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02/28/17 [11:07 p.m.] - seemed like a small psp2i records page update was in order so thats what I did!

02/27/17 [11:19 p.m.] - pxz2's gotten put on my oughta replay list! def got some unfinished business with that game that warrants another playthrough!

02/26/17 [11:32 p.m.] - a cutie pic for ranko's been added! cuteness!

02/25/17 [5:32 p.m.] - new .hack archives stuff a day late! except not really cause it dun gotta be locked into a specific day each week!

02/24/17 [11:07 p.m.] - more gaming! just a small addition to the ff7 part of the scores list! can I like become unbusy an actually play games pls?

02/23/17 [10:50 p.m.] - pre-order for puyo tetris is on the game expenses now! plus I finally upgrade to a 1080p tv today! things are happenin~

02/22/17 [10:33 p.m.] - media pages watchin' list is updated! I seriously need ta stop being so busy lately >.<

02/21/17 [11:57 p.m.] - put a new vocaloid cutie in the list! didn't know they were still making more!

02/20/17 [11:20 p.m.] - psp2i helena has leveled up again so I gotta show that on her page. I've really been neglecting psØ I know. that L100 can't happen if I don't make it happen o.o;

02/19/17 [10:16 p.m.] - put a face into the legend inspired by animal crossing! run from the bees!!

02/18/17 [8:48 p.m.] - got out an pre-ordered umvsc3. being gs exclusive I dun see it going low in price by the time I even get a ps4 so why not have it ready an waiting ta be played?

02/17/17 [10:04 p.m.] - its friday so hows about some .hack archives stuff? why friday anyway? sunday was the designated update day for my old .hack site ^_^?

02/16/17 [10:46 p.m.] - okies I gots some new colors goin' on here finallys! the bright an sunny look is outta here for nows cause its winter an all!

02/15/17 [9:11 p.m.] - media lists *'s are all up ta date now! falling behind on simple stuff like thats just normal for me I guess!

02/14/17 [10:42 p.m.] - one of the new precure hopped into the cutie list!

02/13/17 [10:43 p.m.] - noticed I hadn't added a second beaten * for shining soul on the games list so thats now there. an also noticed the year at the bottom of this page still said '16. whoops! only took a month an a half ta get that upped!

02/11/17 [9:46 p.m.] - grabbed a new chansey figure image for her pic page! wish I could afford it >.>;

02/10/17 [7:40 p.m.] - .hack archives been updated! can't believe it took well over 4 years for 'em ta finish Bullet!

02/09/17 [10:30 p.m.] - put hakuoki on the oughta replay list since thats another I wanted ta do last year but got super focused on rpgs an had ta pass on.

02/08/17 [11:06 p.m.] - psp2i helenas page is updated along with them old updates getting bumped back!

02/07/17 [5:41 p.m.] - the site titles page is all caught up with the rest of last years added an the start of this years ones!

02/06/17 [10:34 p.m.] - got a second alice in the cutie list but they are way different to be sure!

02/05/17 [9:06 p.m.] - some good old behind the scenes work tonight! updated a buncha game boxart filenames ta bring 'em in line with one another!

02/04/17 [11:45 p.m.] - no update today? was gonna skip it but why not keep goin'. its the season ta shake up my fave foods list. can't go loving the same stuff all the time or you'd lose your taste for it o.o?

02/03/17 [6:11 p.m.] - just finished up an update for the .hack archives!

02/02/17 [10:39 p.m.] - well I was gonna start rewatching .hack//sign but it seems the first disc is dead. so I put the series on my media up an coming list. hurray for having ta rebuy things?

02/01/17 [6:30 p.m.] - kinda forgot it was the first day of the month until now! since it is the times ripe for a site stats page update!
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