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04/30/18 [9:08 p.m.] - freshened up my oughta replay games list cause it felt stale!

04/29/18 [9:29 p.m.] - a girl called you's in the cutie list w/pic!

04/28/18 [12:51 p.m.] - this weeks .hack archives update has been rolled out! super similar to the one I did a year ago >.>;

04/27/18 [8:12 p.m.] - done rewatching quantum so its off the media schedule! about time I was able ta start a list of 2018 stuff on there!

04/26/18 [5:59 p.m.] - since I'm trying ta focus on backlog only stuff for nows I pulled a couple games from the currently playing list. FOCUS!!

04/25/18 [6:36 p.m.] - pushed back some old updates and adding a couple of hearts down at the bottom of this page! looks nice!

04/24/18 [5:59 p.m.] - the psp2i records page sees an update today! keep on climbin' numbers!

04/23/18 [7:05 p.m.] - got my maze walker score squeezed into the game scores page!

04/22/18 [9:17 p.m.] - aaaand I've found another new cutie ripe for listing!

04/21/18 [6:32 p.m.] - the times come... to... anounce... another .hack archives update! woohoo!

04/20/18 [9:18 p.m.] - cleaned up the media page ta make it more in line with the games one!

04/19/18 [8:22 p.m.] - maze walkers on the beaten games list! when I sat down ta play it I didn't expect ta do that n/m on my last life... err "rest player"!

04/18/18 [6:19 p.m.] - thought up a fresh new face for the legend list!!

04/17/18 [8:15 p.m.] - got just alil psp2i other things page update. I know I know I oughta be finishing mh stories e.e;

04/16/18 [9:27 p.m.] - a cutie called miuna's just joined the list!

04/15/18 [7:07 p.m.] - shenmue remasters SO getting put on my gaming wish list!!

04/14/18 [12:25 p.m.] - such a nice day... for a .hack archives update!

04/13/18 [6:14 p.m.] - plopped quantum on the media schedule. figure I'd have finished link by now so its due a rewatch!

04/12/18 [9:37 p.m.] - got more sf5 stuff for the random game scores page! can't erase 'em if they're posted to my site right capcpom? take that!

04/11/18 [8:35 p.m.] - updated the sprites on the chansey shrine main page! now they're all fresher and animated!

04/10/18 [7:20 p.m.] - dunno why valkyria 4 wasn't on my eyeing up list but it is now! an ys8 is off of it cause nisa's pretty garbage all around. I'm sure I'll easily be able ta live with having played 1 less rpg out of countless ones!

04/09/18 [8:15 p.m.] - got a L157 psp2i helena now so another page update for the best bot!

04/08/18 [4:09 p.m.] - a new cutie clarisse has been added w/pic from the getgo! hurrah!

04/07/18 [9:21 p.m.] - just got done with an exhaustingly big .hack archives update!

04/06/18 [8:41 p.m.] - since they got dates I bumped kiwami 2 & dq11 up on the game page from the wishlist part to the upcoming one! unrelated but capcom pls quit it with the enormous patch sizes!!

04/05/18 [6:59 p.m.] - just updated the site titles page!

04/04/18 [8:59 p.m.] - got a lvl 156 psp2i helena now! rebirthing her is... still nowhere in sight e.e

04/03/18 [6:22 p.m.] - a new face has been slipped into the legend! x¯x

04/02/18 [8:35 p.m.] - added a couple more arcade mode scores for sf5 to the game scores page! fixed some typos there to while I was at it!

04/01/18 [5:35 p.m.] - no foolin' around here! start of the month totally always has ta mean a site stats update! last was one of the biggest months in like forever. over 100 new files~ o.o
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