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Time Period: 10/26/07 -> 10/25/08

Starting with the second week of the second big event, the 1UP Platinum Cup sure was a fancy fine way to start the games second year. Weeks three and for came and went and all was well, no one burned out on this event no way. Everyone was happy and in high spirits not just cause of the event...

Right after 1UP came to a close the game received a massive update in preparation for the expansions imminent release! But but but the extra good thing was that a good chunk of these changes were usable by people without the expansion which was cool especially since I wasn't able ta get my copy day one. Trying to learn just attack with no visual indicator... hard!

I think it was in this time our servers got their first "rollback" though it was only on the 360-side. It wasn't a good sign of things to come! Now once I gots my copy though I dove right in with everyone else to the initial seven AotI-exclusive missions and they were good. Couple more weeks passed with lots more stuff being added including our event rewards, the first Episode 3 story mission and... and..... a mission by the name of White Beast.

White Beast was... it was... well... *the* mission to run even with more and more stuff having been added throughout december. By the way in the middle of december a rollback had to hit all servers cause of the GM test "rare enemy" mission was left up one morning after a maintenance ~_~; Anyhow the "Winter Event" in January drew people away from White Beast for the few weeks it ran but afterwards everyone went back.

The first Guardians Boost Road arrived in february but it wasn't really a big hit. Can't blame people for disliking it since its missions were loooonnnggg. And ya know what happened towards the end of february? Bugged items released, rollback was needed! That would be the third one in about a 3-4 month span after going the entire first year of the game without any. The population was on the decline...

March came and went with a fair amount of stuff being added but sadly it didn't help much. At the end of april big event #4 came up, the PSO nostalgia-fest Maximum Attack G. Lotsa good new system changes came with it and the GMs were promising this would be the best event yet and even began providing live in-game support! Things were going well at first but the near-death of PSU was soon close at hand... 065.

In the midst of MAG a long running billing error came up preventing many players license renewal for days... weeks... even throughout the whole event. I myself lost about a week of play time cause of it. This is when Sega became Segac. Lotsa people quit and many more demanded the event be extended claiming we could have reached the points goal and availability of trade items had so many people not been knocked out of it. I was for the extension btw. Unfortunately Segac and the GMs kept sending mixed messages on whether we'd get one or not and in the end they couldn't deliver.

We got some really good stuff in june like the photon art exp multiplier upgrade and the Dark Falz boss mission and Lonely Labs! July wasn't so kind. The only thing added was the Sonics Birthday lobby. August made up for with the long awaited/hated three week MAG extension. We got the rewards we had earned and more then enough time to obtain the rest of the rewards! Following that four brand new missions and a bunch updated to S2 as the Neudaiz GBR began. It lasted a whopping five weeks which burned many peoples out but ended more popular then the Moatoob one.

Bladed Legacy came along and became infamous not only cause its boss box drops were glitched essentially making the mission worthless (and it would take a month for them to fix this!) but also cause it'd be our only new mission for two months! Meaning even more White Beast spamming, complainers and quitters! I even thought about taking a month or two off but stuck with it cause ya know gotta have hope and all!

This year ends with the universe reduction update which was nice but on its own kinda sucked and caused more backlash~
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