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04/30/16 [10:54 p.m.] - got a headachey kinda sick feelin' night going on here but thats not gonna stop me from editting the media page ta keep it all nice an current!

04/29/16 [8:55 p.m.] - pulling a cutie from AO over into the list!

04/28/16 [6:22 p.m.] - finished up albert odyssey! movin' on from one average rpg to one that stands out abit more!

04/27/16 [11:27 p.m.] - its not an rpg but I beat maze walkers default high score, so it gets a spot in the beaten games list!

04/26/16 [6:15 p.m.] - segac 3d classics collection get! support retail/physical gaming an classic love!

04/25/16 [9:14 p.m.] - super small change on the ps generations page. finally got it listing the current year 4 months into it -.-;

04/24/16 [8:35 p.m.] - may be done with the previous game but I'ma still tug a cutie from it an add her to my list!

04/23/16 [9:04 p.m.] - rebeat star ocean: fd so now I'ma get some sega saturn rpg action!

04/22/16 [9:06 p.m.] - temporarily interupting my game playin' for a .hack//archives update!

04/21/16 [8:30 p.m.] - got a cute new wallpaper included on my wallpapers page now!

04/20/16 [5:40 p.m.] - ff7's on the beaten games list now! what a speedy run it was!

04/19/16 [10:33 p.m.] - pulled hm:tlv off my game wishlist cause after all this time of not having it I'd be better off finishing the HM I do got!

04/18/16 [7:13 p.m.] - put another series on the media pages up an coming list. just another reminder to myself since it'll still be a long whiles until I can get it. maybe next year anime/manga purchases can resume?

04/17/16 [8:57 p.m.] - a new cutie pic just got put up!

04/16/16 [8:19 p.m.] - added a new related item pic to the chansey shrines main page!

04/15/16 [8:41 p.m.] - for lack of a more decisive pick I'm going with ff7 for my next rpg playthrough!

04/14/16 [10:54 p.m.] - found some infos I was tracking in one of my .hack txt files so I figure if I was making note of it I prolly was meaning to add it to the archives, so now I have!

04/13/16 [9:16 p.m.] - got a fresh new silly face in the legends now!

04/12/16 [9:42 p.m.] - sailor moon's back so its listed on the main media page once more!

04/11/16 [9:20 p.m.] - cuties of all sizes keep on comin' in to join my list!

04/10/16 [4:09 p.m.] - done with dq4! a good time was had!

04/09/16 [4:52 p.m.] - snuck in alil level up time for psp2i helena! been slow going on that front but with a plate of nothing but rpgs that was bound ta happen!

04/08/16 [9:08 p.m.] - couple of minor notes put on the games list! getting pretty far along in dq4... ends almost in sight!

04/07/16 [7:59 p.m.] - dropped a cool new face into the faces legend!

04/06/16 [6:25 p.m.] - about time I got some pxz2 info into the .hack archives! looking over how much info I missed/botched writing down stinks! gotta wait for that second playthrough!

04/05/16 [7:25 p.m.] - a couple more info bites has been added to chanseys page!

04/04/16 [7:49 p.m.] - oh ya the new komugi series ended abit ago so time ta tug it off my now watchin' list!

04/03/16 [9:27 p.m.] - the skies of adventure are callin' me so a certain rpgs been added to the oughta replay list! still a couple others I wanna get past first however.

04/02/16 [8:31 p.m.] - got another new cutie for the list on this chilly day. going from warm-ish ta chilly an the cold stinks!

04/01/16 [5:49 p.m.] - ahhh just got done updating every single page on this place (relating to the site stat & percent pages) good work me!
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