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04/30/15 [9:52 p.m.] - infinity hellys page reflects her current level up now! juggling between so many games not simple

04/29/15 [7:42 p.m.] - typo'd yesterdays date I see! that makes this ¿¯¿ new addition to the faces legend rather fitting!

04/18/15 [9:05 p.m.] - a fresh new factoids been put on the blissey shrine page! factoid! not antoid!

04/27/15 [11:23 p.m.] - got a new cutie pic tonight cause its always good ta fill in more of those!

04/26/15 [11:15 p.m.] - shuffled around more stuffs on the gaming page!

04/25/15 [10:58 p.m.] - psØ data page upped since I beat some super mode quests! that exps just rollin' in!

04/24/15 [9:23 p.m.] - its not out just yet but someday I wanna get pkmn movie #18 so I put it on the media page as a future reminder!

04/23/15 [10:25 p.m.] - put up a cutie pic for cure march just now!

04/22/15 [10:00 p.m.] - made room on the random game scores page for ffx2! figure since the first one had some kinda minigame with score thing, the sequel will to!

04/21/15 [11:17 p.m.] - psØ helly makes it ta L80! she will hit 100 this year right? does anyone else spend to much time worrying that they should be play games instead of playing 'em x.x?

04/20/15 [6:59 p.m.] - did some profile spiffin' up. much needed imo.

04/19/15 [10:17 p.m.] - gotta replay .hack//link since a new patch is out! sorry for the sudden competition ffx2!

04/18/15 [9:18 p.m.] - plopped a new kirby face into the legend! its so nice ta have nice days back!

04/17/15 [8:30 p.m.] - finally added chanseys gen 6 level up move list to her shrine page!

04/16/15 [9:58 p.m.] - cleared a buncha games off the currently playing list ta make way for ffx2! its been about a year since I played the first so I wanna start this one up soon!

04/15/15 [10:27 p.m.] - got the cutie list nicely evened out some more by adding a section for love lives an shifting a couple others over to column a!

04/14/15 [8:29 p.m.] - did some cleaning up on the media page an not anything else! cause some stuff just dun need cleanin' duh!

04/13/15 [5:57 p.m.] - the .hack//archives are finally again updated! I'm in max project x zone 2 hype mode btw!!!

04/12/15 [6:29 p.m.] - got blisseys gen 6 levelup moves put into her shrine page!

04/11/15 [9:43 p.m.] - put up a # & name for the next-next site thoughts thingy should I ever get around ta writing it or the one before it up!

04/10/15 [8:58 p.m.] - project x zone 2 added to my wishlist o' games! another big "do want!!" game announcement for me ^_^!

04/09/15 [9:22 p.m.] - brought the 2006/2010 beaten game pages up ta current standards in terms of not listing games beaten on the same day on the same line!

04/08/15 [9:17 p.m.] - a new cuties popped up on the list! sometimes I wonder if I oughta split it up into multiple pages but theres some fun in scrolling through a wall of text!

04/07/15 [8:31 p.m.] - bumped back last months updates into their own page an... that's it! lazy update for a lazy rainy spring day z.z

04/06/15 [10:06 p.m.] - made a buncha small changes on the media page for the sake of it an being better fitting!

04/05/15 [9:16 p.m.] - hows a faces legend addition sound? good? good cause I did one!

04/04/15 [9:30 p.m.] - put hm:amb back in the land of currently playin an pulled the next fire emblem off the wishlist for nows over uncertainty of its dumb release style!

04/03/15 [10:33 p.m.] - shook up my fave foods listing in my profile as I tend ta do from time ta time!

04/02/15 [7:32 p.m.] - cutie pic up for a popura! wish I could get the ness figure thing ;.;

04/01/15 [10:55 p.m.] - april fools? more like april rulez! 'cept when its rainy anywayz. them site stat & percent pages gots their start 'o the month upz so hurrah!
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