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Time Period: 10/26/06 -> 10/25/07

Wow so like PSU started out small and lotsa people hated that but me? Loved it! In the beginning it started out with 6 types of areas with 3 bosses and 3 difficulty rankings available making it fairly even with the original PSO! But somehow that just wasn't enough for a lot of people. Yup for many PSU started out bad and the population never really recovered.

Unlike in the PSO games, here I jumped online the moment I got home with the game! Why's that ya may ask? Well its cause ya can't level up your online character offline. No powering yourself up abit before going online to be useful... nope! We all started out hopelessly weak but working together were able to overcome the darkness!

As for the offline story mode I really hated it at the time. It was almost totally opposite of what online was like! But that all's covered in one of my old rants. I completed the game on November 16th which happened to be the same date as the online modes first update...

The third planet was finally opened up! The other planets got some new missions to, in total we were now up to 9 area types and 4 bosses however it somehow wasn't enough. Moatoob missions were deemed "to hard" and were quickly abandoned. So we all went back to fight De Ragan a zillion times. Ya me includeded as a shameful as it is but I'd rather party then solo. A couple weeks later we got another update that brought many good things including what would later become Helly's future jobs~ Guntecher & Wartecher.

New stuff continued ta flow in pretty regularly but the population and its morale remained pretty low. I think this is probably why I haven't made all that many friends in PSU as compared to PSO. Just to many down in the dumps people that my cheerfulness couldn't even reach! Course I still played with them but befriending them probably woulda drug me down to. -_-;;

Time flew by with more stuff available but less people around. Most missions had the S difficulty level available and a bunch had S2 difficulty as well. In the summer we got our first event... Operation Firebreak! It was super fun as the missions were like any other normally available ones! Teamwork was needed to complete them and earn nice rewards while community work was needed to boost up our points total to unlock rewards for after the event ended. How'd we do? Well we surpassed the 80 million points goal and reached 90.2 million! However that was only an overall goal, planet-wise only Neudaiz was purified... 3 times over. x.x Still we got most of the important and super good rewards so all was well!

Afterwards hype for the expansion was well underway yet there was still plenty of stuff yet ta be added. Very cool fun stuff such as the "final" level cap, the last chapters of the Episode 2 story mode and lotsa items and new missions and skills and stuffs! In total there were 27 updates and a whole lotta stuff added since the "small" beginning and I was super happiness especially since we were all about to go through another cool event!

This year ends as week two of the second event, the 1UP Platinum Cup begins~
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