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12/31/16 [11:44 p.m.] - ann just in time rpg 52 is beaten! yayyy!

12/30/16 [8:55 p.m.] - still not to late ta finish the 52 rpg challenge! just 1 more ta go! but for now ps: portable is on the beaten games list!

12/29/16 [7:27 p.m.] - looks like the last .hack//archives update of the year is here! which just means the first one of the next years is that much closer!

12/28/16 [6:19 p.m.] - my ps2 & total game count on the list was off by 1 but thats all been corrected now!

12/27/16 [10:00 p.m.] - a new face(?) has found its way into the faces legend page ^_^

12/26/16 [6:19 p.m.] - occured to me that the ness figure I got could go on the game accessories page so there it goes! not that I'll ever open it or use it lol.

12/25/16 [2:11 p.m.] - hurrah! presenty goodness! got 'em listed in the games pages an profile!

12/24/16 [8:37 p.m.] - a pre-christmas cuties been delivered onto the list! will I even be able to sleep tonight??

12/23/16 [8:15 p.m.] - got through another fine pkmn movie tonight! good start to a hopefully good weekend o.o!

12/22/16 [8:45 p.m.] - psp2i helena's leveled up again! why am I grinding when I should be beating games? oohh wells theres still time!

12/21/16 [5:16 p.m.] - cold steel 3? ps4 only? ohh yeah! thats going right on the game wish list!!

12/20/16 [8:25 p.m.] - time for a .hack//archives update! end of the year, end of the series...?

12/19/16 [7:42 p.m.] - snagged another info bit ta put on chansey & happiny's shrine pages ^.^

12/18/16 [8:24 p.m.] - put the girl moon/sun mc onto the cutie list!

12/17/16 [7:00 p.m.] - dq11 is lookin' promising so I've put it on my still growing games wishlist! nice having stuff ta look forward to but it'd be even nicer to be playing 'em!

12/16/16 [10:47 p.m.] - watched through another poké movie tonight so I gotta note it on the relevant media pages. just 4 more ta go until I can hopefully buy the ones I'm missing an get all caught up!

12/15/16 [8:29 p.m.] - had ta update psØ helly's page since her armor info was kinda off!

12/14/16 [9:12 p.m.] - the game backlog page was lookin' outta date in a couple of place so I stepped in to change that!

12/13/16 [11:29 p.m.] - hows about a new face for the legend? sounds good by me!

12/12/16 [11:18 p.m.] - finished my rewatch of s-cry-ed sooo thats now off my barren media list. news stuffs shall be acquired someday I hope lol.

12/11/16 [6:13 p.m.] - put elphelt on the cutie list since I noticed she wasn't there. totally shoulda been an for a long while at that!

12/10/16 [8:32 p.m.] - persona psp & trails in the sky are both gone from my game collection now! off to the land of unwanted games~

12/09/16 [7:42 p.m.] - gots more .hack//bullet goodness for the archives!

12/08/16 [9:27 p.m.] - aaah! happiny & blissey also got new 'dex entry text! got 'em in their shrine pages now! borrowed from bulbapedia as usual, thanks!

12/07/16 [8:51 p.m.] - made some changes on the psp2i other things page!

12/06/16 [7:08 p.m.] - umvsc3 gets put on my games wish list now! a good deal of ps4 games wanted... yet none of 'em are out. sooo much waiting.

12/05/16 [9:10 p.m.] - a fresh new idol joins the cutie list!

12/04/16 [10:26 p.m.] - why was yakuza 0 not on my game wish list o.o? its there now along with kiwami and 6! 3 reasons ta someday get a ps4 right there!

12/03/16 [6:07 p.m.] - just got done doing a version update for the .hack archives!

12/02/16 [11:49 p.m.] - another poké movie down! hoping I'll be able ta get to new ones soon enough!

12/01/16 [5:27 p.m.] - the return of december!? the return of updated site stats?! no way!!
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