There's more to say but what? Oh, right!..!!!

The summer was long and sad without PSO or really any good games. But signs of hope sprang up. As I paid more and more attention to the systems past DC, I saw signs of a new PSO. A true sequel that also came with the original two versions.

On October 4th I got that new PSO. And a month later I got a modem for the Cube and went online with it for the first time. Like everyone else I hadn't a keyboard so chatting was awkward but still fun as ever. I popped online on the very last night of the Halloween stuffs and boy was I surprised with how the lobbys and things looked! It really was a new beginning.

For four months now I've been playing it and it took me only 3 of those months to surpass the original Helena in levels. I'm still rolling along, gaining more levels and friends, loving on all the new things still especially the many new online quests.

One bad thing though is coming to the PSO World. Fortunately it will be seperated from the true PSO. The XBOX version. Just the fact that players will only be able to play with people from their own region ruins what this game was meant to be. A fun, easy communication game, where people all over the world can meet and play. Shame on Microsoft and for Sonic Team for allowing this.

I've said enough for now. I may add more to this later though. For now though, this day is almost at its end so off I shall now go to re-connect to the PSO World.

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