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07/31/17 [8:45 p.m.] - got a psp2i records page update! stats only go up, not down!

07/30/17 [9:55 p.m.] - more random game score updates in the ff7 category!

07/29/17 [5:53 p.m.] - whats this? a new .hack archives update? you bet!

07/28/17 [5:09 p.m.] - wedged in a spot for atelier sophie on the game scores page! I only just noticed it does still have ranks and junk o.o;

07/27/17 [9:45 p.m.] - came up with yet another new face for the legend. darn I'm good!

07/26/17 [7:24 p.m.] - put a small wanting part onto the media page! similar to gamings eyeing up one!

07/25/17 [5:32 p.m.] - psp2i other things updated cause all the neudaiz missionics on A are done! I've really been messing around in low ranking stuff for far to long >.>;

07/24/17 [7:07 p.m.] - got out ta pre-order .hack//g.u. last recode! another fine addition to the game expenses.

07/23/17 [11:55 p.m.] - squeezin' in a new cutie update before the days up!

07/22/17 [6:09 p.m.] - got a rainy day .hack archives update done!

07/21/17 [11:06 p.m.] - added a new blissey info tidbit to her page!

07/20/17 [10:13 p.m.] - did some more food type changes on my profile page! summer really is in full swing now! don't let it go to waste you all!

07/19/17 [8:45 p.m.] - corrects mispellings on the 2004 game expenses page. sheesh~ 13 year old typos...

07/18/17 [11:05 p.m.] - did a minor media page change. watch/read list! gotta include comics now I guess! why wasn't I doing that all along??

07/17/17 [9:46 p.m.] - more random game score page updatin'. can't believe I'ma do all the fort condor battles and properly at that for the first time ever!

07/16/17 [9:47 p.m.] - got a new izumi for the cutie list! thats a good cute name right?

07/15/17 [7:20 p.m.] - just finished up some more .hack archives stuffs!

07/14/17 [7:41 p.m.] - the legend returns a week after its last update! which means it never actually went away. and so a new face was to be expected at some point. well its here!

07/13/17 [11:19 p.m.] - getting along better in atelier sophie now so I'm giving it that underlined emphasis on the currently playing list! added sonics forces to the eyeing up one cause why not?

07/12/17 [8:46 p.m.] - hows about a fresh new psp2i helena level-up-date!

07/11/17 [10:15 p.m.] - finally got out an put in a pre-order for yakuza kiwami! thats another $5 totalled into this years game expenses!

07/10/17 [8:47 p.m.] - got another .hack goodness update finished!

07/09/17 [10:26 p.m.] - got a cutie pic for lumen now! pics are nice once an awhile right?!

07/08/17 [10:37 p.m.] - puyo puyo tetris gets added to the beaten games list! such a good game!

07/07/17 [11:29 p.m.] - picked a couple of shows ta put on my oughta rewatch list. when I'll get ta actually schedule 'em in is always up in the air!

07/06/17 [10:32 p.m.] - got one more face for the legend. yes just the one. the final one... not!

07/05/17 [11:41 p.m.] - doin' a small psp2i other things page update just before this days up!

07/04/17 [6:37 p.m.] - more ff7 game score page updates cause my super dunk best more then doubled an I crossed the halfway point of those darn fort condor battles!

07/03/17 [10:06 p.m.] - yet another cuties been found and listed!

07/02/17 [10:41 p.m.] - .hack archives lives ta see another update. not like it was ever gone or gonna go away but I couldn't think of anything better ta write >.<

07/01/17 [9:56 a.m.] - posting the freshly updated site stats this morning! an early start to the month!
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