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Dear Rookies
- Gurhacia Valley
01 | It must be convenient being human. You can't spot traps without Traip Vision?
02 | There are nasty hot Heat Traps around. Heed this advice from your tutor.
03 | If you run into a wall, try smashing through it. It's a life lesson.
04 | Those needles that thrust out of the ground, they go in cycles. It's in the timing.

- Ozette Wetlands
04 | Those needles that thrust out of the ground, they go in cycles. It's in the timing.
05 | There are nasty hot Heat Traps around. Heed this advice from your tutor.

- Rioh Snowfield
07 | Ice Traps are bad news. No joke, taking hits while frozen hurts bad, right?
08 | The word 'trap' is alarming, but they're not all bad. Try smacking a Heal Trap, okay?

- ?
14 | These gun mounts are a pain. They only aim our way. Shoot the hostiles, why dontcha?
15 | I don't like the looks of this place. My joints are creaky, too. Is this mist causing it?
19 | Visible traps are sometimes scarier than the invisible ones. Poison spikes?

LMA Reports
- Gurhacia Valley
01 | Rare they are, but observed were white-shadowed beasts. Stronger they seem to be, too.
02 | Here too I shall leave a report, a testament to my having been.
03 | Upon one taking attack, Ghowls converge on what threatens. Let not them surround you.
04 | A Helion a-crouching is your cue to dash. It means to leap. Impressive, dangerously so.
05 | My senses fail me with age? A Grimble's stripes ought be vertical and sideways not...

- Ozette Wetlands
06 | 'Boost Hostiles' I have named the white-shadowed beasts. The first to name wins.
07 | Ask the young do, but investigate they do not. You, reading, are better off.
08 | Vivid colors in creatures oft warn of poison. So it is for Porel and Pomarr.
09 | Why, you ask, does Hypao leave water? To avoid electrocution of its own self, it must.
10 | Such awkward form, and yet it skates with ease, Pelcatraz does. Why, I am investigating.

- Rioh Snowfield
11 | The white-shadowed Boost Hostiles seem more powerful, but better bounty, they drop.
12 | I reveal my reports to others not often at all. Be grateful that you read these words!
13 | Once full grown, Stagg learn to use Barta. The unwary face a chilly reception.
14 | Adorable, the Usanny are. But keep them at a distance for swarm they do.
15 | Hildegao don't take kindly to attacks while they lounge. Their tackles show anger.

- ?
20 | Many noses I see. They are of Rumoles. Assuredly, flowers they are not.
27 | Nasty are Arkzeins' homing missiles. They pose dangers to friends and foes alike.
29 | Here, in the middle, the B/W ratio of hostiles switch. As do their weaknesses.
30 | So much for a Eulid's beauty. With little grace it flails when facing destruction.

- Gurhacia Valley
"Gray and Violet" : They've got different kinds of poison. If you don't get it now, it's your loss.
"The Valley's Master" : I seek the gold-maned one, that which appears in the cul-de-sacs and crossroads.
"Where's the Bakery? 1" : Wait! Annie's antenna's twitching! It's somewhere in the valley! ...I think.

- Ozette Wetlands
"Gluttonous Raptor : That thing flies? It must be strong to bear that bulk. No easy conquest, this.
"The Silver Lightning Bolt" : Beware of Vespao's double attack. Fail to read its moves and pay the price in pain.

- Rioh Snowfield
"Where's the Usanny Nest?" : You cute Usanny, come out, come out, wherever you are! It will be quick and painless!
"Midnight-Colored Basher" : It can't be... A black Usanny? I won't let it confuse me. But it's so, so cute...
"The Scarlet Barbarian" : That giant with the red fur unsuited for snow... There's more deep in the mountains. pain.

- Dark Shrine
"King and Queen" : There are some obviously different from the others. They're both tough.
"What's an Arena? 4" : Huh? What is this place? An audience? Hostiles? Aiyeeee! Help me!

- ?
"Where's that Booma Nest?" : You can see them elsewhere, but here, they say there's a nest! Where? Where is it?!
"Where's the Bakery? 2" : I've gone around, but it's nowhere to be found... But there were sightings...

- Multiple Places
"Naura's Bakery" : Come ya, come all! Come sample our always freshly baked and delicious cakes!
"The Arena Challenge" : Wanted: Challengers confident in their skills. Survival not guaranteed.
"Rappy Nest Found!" : Wah! Rappies everywhere! My heart's going boom, boom, boom! Is this... love? Nah!

Eternal Tower
01 | Challenger, do you wish to admit fatigue? There is no dishonor. Turn and go down the stairs you struggled up.
02 | Challenger, how goes it? You have climbed so little, life below can be seen. Keep climbing, if you can.
03 | Challenger, have you not grown homesick for the ground? It will become hard to see soon. Your world will change.
04 | Challenger, the ground is beyond sight now. You can still turn back. Or continue ever higher still.
05 | Sky-bound challenger, your spirit is to be admired. But you find no more rest for your fatigue now.
06 | Sky-bound challenger, perhaps you think the end is near? Your ascent will go on for much more still.
07 | Let there be glory for you, challenger. But the crowning moment still awaits you, far above yet.
08 | Gaze outside, challenger. You have climbed far. Do you feel contentment? There is more to come.
09 | See how it feels to gaze from the skies, challenger. But you are merely at the entrance. Climb yet higher still.
10 | The sky welcomes you, challenger. Your final glory still awaits, however. You must climb yet still.
11 | You have climbed until there is nothing to climb. The Eternal Tower's peak. May your name live forever.
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