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08/31/17 [10:03 p.m.] - .hack//mutations just been beaten! onto the beaten games list it goes, an into the post-game I go!

08/30/17 [10:05 p.m.] - new cutie time! again! cause I said so!

08/29/17 [10:00 p.m.] - keepin' the media page an schedule up ta date since I've been forgetting ta list some .hack stuffs.

08/28/17 [10:01 p.m.] - swapped a couple games over from eyeing up to the wish list! totally got some christmas present hopefuls.

08/27/17 [10:00 p.m.] - I may be tired and sick but I'ma still squeeze in a cutie update e.e;

08/26/17 [10:00 p.m.] - aaaannnddd another lil .hack archives update is wrapped up!

08/25/17 [7:14 p.m.] - psp2i helena's hit L148! those exp requirements sure are getting up high...

08/24/17 [10:51 p.m.] - atelier sophies off the backlog an on the beaten games list! I'm all outta ps4 games now! ack!

08/23/17 [6:56 p.m.] - been re-reading .hack stuff lately so thats gettin' listed on the media page. ramping up on my re-run through the whole series before nov. 3rd!

08/22/17 [7:32 p.m.] - the faces legend continues on with a fresh new entry showing up in it!

08/21/17 [6:33 p.m.] - lots more ff7 stuffs been dropped into the random scores page!

08/20/17 [6:55 p.m.] - a cutie called gabriels been put on the list!

08/19/17 [5:44 p.m.] - while still on the subject of .hack, have another archives update!

08/18/17 [8:14 p.m.] - infections on the beaten games list! just gotta wrap up the extras an move onto the next part of the saga!

08/17/17 [7:29 p.m.] - after a year off rayearth returns to my schedule ta close out another summer! wait summers coming to an end?!

08/16/17 [7:57 p.m.] - the psp2i titles page lives ta see another update o.o

08/15/17 [7:19 p.m.] - put mario maker on the eyeing up games list an tugged yakuza kiwami from the expenses list. decided I'ma get that for christmas instead. oh no, I know one of my presents early! e.e;

08/14/17 [8:35 p.m.] - a new cutie pics been added! this time for konomi!

08/13/17 [2:25 p.m.] - just did a .hack archives update thing! thats one more thing checked off this busy days list!

08/12/17 [10:50 p.m.] - got a revised currently playing list since I began ever oasis and .hack//infection the other days. an booted atelier sophie because endgame ughness.

08/11/17 [6:52 p.m.] - psp2i helenas reached L147 after struggling through all A rank missionics an some S rank ones now!

08/10/17 [9:41 p.m.] - found an fixed a typos on the media page! now aren't I just so good about this places upkeep?

08/09/17 [8:40 p.m.] - for no real reason I was given ever oasis today! saved me the trouble of buying it! onto various game lists it goes!

08/08/17 [4:55 p.m.] - the site titles page got its tri-monthly updatin' just now!

08/07/17 [8:07 p.m.] - ff7 chocobo stuffs is now on the game scores page!

08/06/17 [5:05 p.m.] - a pic for one of the rubys on the cutie list is now available!

08/05/17 [9:20 p.m.] - put up a page for last recode in the .hack archives!

08/04/17 [10:18 p.m.] - a new face is ready ta go in the legend!

08/03/17 [7:43 p.m.] - updated some stuffs on the gaming page. gotta replay .hack times running low! an I'm SO in for the last recode premium edition!

08/02/17 [10:51 p.m.] - got a cutie pic up for an isuzu tonight! more cute, more files!

08/01/17 [8:40 p.m.] - site stats ta start the month as usual! boring but reliable? inching ever closer to the 3,000 file mark... o.o
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