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01/31/18 [8:13 p.m.] - got a psp2i helena level up-date and a health down-date x.x getting sick bites!!

01/30/18 [9:04 p.m.] - updated the currently watchin' list on the media page. an ya know what? bleh. not feeling so hot today. gotta shake it off!!

01/29/18 [8:03 p.m.] - plopped mh stories onto the currently playing list! gotta get in on all that hype! right?!

01/28/18 [7:56 p.m.] - err wait yesterday wasn't the 17th! dang I'm bad! lemme take comfort in having found a new cutie to add to the list?

01/17/18 [9:23 p.m.] - of course I gots another .hack archives update!

01/26/18 [7:52 p.m.] - got the site titles page up ta date!

01/25/18 [8:37 p.m.] - ta answer my own curiousity I added up an posted the split between home / handheld games on the game list!

01/24/18 [8:43 p.m.] - made up a new kitty face for the legend! can't have enough kittys!

01/23/18 [8:39 p.m.] - did alil psp2i records page updatin'. keep playing that, keep doing 100 mario challenges, forever delay starting a new game lol. still waiting on sf5 to be up to date~

01/22/18 [9:46 p.m.] - put radiant historia on my eyeing up list! out in a month so I gotta decide sooner or later!

01/21/18 [6:55 p.m.] - got up a cutie pic for gemini!

01/20/18 [1:34 p.m.] - dunno how or why or when saturday became .hack archives update day but its that time once again!

01/19/18 [7:27 p.m.] - time ta break away from them christmas colores an go in on super pinkness for heart day! err... wait thats not what its called but still!!

01/18/18 [7:18 p.m.] - got a game expense page for this year now since I gots sf5ae! thats been plopped on there an some other related pages!

01/17/18 [8:30 p.m.] - did alil psp2i other things stat updatin'!

01/16/18 [10:19 p.m.] - put yyh on my media watchin' schedule for no reason in hypeticular o.o

01/15/18 [7:18 p.m.] - got a cutie called ai on the list now!!

01/14/18 [7:50 p.m.] - .hack//links off the currently playing list which leaves it super empty. gonna need ta come up with a next game ta focus on!

01/13/18 [4:52 p.m.] - dashing in with a new .hack archives stuffs! an now back to psp2i!

01/12/18 [6:00 p.m.] - detective pikachus been added to my up an coming games list!

01/11/18 [6:57 p.m.] - L151 for psp2i helena! maybe she'll hit L200 this year? lol prolly not~

01/10/18 [7:33 p.m.] - I keep messing up the year -.-; anyhow theres a cutie pic up for lil rorona now!

01/09/17 [9:33 p.m.] - 3 .hack wallpapers got added to the page full of 'em!

01/08/17 [10:56 p.m.] - mario maker joins the beaten games list! that was a whole lot of really crazy and fun levels!

01/07/18 [2:03 p.m.] - last years game & media expense pages finally list the christmasy goodness stuffs I got! bad on me for letting that slip!

01/06/18 [1:52 p.m.] - first .hack archives update of the year is here!

01/05/18 [5:53 p.m.] - got the media page cleaned up of recent stuffs I've gone through! not much .hack left for me!

01/04/18 [9:31 p.m.] - updating the '17 to '18 on this and the ps generations page. better ta do it now then forget until december... again.

01/03/18 [10:28 p.m.] - yakuza kiwami's off the backlog an at the top of a new beaten games list!

01/02/18 [7:42 p.m.] - new cutie pic up! I know I say I wanna fill more of those in so even just +1 is getting somewhere with that! also yesterdays update wasn't last year... gah x.x I messed up already

01/01/17 [6:37 p.m.] - start the year with a site stats update, but not the year with one! crazyness huh?
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