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06/30/15 [10:47 p.m.] - streets of rage beaten! I soooo got distracted.

06/29/15 [10:03 p.m.] - ffx-2 back on the playing list. all the talk of its battle systems got me interested ta find out what its like! totally gonna start it an not get distracted by other games again!

06/28/15 [9:41 p.m.] - just added a ton of new psp2i pics!

06/27/15 [7:53 p.m.] - split up the bluray part of the media list. even though its so small it may as well match the way the dvds are listed to!

06/26/15 [6:26 p.m.] - ff7's on this years beaten games list! sure took me long enough!

06/25/15 [11:30 p.m.] - cutie list +1! haven't I said this exact same thing before o.o?

06/24/15 [9:59 p.m.] - 80 to 88? the grinding is still strong for psp2i helena! who knew I'd have any big level jumps left in me?!

06/23/15 [8:29 p.m.] - dq9 reappears on my currently playing list as it does from time ta time. aren't I grinding it out in enough games already?!

06/22/15 [10:12 p.m.] - did alil archives update tonight!

06/21/15 [10:09 p.m.] - new page colors! cause why not?!

06/20/15 [9:20 p.m.] - just got a long overdue update to the psp2i record page!

06/19/15 [9:34 p.m.] - new cutie w/pic! now thats not slacking off!

06/18/15 [9:29 p.m.] - more ff7 lovin' with the addition of my totally not best super dunk score added to the random game scores page!

06/17/15 [9:08 p.m.] - plopped a new face into the legend straight outta ff7!

06/16/15 [9:19 p.m.] - got done rewatching some digi charat goodness so the media page an schedules been updated abit!

06/15/15 [10:01 p.m.] - put ff7 remake and shenmue 3 on gaming page! gimme them both right now!!!!! aaaaahhh!!!!

06/14/15 [10:04 p.m.] - psp2i helena's page updated! still finding it crazy I made it to L80 in under 50 hours!

06/13/15 [9:10 p.m.] - just added a new wouldbe moveset to happinys page! I'll never get ta raise one myself will I?

06/12/15 [10:35 p.m.] - temp tugged x-2 off the playing list cause I was supposed ta start it like a month ago an still haven't! plus I'm knee deep in so many other games! gah!

06/11/15 [10:23 p.m.] - new cutie? no! new cutie pic? ya!

06/10/15 [8:46 p.m.] - even more titles obtained an put up on the infinity achievements page!

06/09/15 [7:59 p.m.] - more item huntin' an my latest Rebirth playthroughs led to todays archives update!

06/08/15 [9:03 p.m.] - summery type flavors are in! plopped some different foods in my fave food list! I know its not summer yet!

06/07/15 [8:45 p.m.] - the site titles page gots its quartetly catchup completed!

06/06/15 [10:07 p.m.] - update bumpin' back an more level ups for psp2i were on todays schedule!

06/05/15 [10:27 p.m.] - got another new cutie listed!

06/04/15 [7:00 p.m.] - got an archives update done! still more re-reading ta follow!

06/03/15 [10:18 p.m.] - ohhh I'm getting that ff7 itch! put it up on the currently playin' list cause I'll surely be replaying it before to much longer!

06/02/15 [10:30 p.m.] - psp2i helly is now just over L70 and found a frozen shooter!! so that stuffs been added to her page!

06/01/15 [6:20 p.m.] - got my monthly helping of site stat/percent page updates done!
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