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02/29/16 [11:51 p.m.] - the cutie list has a fresh new name in it!

02/28/16 [6:38 p.m.] - put a new info tidbit into happiny's shrine page!

02/27/16 [1:38 a.m.] - in honor of pokémon day I've begun my first replay of pkmn ranger 2! went ahead an slotted that into the currently playin' list! happy 20th birthday pokémon!

02/26/16 [6:00 p.m.] - just got done with a .hack//archives version update! no fixes need, just nice tweaks!

02/25/16 [6:32 p.m.] - updated the updates page with some lil changes o.o

02/24/16 [7:26 p.m.] - fixed a minor error on the random game scores page and put in a spot for pxz2 score stuff for once I'm finished with the game!

02/23/16 [9:18 p.m.] - came up with a new kitty for the faces legend!

02/22/16 [8:42 p.m.] - got another things on the watchin'/readin' list! gotta have something ta do between 3ds recharing lol.

02/21/16 [8:33 p.m.] - cutie list time! new pic added!

02/20/16 [9:29 p.m.] - did some lil changes an updates to the psp2i other things page. not being able ta handle A rank missions is starting ta suck!

02/19/16 [7:58 p.m.] - plopped down several more *'s over the games list. so many more first-time replays yet ta come!

02/18/16 [6:43 p.m.] - got the .hack//archives updated! the pxz2 .hack info mining has begun!

02/17/16 [6:03 p.m.] - game page, expenses, list, an backlog updated since I got project x zone 2 today ^.^

02/16/16 [8:54 p.m.] - a couple more info tidbits got put up on chanseys page!

02/15/16 [6:00 p.m.] - pso v2 makes its way to the beaten games list!

02/14/16 [9:17 p.m.] - just snuck in a new cutie pic! but is it really sneaky if I announce it??

02/13/16 [6:33 p.m.] - been holding off on level up-dates until now in order ta happily say psp2i helly's finally passed her psp2 counterpart! now to go even further beyond!

02/12/16 [10:56 p.m.] - earthbound gets a spot on the beaten games list! now whats next? another rpg?! off course!

02/11/16 [8:35 p.m.] - got another .hack//archives update wrapped up!

02/10/16 [8:41 p.m.] - put my segac 3d cc pre-order on the game expenses page!

02/09/16 [10:32 p.m.] - randomly discovered today theres a new nurse witch komugi series so thats gone onto my watchin' list!

02/08/16 [5:22 p.m.] - blew through ys seven over the weekend so onto the beaten list it goes!

02/07/16 [8:26 p.m.] - shoved one more face into the legend!

02/06/16 [7:17 p.m.] - brought the psp2i records page into up ta date status!

02/05/16 [9:23 p.m.] - shining force remakes on the beaten list now! time ta switch things up an play an action rpg next!

02/04/16 [8:23 p.m.] - dug up a fresh new cutie pic ta put in the lineup! oh an breaking news: nintendo is still being cheapskates!

02/03/16 [5:27 p.m.] - site titles page now holds the rest of last years an start of this ones titles!

02/02/16 [7:59 p.m.] - a .hack//archives updates just been completed!

02/01/16 [5:02 p.m.] - the usual start of the month page updates has been done! thanks to the other days clean up this is one of them rare times the site stats decreased o.o
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