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06/30/16 [7:38 p.m.] - gonna wrapup this month with a .hack//archives update!

06/29/16 [6:48 p.m.] - guess that pre-order was timely cause ss:trendsetters is now off the backlog an on the beaten list! elite contests are nailbiters!

06/28/16 [6:26 p.m.] - updated the game expenses since I pre-ordered dq7 and style savvy 3 today! oh an yesterday was the 27th, oops!

06/26/16 [11:49 p.m.] - sailor moon crystals over again! for now... so I updated my currently watchin' list an schedule. it will come back right?

06/26/16 [8:42 p.m.] - hurrah! another cutie on the lists gotten a pic!

06/25/16 [9:40 p.m.] - started replaying pokéranger gs today so I put it on the currently playing list! rpg burn out? as if!

06/24/16 [7:43 p.m.] - yay! got psp2i helena to L130! still a long ways until 200 though -.-

06/23/16 [10:00 p.m.] - added a bright an cute new wallpaper to the wallpapers page!

06/22/16 [7:25 p.m.] - after some backtracking I got the Skies stats ta put in the random game scores page! plopped style savvy trendsetters into the currently playing list to since its about time I start actively trying ta "beat" it ya?

06/21/16 [8:47 p.m.] - gots another crab for the faces legend!

06/20/16 [8:14 p.m.] - got a cutie pic for bulleta up!

06/19/16 [10:53 p.m.] - done! skies of arcadia's on the beaten games list! I marathon'd it way to hard, gonna take alil gaming/rpg break!

06/18/16 [7:27 p.m.] - carved out a spot on the random game scores page for skies for once I'm done with it this time around!

06/17/16 [6:17 p.m.] - got a lil .hack//archives update this time!

06/16/16 [11:26 p.m.] - got s-cry-ed on the always barren media schedule since I hadn't rewatched it in awhiles!

06/15/16 [9:12 p.m.] - updated the psp2i other things page! in more important news dragon quest 7 for 3ds is technically coming out in "summer" after all! thanks nintendo.

06/14/16 [8:44 p.m.] - added xenogears to the oughta replay list! thats one I really wanna get to this year of rpg crazyness!

06/13/16 [8:42 p.m.] - plopped a new blissey pic into her pics page!

06/12/16 [7:30 p.m.] - got a new skies cutie in the list now! wonder if I'll find any more with this playthrough?

06/11/16 [1:36 p.m.] - put in lots more hard work to get todays .hack//archives update finished! I really need ta be more on the ball, the last extras guide I did was 7 months ago. incidentally thats how many months it was between the first two g.u. games getting released here!

06/10/16 [7:45 p.m.] - the faces legend got itself a new addition! btw trying ta free up vmu space is hard!

06/09/16 [9:14 p.m.] - pso ep2 's on the beaten list now! kinda sounds like I'm repeating myself o.o; anyhow since its on my replay list, skies of arcadia's up next!

06/08/16 [9:03 p.m.] - pso ep1's on the beaten list now! it went alil quicker than last years run!

06/07/16 [8:14 p.m.] - with busyness mostly outta the way I finally finished rebeating DQ5! nera for life!

06/06/16 [7:37 p.m.] - got them old updated booted back an added a missing * on the media list!

06/05/16 [8:56 p.m.] - a cutie pic for classic rolls been put up!

06/04/16 [7:44 p.m.] - added crisis core to my oughta replay list ta remind myself its been nearly 4 years since I last played it an that I should very much do so this year!

06/03/16 [6:57 p.m.] - lil media page an schedule additions since I randomly marathon'd to heart and steel angel kurumi recently o.o

06/02/16 [5:18 p.m.] - got a small yet good .hack//archives update done!

06/01/16 [4:56 p.m.] - got them month startin' site stat and percent page changes done! total file count went down which is always rare!
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