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Ode to a game that has kept me and many others playing for over three years now.

It's been little over 3 years now.

This last year most certainly hasn't been the best but it still holds good memories. Though many friends have quit and moved on some remain and new ones are made.

March to June were probably the best of times. It's pretty much when all of my friends were made and fun was had. Sure I had long since fallen out of the top levelers people still knew of me and that was kinda cool. Sadly I had to quit a month from mid-June to some time in July due to my free isp dying.So after a month of sulking I got my own isp. Cheap but to just play PSO? That showed my hardcore love of the game.

I got back just in time for the first Central Control Tower quest. Wow! An entire new area never before released! It was quite an experience. The month after, the tower was opened up to multi-player and it became super popular! I loved it as much as anyone hehe! Lots of good times were had there.

August & September were pretty amazing months. It was during that time Helena was just 1 single exp point away from hitting Level 200. I became more famous because of this. My unwillingness to level until the right friends of mine were on and able to join me surprised many people especially because I would've been the first known legit L200 RAcaseal. I don't mind not being the first though since it was more worth it to wait for my friends.

Afterwards I got my lil FO Noemi to L100 and over some. But the joy didn't last particulary long. I became very discontent with what Sonic Team was doing. They had announced PSO ep 1 & 2 Plus which among other things would have Episode 2 C-Mode. Something that still wasn't online but could have been. Instead they were content to give us the rest of the old PSO quests from the DC version.

So~I quit with the promise of returning the next winter for at least a month. I was broken hearted over the decision for real. Leaving my friends had me in tears for days. Four months later in mid-February I did indeed return as promised but things weren't to good. Many people & friends had since quit as well. The servers were pretty weakly populated so it was hard to have fun.

Still I stuck around insistant on making fun of the CARD game players. In March "Ep III" was released and a buncha people jumped on board. They could do as they wished but it left PSO pretty much void of teams and people. The little amount of people that remained though seemed to be getting nicer. Wether you're a cheater or not the game is still meant to be fun so people were forced to get along.

Anyway I'm still playing. I keep saying to myself I'll quit but it doesn't seem to happen. What this next year will bring or take from the world of PSO I do not know but even if I do quit I'll be keeping a close eye on things.
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