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03/31/15 [10:55 p.m.] - I went through my shelves earlier an delisted several games irl so I did the same on my game list here! just four pack-in games I never went outta my way ta buy an never played anyhow!

03/30/15 [11:20 p.m.] - fixed a couple of typos on the media page. dunno how they get there but they annoy me when I spot 'em!!

03/29/15 [9:41 p.m.] - got my currently playing games list up ta date now!

03/28/15 [11:03 p.m.] - psØ helly is now at L79 which her page now shows!

03/27/15 [10:42 p.m.] - made up an posted a silly new face to the legend!

03/26/15 [10:18 p.m.] - cute pic added for pkmns lucia! in lamo news my mt. battle marathon approaches!

03/25/15 [11:36 p.m.] - updated abit of text on happinys shrine page!

03/24/15 [11:48 p.m.] - put up a cute new wallpaper on my lil personal wallpapers page!

03/23/15 [10:43 p.m.] - an another lil gaming thing added nows my lackluster sonic adventure hedgehog hammer score to the random game scores page!

03/22/15 [9:37 p.m.] - jump, slide jump, j... pit! that kinda hurt but no matter it was all in good fun! two more beaten mega games to finish off the collection!

03/21/15 [11:46 p.m.] - instead of mm playin' I instead finished my strawberry eggs rewatchin' earlier then scheduled so the media schedules back ta being all but empty!

03/20/15 [11:23 p.m.] - break time over! mm7 beaten!

03/19/15 [11:43 p.m.] - phew, gave myself a break today! so lemme push aside game related updates for a cutie one!

03/18/15 [9:58 p.m.] - that's another pair of mega mans in the bag! even with cheats they're getting harder!

03/17/15 [8:47 p.m.] - two more MM's down putting me at the halfway point!

03/16/15 [7:41 p.m.] - mm2 & 3 beaten! I'll get through the anniversary collection within the week so long as my thumb doesn't get to killed from the 'cube d-pad o.o;

03/15/15 [9:34 p.m.] - the start of more cheatin' has begun! mega man's now on the beaten game list!

03/14/15 [11:37 p.m.] - since I didn't get to it this time around either I'ma just go an pull sonic gens from my loose ends list on the games page. I'll prolly maybe do all those challenges some day!

03/13/15 [10:55 p.m.] - oh hey finally another archives update! was hyped ta read earlier how the .hack fanslations are back on track so I just had to do alil something myself!

03/12/15 [11:00 p.m.] - reading some of these update notes makes 'em seem kinda cryptic but the intended audience of this site is me lol so as long as I get it thats all that matters! anyhow new cutie pic is up!

03/11/15 [7:59 p.m.] - got the PS page top text updated cause it is 2015 ya know!

03/10/15 [11:14 p.m.] - an because its super simple to do now, we already gets some color changes here an the return of paying alil tribute ta past stuffs on the right menus!

03/09/15 [8:42 p.m.] - site titles listing got updated!

03/08/15 [11:50 p.m.] - put a new face into the legend!

03/07/15 [11:44 p.m.] - made room for some more games on the game scores page!

03/06/15 [5:14 p.m.] - got chansey & blisseys flavor texts updated in their pages!

03/05/15 [10:06 p.m.] - got that psØ data page highly updated!

03/04/15 [9:56 p.m.] - listed a new cutie!

03/03/15 [11:32 p.m.] - more beaten game *'s for the game list!

03/02/15 [11:06 p.m.] - got some updated site stats & percents! well over 500 files have been left behind~

03/01/15 [12:00 a.m.] - back!! ya this whole unexpected move took like 25 days. will prolly detail lots of it at some point! here's ta hoping nothings broken!
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