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Time Period: 10/26/08 -> 10/25/09

And so the dry spell continued. The next update after the universe reductions was weak and in classic ST style upset players even more. Halloween arrived (after it was already over irl) but the new Rappy Latan drop Pumpkintrick did not! And november brought absolutely NOTHING. No updates. No nothing. Totally dead. Way ta go Sonic Team! Boy was that a boring time to be playing -_-;

But december... now that was a great time to be playing! A new GBR with two new missions, master classes were released, and reeeeaallllyyyy nice special bonuses to make up for another rollback. And then there was another rollback but that was a 360-only one but still x.x So then we got another nice special bonus to make up for it. Little did we know where these bonuses had actually come from, but we would find out soon....

The GBR finally ended in the middle of january and after that the game got patched! Lotsa changes and bug fixes and oh the Level 31+ tech nerf.... no no they didn't lower damage or anything, just now only the caster can see the lovely beautiful supposedly slowdown inducing higher level tech visual effects! Whining over that died down when the first event of the year arrived: Winter Mission Carnival!

This event started out small but grew over the course of its next two updates. The main mission was alright but kinda got dull after awhile and I didn't do the special missions to much, they were tough but fun and really required some teamwork. Other special things were airboard racing which is fun and the "pvp duel" mission. Unfortunately those were multi-player only and had no real value to them related to the main/special missions so hardly anyone played 'em! All along something felt off about this event! There was no special website for it, no overall community goals/prizes to unlock, strange since the JP version had that stuff. Where did all of those special rewards go? I wonder....

March was a dud we didn't get much just carnival leftovers really. There was a really fun GM Event to promote the launch of Phantasy Star Portable though. In the middle of april the next big event began: Shred the Darkness! This one was great super fun fun good! It had all the *real* event perks like goals and rewards to unlock and stuff! Oh and this one tied into the storyline and even had a special super hard single-player side-story mission attached to it and the trade mission items were muchmuch better then WMC's to! I loved all the missions involved and played a whole lot! OH and towards the end GBR was implimented into these event missions that was so cool @_@

There was only one update in june but it was a nice one. Some of the StD rewards, the PS:P collaboration mission Innocent Girl which I really got into and played a million billion times and even a level cap increase! Then there was Sonics 18th birthday GM Event (which took place after his actual birthday) which was fun. July brought us the rest of the StD rewards, the Sonic birthday rewards, a trade mission update which was bugged and a really really quick fix for it, and the start of the: Summer Event.

Like 2008's Winter Event this wasn't a full event-event no website or goals, its just a compilation of the last years worth of missions with high drop rates and even more new item drops. Unfortunately it sucked big time!! The way it was setup was nowhere near as good as the Winter Events missions were and so I really did not play it much at all. August brought even more horrific boredom in the form of another Moatoob GBR. This was my first taste of the new S3 mission difficulty and I didn't like it!! These missions were still boring and bland and sucked! Oh and strangely it was 5 missions long in JP but here only 4! After it ended we got the brand new mission that was to be included in it and a new party mission and they were pretty good.

In september we got: Autumn Event. Which was just the Winter Events with a new S2 difficulty added to them but I loved them up all the same! Over on the JP side they got these right after the Summer Event missions ended but we had to wait..... anyways in october after 10 long months of waiting a new story mission finally arrived! Its fun and the second part of it offers a nice challenge and prize for powerful high level players which previous story missions had not. Less cool stuff also came with that update like two old party missions and a old free mission got S2 difficultys added which in the case of the free mission was really weird cause it shouldn't have happened yet!

This year ends with much less dry spells and much more content then last year but also with people awfully confused over content being released out of order~
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