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06/30/17 [8:12 p.m.] - what a good update? a new faces legend addition maybe? (・・;)

06/29/17 [9:48 p.m.] - reorganized the ff7 part of the random game scores page and added several more scores to it!

06/28/17 [10:01 p.m.] - randomly watched poké movie #20 finally. I guess its 19 officially but still! anyways that been noted on some media pages.

06/27/17 [9:35 p.m.] - just put a fresh new wallpaper into the oft-forgotten an neglected wallpapers page!

06/26/17 [6:36 p.m.] - reaffirmed the currently playing games, fixed a typo, an moved the g.u. remasters to the up an coming section all on the main games page!

06/25/17 [9:10 p.m.] - have added another MM cutie, prairie!

06/24/17 [11:53 a.m.] - a.m. update o.o been some time since the last one of those! cherish it even if it is just a .hack archives revision!

06/23/17 [9:22 p.m.] - psp2i records page is up to date once again after another long stretch of me forgetting ta not let it fall behind o.o;

06/22/17 [10:41 p.m.] - an owl face has appeared in the legends. at least thats what it looks like ta me!

06/21/17 [6:18 p.m.] - beat shining soul II just now! those end bosses are real bastards!

06/20/17 [10:55 p.m.] - Roots is added to the media schedule alongside SIGN now! the hype is real!

06/19/17 [9:21 p.m.] - put another ff7 thing in the random scores page! gonna finally do all the fort condors!

06/18/17 [11:06 p.m.] - stumbled across a new idol cutie. an she's now the second rika on the list to boot!

06/17/17 [6:39 p.m.] - got a real good .hack archives update done! that g.u. announcement sure did push me ta finally get this one done!

06/16/17 [11:06 p.m.] - okies, okies to many rpgs at once. for now Sophies being set aside. and ever oasis moves on up to the up an coming list.

06/15/17 [7:45 p.m.] - got another level up for psp2i helly!

06/14/17 [9:15 p.m.] - no better time than now ta put .hack//sign onto the media schedule! plopping it in its nostalgic saturday timeslot!

06/13/17 [11:24 p.m.] - .hack//g.u. has ta go on the eyeing up list to. wait don't I already have those games?

06/12/17 [11:40 p.m.] - put ni no kuni 2 on my eyeing up list. should I really be doing that when I still haven't gotten to the first??

06/11/17 [10:31 p.m.] - finally got some more sophie playin' in today and have chosen another cutie from it for the list!

06/10/17 [9:59 p.m.] - its a media list / .hack archives update today! that new SIGN set came today an is hopefully in working order unlike my previous one.

06/09/17 [7:33 p.m.] - updated the gaming accessory list. some stuffs I've been forgetting or missed putting on there for some time!

06/08/17 [6:50 p.m.] - added yet another face to the legend just now! get it while its fresh!

06/07/17 [7:00 p.m.] - got the volcanion movie today so that goes into the media list! no .hack yet however. don't ya hate when things ship seperately?

06/06/17 [10:10 p.m.] - psp2i helenas been raised to L144! go go go to 200... eventually? small steps.

06/05/17 [9:00 p.m.] - updated my ff7 super dunk high score! that double down text is dangerous~

06/04/17 [7:30 p.m.] - atelier sophies found her way onto the cutie list!

06/03/17 [4:01 p.m.] - did a very small .hack archives update. had ta put in some work for it though!

06/02/17 [11:04 p.m.] - media expenses updated cause I'm finally getting the latest poké movie and re-getting .hack//sign!

06/01/17 [6:23 p.m.] - june! thats all I got. wait no! site stats updated as oughta be expected.
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