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08/31/15 [6:18 p.m.] - ending this month with a version update to the .hack//archives! I really like my ost page redesign ^.^

08/30/15 [6:00 p.m.] - putting streets of rage 3 on the beaten games list since I played through it today!

08/29/15 [8:20 p.m.] - g.u. vol.3's been beaten now! got a buncha games done this month!

08/28/15 [11:27 p.m.] - its still technically summer so theres still time ta plop mkr on my schedule an do my yearly watchin' of it!

08/27/15 [8:59 p.m.] - got a psp2i records page update done! nothin' more I need ta add ta that right??

08/26/15 [7:48 p.m.] - a cutie with a known middle initial gets added to the list today! thats rare ya know!

08/25/15 [5:37 p.m.] - dqm: joker has been beaten! it may have lacked the massive refinements its sequel had got but fun was had all the same!

08/24/15 [10:47 p.m.] - plopped the last g.u. game onto my currently playing list since I'ma start it tonight or tomorrow. no 3 month break this time!

08/23/15 [8:16 p.m.] - never had my fave animal on my profile?! well now I do! the winner should be obvious =^_^=

08/22/15 [9:50 p.m.] - a nice .hack//archives update is out courtesy of my latest reminisce playthrough... and hours of checking the same locations in redemption over an over ta make sure the same items could be found in those places in that game to x.x

08/21/15 [9:01 p.m.] - got 4 new psobb pics put on its solo page!

08/20/15 [10:33 p.m.] - .hack//g.u. vol.2's been beaten an placed on this years beaten games list!

08/19/15 [10:08 p.m.] - gots another one for the cutie list tonight!

08/18/15 [10:49 p.m.] - randomly watched .hack//quantum today so its on the recently watched list an schedule page!

08/17/15 [8:31 p.m.] - psobb helena is up to L31 now an all that new staty goodness now shows on her page!

08/16/15 [9:38 p.m.] - gots an angry new face in the legend!

08/15/15 [8:26 p.m.] - just put psobb on my currently playing list. that lists to long btw! gotta do something about that!

08/14/15 [11:28 p.m.] - feels like the right kinda night for a site titles update!

08/13/15 [10:10 p.m.] - .hack//archives lightly updared tonight!

08/12/15 [9:12 p.m.] - psobb helena's been remade on a new server so her page is updated with her new current stats an stuff!

08/11/15 [8:23 p.m.] - got another cute idol on the cutie list!

08/10/15 [12:37 a.m.] - dqm: joker was given to me for no particular reason yesterday! so its currently playing, put in the backlog, and is the only thing on the just-made 2015 game expenses page!

08/09/15 [12:11 a.m.] - pso an pso ep2 have been rebeaten! finally starting ta pick up the pace huh? but I thought I wasn't doing this challenge again @_@;

08/08/15 [4:51 p.m.] - hurrah! psp2i helenas hit L100! now do I set her back to L1 or keep goin'...??

08/07/15 [9:46 p.m.] - its been quite awhile since I last beat a game off my backlog! well tonight I did with mgs: vr missions!

08/06/15 [8:55 p.m.] - since I've been keeping track of lotsa stuff while playing link this time arounds, an archives update ta one of its pages has been done!

08/05/15 [7:23 p.m.] - .hack//links on the beaten games list now! that so should've not taken me almost 4 months ta do.

08/04/15 [9:28 p.m.] - this may count as self torture but I put dqm joker 3 on my gaming wishlist x.x!

08/03/15 [9:15 p.m.] - did a minor psp2i other things page update just now! still burnt out but am starting ta feel optimistically better about how things how goin' lately!

08/02/15 [10:38 p.m.] - I just went an listed a new cutie! been playing so much .hack//link lately I'm almost burned out x.x; gotta beat it! gotta get back to ffx-2 an other games!!

08/01/15 [7:01 p.m.] - got them month starting site statistics updates done!
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