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08/31/16 [9:15 p.m.] - aaaannd xenogears has been rebeaten! just 9 more rpgs ta go!

08/30/16 [8:56 p.m.] - corrected the total number of games I gots on the games list! how many more years until I hit 300 >_>? alot I guess!

08/29/16 [10:04 p.m.] - to add to the trails of cold steel 2 hype I put a wallpaper of the first game on my wallpapers page! just a week away!

08/28/16 [10:00 p.m.] - found another fine addition for the cutie list! isn't mari a nice name?

08/27/16 [8:50 p.m.] - put some extra text on the ps generations main page to stick it to ol' segac lol.

08/26/16 [8:18 p.m.] - pre-ordered cold steel 2 just weeks before release now thats its all nice an confirmed. so thats been put on the game expenses page!

08/25/16 [7:18 p.m.] - another couple hours worth of work was put into the latest .hack//archives update! finally almost done transcribing dialogue?... until Link is fully translated...

08/24/16 [8:25 p.m.] - got a new face all made up an set into the legend!

08/23/16 [7:52 p.m.] - an I rewatched the sailor moon s movie just last night so I gotta make that noted on media pages!

08/22/16 [10:37 p.m.] - got the gaming pages currently playing and oughta replay lists all caught up to date!

08/21/16 [10:01 p.m.] - a dream cutie got put on the cuties list!

08/20/16 [8:42 p.m.] - fixed some busted hover text on the chansey shrines main page! web standards plz stop. can't keep up lol.

08/19/16 [8:57 p.m.] - more style savvy for me! fashion forwards now on the game list, expenses, an backlog!

08/18/16 [9:25 p.m.] - just wrapped up another iterative .hack//archives update!

08/17/16 [10:47 p.m.] - done with return to popolocrois! what a cute an fun game!

08/16/16 [9:59 p.m.] - a new kitty smilies been put in the faces legend!

08/15/16 [8:18 p.m.] - have a rare level up for psØ helena! L100 someday~

08/14/16 [8:53 p.m.] - added the cute prince of popolocrois to the cuties list ^.^

08/13/16 [3:46 p.m.] - all done with golden sun: tla! fun if not sometimes exhausting journey!

08/12/16 [10:47 p.m.] - put return to popolocrois on the currently playin' list! no harm starting another rpg when I'm super closing in on the end of another!

08/11/16 [8:35 p.m.] - watched the sailor moon r movie last night so I went an noted it on the schedule page!

08/10/16 [10:56 p.m.] - got a level update for psp2i helena's page!

08/09/16 [8:33 p.m.] - was randomly given for no particular reason at all return to popolocrois today! so thats been added to the games list an backlog an stuffs!

08/08/16 [9:15 p.m.] - now the cutie list has a second ruby on it!

08/07/16 [9:42 p.m.] - got another good .hack//archives update finished!

08/06/16 [1:37 p.m.] - so2's been added to the beaten list! now back to some more golden sun goodness!

08/05/16 [11:18 p.m.] - the faces legend gots a new birdie type put in it!

08/04/16 [10:03 p.m.] - spotted typos on the gaming page and list so I just had ta fix 'em!

08/03/16 [6:02 p.m.] - got a batch of site titles from the past few months rounded up an put onto that page!

08/02/16 [10:10 p.m.] - keepin' the psp2i other things up to date with the lil bits I keep playing of the game here & there!

08/01/16 [9:32 p.m.] - august so soon?? whys this always happen? oh wells, gots the monthly site stat and percent pages updates. but seriously can't we turn back time just alil?
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