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Time Period: 10/26/09 -> 03/31/10

The confusion continued into the next update which included a very unbalanced and in some ways incomplete GBR. One people had been wanting for a long time but... not like this. The exclusion of updating The Dark God to S2 difficulty really put people off of this GBR. Supposedly they did what the fans wanted by bringing this to us early but that meant for story purposes had to leave TDG S2 out because it had the as of yet unrevealed Dark Falz 2 boss... sigh! We also got the level cap upped to 170 and the MIA last year Pumpkin Trick item added to the halloween rappys drops.

Once that GBR ended another began. This one was complete and pretty fun and re-introduced people to a number of baddies they prolly hadn't seen in a looooong time lol. The Magashi Plan from the StD event also re-appeared which was another preparation towards the final story mission which would be part of the last update of the year. Finally after two years the Episode 3 storyline was done. They even included all of the alternate endings and goodies right away instead of holding them back as was done on the JP server!

Christmas came and went and things were looking up for 2010. The first update brought a cool new party mission and at long last TDG S2! Better late than never huh? A week or so later the long away Maximum Attack G+ was announced to be starting soon which really got everybody pumped up! But... but... just days before it was to begin... they announced the PC/PS2 servers would be closing at the end of March.

And so it was all downhill from there. Sure the 360 servers would live on but for the rest of us? There really wasn't any point in participating in the event or even playing at all. They made our servers free to play for the last 2 months which was nice enough. What wasn't nice is that they botched several aspects of the event or updates surrounding it. Random items rendered unsellable, the Photon Art boost rate turned out to not be in place, new area drops hadn't been included, even afterwards the time attack medal winners were told they'd get their medals but it wasn't to be, instead that had been a "miscommunication" and they would have to wait on them.

Before we knew it the last day was upon us. GM Edward was around for almost all of the day. Former GM Melchior showed up on and off. Former GM ClumsyOrchid came around a few hours before the end and hung around alot. They were all there at the end. Former GMs eggshen and ChillAura didn't make but were noted by the others.

The population steadily grew throughout the day. We were surprised when 1 full star was there. Later on 1 1/2, then 2, 2 1/2, 3, and finally 3 1/2 stars on Universe 1 with the other nine universes having at least 1 star outline. Thats nowhere near the 55,000+ accounts that had been created over the course of the game but its the most people that have been on at a single time since... a long time.

Per the GMs schedule of final day activities I and many others ran around following after and chatting with 'em doing tours of each planet and various missions. There was even a big casino party where a lot of people bet big and some won big like... REALLY big. More missions including taking down Dark Falz for good or so they say. Oh and airboard racing to! For whatever reason my system was lagging so very badly that even my noob teammates beat me >.>;

Ya I hung around with Dyne & company most of the day. When it came down to the end Kaede, Megumi, and I were sitting there amongst the flowers next to the towering Falz Memorial, silently listening to the roars of people around us counting down to the end. But the end was all to sudden. I knew it was coming we all did but... I guess this is what death is like. One moment you're there and the next - nothing. I stared at that final screen with us and other people about for some time before trying to reconnect which of course didn't work, and never will again.

We have come to terms.
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