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07/31/15 [9:50 p.m.] - I've squeezed out one more .hack//archives update for the month! see ya in august!

07/30/15 [8:56 p.m.] - streets of rage 2 beaten! noticed I've fallen behind last years pace of game beating, got pick it up!! or do I o.o?

07/29/15 [9:08 p.m.] - psp2i helena at L96 now! the exp requirements sure are going up as is the difficulty of missions! gotta hang in there!!

07/28/15 [9:30 p.m.] - a new happiny pics been added to her pic page!

07/27/15 [8:07 p.m.] - dropped a new face into the faces legend just now! should I even get hype over dq11 when it won't even be localized ;_;?

07/26/15 [8:38 p.m.] - balloon fights on the beaten games list an balloon trips high score is on the random game scores page!

07/25/15 [9:51 p.m.] - did a psp2i records page update! why do I got a cold all of a sudden o.o?

07/24/15 [10:09 p.m.] - got a new archives update in the bag!

07/23/15 [7:53 p.m.] - from one shutdown angsting to another! hopefully this next week'll go well! for nows less worrys, more cutie listing!

07/22/15 [8:38 p.m.] - total estimated playtimes added to the '11-'13 beaten game lists!

07/21/15 [10:04 p.m.] - unlocked 11 more titles which I've just put on the psp2i achievements page!

07/20/15 [10:18 p.m.] - added another series I wanna rewatch to the list on the media page! btw trying ta free up memory card space on vmus is a pain in the but when ya got a ton of copy protected files x.x;

07/19/15 [9:57 p.m.] - since its summer I cycled some season appropriate stuffs into my fave foods list!

07/18/15 [8:51 p.m.] - okies enough goofing off in dq9 for nows so its off the currently playing list!

07/17/15 [11:16 p.m.] - psp2i is level 93 now so her page is updated! the road to 100 slowed down but the final shenmue push has prodded me to get back on track! ^.^

07/16/15 [9:50 p.m.] - cutie image for the fate/extra protag added! thats on my to replay list isn't it? anyways, gogo final shenmue 3 funding rush!!

07/15/15 [8:40 p.m.] - lil media page an schedule updates since I randomly rewatched the first .hack movie!

07/14/15 [7:53 p.m.] - did a small archives update! I wish .hack manga/novels still got published over here -.-

07/13/15 [7:31 p.m.] - removed a few go-nowhere non-links for pages that'll never be made on the main ps generation page!

07/12/15 [8:25 p.m.] - chansey, blissey, an happiny pages updated with their shuffle location info!

07/11/15 [9:55 p.m.] - fixed a typo an slotted in a spot for shenmue on the random game scores list! ya just know I gotta replay both of 'em before long!

07/10/15 [9:22 p.m.] - being sleepy hasn't stopped me from putting a new cutie onto the list tonight! just slightly delayed when I got around ta doing it z_z

07/09/15 [8:16 p.m.] - made an other things page for psp2i! the timing felt right since I'd finished beating all the open missions on c & b difficulties!

07/08/15 [9:29 p.m.] - heyhey I finally gots another archives update out!

07/07/15 [11:00 p.m.] - never had hardware on my game wish list until now! ps4 plz. price drop at least twice by the time either shenmue 3 or ff7-r come out!

07/06/15 [9:07 p.m.] - last months updated got bumped back an finally a non-minako top image has been put up!

07/05/15 [9:17 p.m.] - slid a fresh new face into the legend!

07/04/15 [9:55 p.m.] - bumped fantasy life off my wanted game list. not that I dun wanna play it but with my troubles its just prolly not a game I'll get my hands on. one less thing ta fuss over wanting can't hurt.

07/03/15 [9:08 p.m.] - L91 for psp2i helena! gotta keep powerin' on cause that delicious exp boost ability unlocked at 100!

07/02/15 [7:32 p.m.] - plopped another new cutie down into the cutie list!

07/01/15 [10:41 p.m.] - new months here so the site stat pages got their obligatory updates!
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