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Ode to a game that has kept me and many others playing for over four years now.

It's been little over 4 years now.

The fourth year went by pretty darn fast to be honest! My memories of it are kinda ??? but I'll try ta recollect!

After returning from "quitting" I noted the slim pickings for friends and new stuff to do. But I hung in there. Though one of my reasons for returning~Ep II C-Mode~still goes unfinished ^_^;;;;

In the meantime some of my friends got me to join a message board for PSO. Whispering-Wind was it? It was a nice place but kinda low on people as was the game and ended up dying out around October.

Despite Helena being at L200 I played as her for the majority of the year. When asked why I said because it was fun. Why get a character to the maximum level and not play as them? During this time I managed to get my FOnewearl and RAmarl to level 100+ so its no biggie if I play as Helly alot ya know??

Quests quests quests what was there? Phantasmal World series was pretty great and Blue Star Memories was nice. As much stuff as I didn't get accomplished~Sonic Team got less done in terms of adding new stuff from what I can remember.

December - February were the best of times. Lotsa new friends were made! And due to 3 new quests that rewarded the awesome prizes of 5 Photon Spheres & a Black Ring well even haters rejoined! It was a period of PSO revival there was so many people around! It's since thinned out since then but more then before remain.

Heh as for PSO ep III it bombed hard and people that bought into it ran home cryin'! Sadly PSO BB/Ep4 were made and released in Japan and soon the US. Now people will be jumping ship to that. I'm sorry guys but I won't be going. There's no way I'll ever support an online-only game. Even to play alone you have to be online. #1. I wanna own a physical copy of any game I pay for and #2. I want to be able to play it when I want to. Even if that time is 10 years in the future. With this game you won't be able to as the servers will have long since been shutdown.

Oh an one more thing to my latest batch of friends~don't ditch me! Iya! Homarl! Mauri! Tycho! And the rest! Ya got me to join PSOP another PSO message board and have been playing with me for around 5 months now. That's hardly very long at all!! I had my heartbroken more then enough times with friends quitting so hang in there okay?!

There's been a constant stream of "events" since Halloween. Staying up longer then they normally would and so on. I fear this may be the last year for PSO I & II. Looks like I'll be around to the end after-all and next year might bring PSU~we'll see. Now it's time I head back to the PSO world of Ragol and hopefully fulfill all of my goals before it's all over.
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