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04/30/17 [8:53 p.m.] - hinako seems cute so she's going into the cutie list!

04/29/17 [9:53 p.m.] - plopped a new piece of info onto happinys page!

04/28/17 [6:45 p.m.] - don't mind me rollin' on in here with another .hack archives update!

04/27/17 [8:54 p.m.] - just put a chompy face in the legend!

04/26/17 [8:22 p.m.] - beat 7th Dragon III! def a cool rpg!

04/25/17 [6:45 p.m.] - got puyo puyo tetris! ^.^ game expenses an other related pages now includes it! pop those puyos!!

04/24/17 [7:43 p.m.] - found a new helena for the cutie list!

04/23/17 [11:19 p.m.] - pushing shining soul off the currently playing list for now. think I've had a good enough grind in it for a bit!

04/22/17 [10:31 p.m.] - psp2i helena's page is updated since she's gained another level!

04/21/17 [5:00 p.m.] - finished off another .hack archives update!

04/20/17 [11:34 p.m.] - discovered the cutie seeu! kitty ears are so nice aren't they??

04/19/17 [11:36 p.m.] - made spots for marvel and y0 on the game scores page!

04/18/17 [8:00 p.m.] - found another nice wallpaper ta add to the collection!

04/17/17 [10:53 p.m.] - did alil blissey & happiny shrine page updatin'! btw insta-death attacks in rpgs and game overing if the MC dies is still lame.

04/16/17 [9:54 p.m.] - a new cuties on the list! unrelated to easter naturally but still a good time ta add one?

04/15/17 [8:42 p.m.] - been months since I last beat a game! such freedom ta just goof about in games rather than blow through 'em trying ta hit some target! but I can add UMvsC3 to the list!

04/14/17 [11:35 p.m.] - updated the psp2i other things page!

04/13/17 [11:27 p.m.] - got a new fish for the fishie legend! I mean faces legend!!

04/12/17 [7:27 p.m.] - put yakuza 0 on the currently playing list and added eyeing up to the game page for stuff I'm interested in but not sure of yet!

04/11/17 [6:25 p.m.] - ps4 get! all them games I've been gathering are now on the backlog page cause I'm not able ta play 'em!!

04/10/17 [11:58 p.m.] - got a new cutie added just in time to end the day! btw it wasn't 2016 yesterday I'm just dumb lol.

04/09/16 [8:38 p.m.] - plopped another series on my re-read/watch list. I'm backlogged with stuff I wanna do, but don't!

04/08/17 [11:36 p.m.] - yakuza 0 arrived today! that was fast! system still in transit~

04/07/17 [6:26 p.m.] - seriously workin' on fixin' all them pages with broken characters now. an last night. an later still! ongoing background updating aaaaahhh!

04/06/17 [5:55 p.m.] - L141 for psp2i helena! plus all parum A ranks cleared finally!

04/05/17 [6:41 p.m.] - yakuza 0's on the game expenses now! gettin' hype around here!

04/04/17 [10:49 p.m.] - .hack archives got a nice update just now! only took a couple of hours to do o.x

04/03/17 [5:55 p.m.] - got a cutie called noko on the list now!

04/02/17 [5:04 p.m.] - new month, new site stats lost in the excitement of gamin'. my bads! that stuffs done now!

04/01/17 [6:18 p.m.] - ps4 soon! no foolin'! its on the expenses page now. so glad I waited cause $200 beats $250!
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