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12/31/17 [6:07 p.m.] - start the year with a beaten kirby game, end the year with a beaten kirby game!

12/30/17 [2:37 p.m.] - the .hack archives see their last update of the year! 48 updates to it in total this year the highest yet an sooo not gonna be topped! good year for inspiration an getting work done!

12/29/17 [7:20 p.m.] - did some updatin' of stuffs on the media page. really hope to get utena part 3... someday.

12/28/17 [11:05 p.m.] - psp2i helena's made it to L150 so thats been noted on her page!

12/27/17 [7:46 p.m.] - made spaces on the game scores list for mario maker and the currently bad yakuza remake!

12/26/17 [7:54 p.m.] - got a cutie pic up for a rika! meanwhiles things aren't looking so hot again. super saving mode even more will have ta return.

12/25/17 [2:02 p.m.] - game backlog list, media list, and profile updated! think thats everything! meowy christmas to all like always!

12/24/17 [1:59 p.m.] - finished rereading the xxxx manga meaning its spot on the media page has been swapped around! still like that series art!

12/23/17 [3:14 p.m.] - .hack archives update comin' at yaaaaaa! wrapping time comin' at meeeeee! doh!

12/22/17 [7:22 p.m.] - yakuza gets added to the beaten games list! even the original ps2 version of the game is waaaaay better than 0 was!

12/21/17 [9:02 p.m.] - got the psp2i achivements page updated along with the main ps page! it said 2001 - 2016 all year long so why change it to 2017 at the end? why not!

12/20/17 [6:24 p.m.] - chanseys page gots 'dex entries from the latest games now! they're kinda mean... be nice to chanseys!!

12/19/17 [9:57 p.m.] - plopped a bunch more .hack stuff on the readin/watchin list annnnd whoops! the previous two updates were not made next year!

12/18/18 [5:44 p.m.] - gonna tug the next kirby game off my eyeing up list since I'm not seeing real good things about its singleplayer. speaking of kirby I should really work on getting through superstar huh?

12/17/18 [7:24 p.m.] - hoto cocoa's on the cutie list! wish I had a cup of that e.e;

12/16/17 [12:43 p.m.] - rolled out another .hack archives update right... a few moments before now!

12/15/17 [7:57 p.m.] - added the comedic .hack//4koma to my oughta reread listy thing. btw rest in piece aim/aol!

12/14/17 [5:52 p.m.] - pre-ordered secret of mana last friday but forgot ta put it on the game expenses page until now o.x

12/13/17 [5:17 p.m.] - the faces legend another new face! smilies forever aaaahhhh! until now o.x
12/12/17 [5:28 p.m.] - updated the psp2i records page for the first time in months. haven't had a whole lotta time dedicated to that games eternal grind since then!

12/11/17 [7:41 p.m.] - last recodes off the backlog an been given a beaten star on the games list! why am I so bad at remembering ta do those things?

12/10/17 [7:03 p.m.] - another type moon cuties appear in the list!

12/09/17 [11:48 a.m.] - .hack archives update featuring some reconnection stuffs over a month later! hey I never said I was aiming ta first/fastest source of .hack infos!

12/08/17 [10:36 p.m.] - updated the kinda seasonal fave foods list an pushed back last months updates! the end of the years near!

12/07/17 [5:22 p.m.] - full done with vol.4 so Link is now on the currently playin' list... alongside... Yakuza! the ps2 original!

12/06/17 [7:41 p.m.] - an now vol.4's on the beaten games list! replay of Link incoming and also... something else!

12/05/17 [7:42 p.m.] - got my media schedule list of stuffs watched fully up to date! pretty packed year I'd say!

12/04/17 [9:03 p.m.] - finally start g.u. vol.4 so time to put it on the currently playing list!

12/03/17 [8:15 p.m.] - found a fresh new atelier cutie ta put on the list!

12/02/17 [2:31 a.m.] - super late night update = marathon gaming during the day? forest of pain second half... exactly 1 month after clearing it on PS2! oh an ya, the updates for the .hack archives!

12/01/17 [5:47 p.m.] - down with november an up with december site stats! novembers kinda a filler month if ya think about!
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