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01/31/16 [11:16 p.m.] - shining force II's been beaten an now I obviously gotta go an replay the first games remake!

01/30/16 [11:42 p.m.] - phew that cutie cleanup business took alot of work! many busted links fixed! many filenames adjusted! many doubles booted! I say many instead of all cause I usually mess up somehow an find something broken later >.>

01/29/16 [8:18 p.m.] - cutie pic added while I go through 'em making sure theres no doubles!

01/28/16 [9:37 p.m.] - psp2i achievements page gets a long overdue update! is the fanslation patch ever coming out? trying ta guess-late stuff is time consuming!

01/27/16 [8:23 p.m.] - shining force joins the beaten games list! now on to the sequel!

01/26/16 [5:22 p.m.] - cancelled my fire emblem fates preorder so I adjusted last years game expenses page an tugged it from my up an coming list. stop cheaping out nintendo!

01/25/16 [6:18 p.m.] - found a new cutie for the cutie list o.o!

01/24/16 [8:50 p.m.] - glory of heracles has been rebeaten an added to this years list! jrpg mania continues!

01/23/16 [4:07 p.m.] - snow could ya just stop for even alil? pls? aww you suck! w/e I got in a small archives update just now! we keep on fallin' further an further behind on the series in the west ;.;

01/22/16 [7:33 p.m.] - put the segac classic collections on my wish list!

01/21/16 [9:11 p.m.] - psp2i hellys leveled up for the first time in awhiles so thats on her page now!

01/20/16 [7:25 p.m.] - media schedule now has wedding peach on it! long overdue for a rewatch on that series!

01/19/16 [8:45 p.m.] - got an extra info tidbit for both chansey and happinys pages tonight!

01/18/16 [10:29 p.m.] - fate/extra's now on the beaten games list! archers a pretty alright dude!

01/17/16 [7:35 p.m.] - a new cuties safely been found & listed!

01/16/16 [10:49 p.m.] - created a 2016 game expenses page since I got out earlier ta pre-order pxz2. sure is lame we're not getting a special edition w/ost included this time around -.-

01/15/16 [6:15 p.m.] - woohoo! .hack//bullet is back... soon! all the new infos released today make up tonights .hack archives update!

01/14/16 [7:13 p.m.] - purposeful bad mood failure got me meruru's bad end super quickly last night! its technically been beaten by my standards so its on the list!

01/13/16 [9:35 p.m.] - totori's beaten once again... with the bad ending cause apparently even when following a guide I'm a failure!

01/12/16 [8:17 p.m.] - brightening this place up with some new background colors all around, woohoo! ^.^

01/11/16 [4:52 p.m.] - atelier rorona plus is now on the beaten games list an off the backlog! jumped right on into a new game of atelier totori btw!

01/10/16 [8:55 p.m.] - a new cutie joined the list just now! woohoo!

01/09/16 [8:17 p.m.] - one new face made its way into the legend! I also survived the first year of rorona, gotta keep it up!

01/08/16 [7:08 p.m.] - got two new pages added to the .hack//archives!

01/07/16 [8:28 p.m.] - cold steel 2's now on the up an coming list cause I'm so sold on it. meanwhiles I started rorona+ the other night so its in a currently playing slot!

01/06/16 [8:32 p.m.] - blisseys page got a new info tidbit!

01/05/16 [9:44 p.m.] - trails of cold steels off the backlog an one the just created beaten games page for this year!

01/04/16 [11:15 p.m.] - made changes to the fave foods & drink part of my profile! never had sweet potatoes up there before have I o.o?

01/03/16 [9:01 p.m.] - the cutie list gots a new member added to its club!

01/02/16 [8:40 p.m.] - got a small .hack archives stuff all up an ready ta go!

01/01/16 [8:13 p.m.] - first site stat & percent updates of the year done!! managed ta move on up ta a 95% lifetime update rate thanks ta last years efforts so woohoo! but didn't I wanna stop doing updates every day?!
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