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01/31/17 [10:19 p.m.] - ff7 is back on the currently playing list cause why wouldn't I be replaying it?!

01/30/17 [7:00 p.m.] - put up a cutie with a pic straight from the start! chiya!!

01/29/17 [7:39 p.m.] - gonna put ni no kuni on my games wish list. should prolly get around to that before being all interested in the sequel, maybe?

01/28/17 [8:38 p.m.] - an my like 4 months of poké movie watching is over with all the three new ones viewed to! now my media schedules all empty again.

01/27/17 [8:31 p.m.] - I found an added a new blissey pic to her shrine page!

01/26/17 [10:20 p.m.] - don't mind me just rollin' in with a .hack archives update. now ta roll right back out!

01/25/17 [9:03 p.m.] - a cutie pic for natalia's available now!

01/24/17 [9:00 p.m.] - removed some clutter from the game scores list. no point having stuffs there I'm not gonna or won't bother filling it!

01/23/17 [10:06 p.m.] - updated the update streak on the site stats page since I've dumbly forgot to for the past 2+ months -_-

01/22/17 [10:07 p.m.] - okies I got the psp2i achievements page updated with the proper number of titles I currently gots! need ta get in there an "translate" the ones I've been neglecting to list at some point <.<

01/21/17 [7:14 p.m.] - updated the media schedule again since I got through another movie last night! next weeks'll be the last for awhile huh?

01/20/17 [7:51 p.m.] - some missing game beaten *'s just got adding onto the games list!

01/19/17 [10:41 p.m.] - put a new face into the legend! an its definitely a face this time!

01/18/17 [8:49 p.m.] - a new cutie just got listed!

01/17/17 [11:55 p.m.] - puyo puyo tetris is on my wish list now! thanks for bringing it over segac!

01/16/17 [10:09 p.m.] - hows about some more .hack archives goodness?

01/15/17 [9:31 p.m.] - put ff7 on the oughta replay list. that 20th anniversarys coming up ya know!

01/14/17 [8:33 p.m.] - got a new info tidbit for chanseys shrine page tonight! oh I see I messed up on the dates the past couple of days. I really didn't time travel to october -.-;

10/13/17 [11:27 p.m.] - dunno what legend got awakened but the first of the backlogged pkmn movies got watched! I liked it!

10/12/17 [5:11 p.m.] - media list updated since the backlog of pkmn movies has been delivered!

10/11/17 [9:55 p.m.] - plopped both shenmue games onto my oughta replay list. been wanting to for quite some time so I'd better stop procastinating!

01/10/17 [7:55 p.m.] - got a cutie pic up for the robo gal silfa!

01/09/17 [7:47 p.m.] - finally time for a .hack//archives update!

01/08/17 [8:18 p.m.] - helly's psp2i page is updated ta account for her first level up of the year! even a week later the firsts keep rollin' in~

01/07/17 [8:29 p.m.] - game list and beaten list got updated since I was given an beat chrono trigger for ds! how could I resist the allure of new game+?

01/06/16 [11:09 p.m.] - media schedule updated since I'm all done with the pokémovies I currently have! bring on the new stuffs!

01/05/17 [9:37 p.m.] - first beaten game of the year is kirby (>'.')>

01/04/17 [5:50 p.m.] - after a 2 year absence its time for a new media expenses page! after much delay, 3 more pokémon movies are on the way!

01/03/17 [9:32 p.m.] - noticed my game backlog was pretty outta date -.-; my bads my bads. looking all good now. an the last of last years updates has been retired into the archive.

01/02/17 [9:29 p.m.] - new game expenses page and game listed! or is it games since this gunvolt thing is a compilation?

01/01/17 [3:05 p.m.] - new month, new year, new site stat page changes! an more mistakes since as I write this I notice I put "16" in the date again x.x;
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