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01/31/15 [3:35 p.m.] - sa2's wrapped up! now to advance forward!

01/30/15 [6:42 p.m.] - adventures been beaten so naturally I'ma move onto the next!

01/29/15 [11:23 p.m.] - can't not like something named puff, hopefully! so of course I gotta add one to the cutie list!

01/28/15 [10:51 p.m.] - tossed sonic adventure onto the playin' list! so... how 'bout all them games I put on the replay list huh o.o?

01/27/15 [7:40 p.m.] - psØ hellys page is now up to date level an stat-wise! just 22 more levels to go!

01/26/15 [10:05 p.m.] - added another *'s to the media list. gotta randomly reread mangas!

01/25/15 [11:46 p.m.] - updated the current streak on the site stats page which I normally do after hitting a nice big round number. ...except that number was hit like 2 weeks ago. oops!

01/24/15 [2:30 a.m.] - 2 more games for the beaten list! plus flickys now on the game scores page! dunno why it wasn't in the first place but w/e!

01/23/15 [12:39 a.m.] - quick hype update to the psØ data page cause after years of procastination an grossly overleveling I sat down an beat the eternal tower on hard! now onto super difficulty mode ^_^!

01/22/15 [8:51 p.m.] - new cutie pics been added!

01/21/15 [4:44 p.m.] - p2i helly's page has been level-up-dated again!

01/20/15 [11:40 p.m.] - updated pxz's standings on the random game scores page!

01/19/15 [4:49 p.m.] - pxz's been beaten an added to this years list!

01/18/15 [10:28 p.m.] - got a fresh new page for the archives up tonight! or rather right now ^.^

01/17/15 [7:28 p.m.] - just did some fave food updatin' in the ol' profile of mine!

01/16/15 [10:17 p.m.] - plopped the next soon ta be release poké-movie on my upcoming list. course I dun expect ta be able to buy it anytime soon but having it theres a good reminder!

01/15/15 [7:22 p.m.] - added the next fire emblem & style savvy games to my wishlist! wonder if either one'll make it out here this year o.o?

01/14/15 [10:00 p.m.] - psØ helly equipment update to her page has been nicely done!

01/13/15 [10:59 p.m.] - another cutie pic added! as always I'm on a rolllllll

01/12/15 [10:29 p.m.] - got a new bit 'o info for happinys shrine page!

01/11/15 [8:29 p.m.] - link's off the currently playing list now cause I'm about done with it til next patch!

01/10/15 [10:47 p.m.] - back up to a solid 100 updates in a row with a brand new face for the legend!

01/09/15 [11:24 p.m.] - now that I'm back into pxz I found alil more infos ta update about it in the archives.

01/08/15 [6:20 p.m.] - project x zones back on the currently playin' list cause I just couldn't keep myself away from it any longer!

01/07/15 [11:35 p.m.] - did a p2i helly page update!

01/06/15 [11:34 p.m.] - cutie pic+ ! I may not ever fill 'em all in but it can't hurt to remember from time to time to try!

01/05/15 [4:37 p.m.] - an now sonic 3's time has come an gone! dun really wanna do s&k though... blah! oh an yesterdays update was an a.m. one not a p.m. one. doh!

01/04/15 [12:59 p.m.] - sonic 2's been beaten! I think its obvious what the next few games after this'll be hehe!

01/03/15 [8:47 p.m.] - gonna rewatch some strawberry eggs so thats been written into the media schedule!

01/02/15 [12:56 a.m.] - brand new beaten games list is here! annnnd ack! it was destined ta happen! I messed up an put '14 as yesterdays update even though we're in the new year lol.

01/01/14 [6:28 p.m.] - first stat/percent page updates of the year! gotta do 2015 right!
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