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03/31/16 [9:37 p.m.] - ack! it's like been spring for alil bit now an I didn't even know it! in honor of that I shuffled in some more season relevant fave foods of mine!

03/30/16 [7:48 p.m.] - beat .hack//infection in record for me time! now I'ma chill with some dragon quest goodness!

03/29/16 [5:58 p.m.] - l2:ebc beaten! quite abit longer then the first lunar! so much better to!

03/28/16 [7:58 p.m.] - got a new pic for happiny's pic page!

03/27/16 [8:14 p.m.] - cutie list+! + what? + one!

03/26/16 [6:55 p.m.] - made some lil text changes on the media list along with filling in another watched * !

03/25/16 [7:09 p.m.] - put kirby on the up an coming game list an a couple rpgs on the wish list! as if I need more rpgs??

03/24/16 [7:55 p.m.] - a high effort, low reward .hack//archives update is done!

03/23/16 [8:50 p.m.] - faces legend gets a bunny added to it ^.^

03/22/16 [11:55 p.m.] - this time a lunar 2 cutie got added to the cutie list! yay for lemina!

03/21/16 [9:10 p.m.] - saw a really dumb typo on the media page so I fixed that. chopped some things from the up an coming list to since it'll be a long time still before I can buy 'em.

03/20/16 [7:34 p.m.] - lunar ps1 has been beaten! now finally finally lunar 2's time comes!

03/19/16 [7:48 p.m.] - dunno why tempest hasn't been on the cutie list all these years but he's there now!

03/18/16 [7:52 p.m.] - got a fresh new update for the .hack//archives! btw thanks for the level scaling bosses, working designs o.x

03/17/16 [9:30 p.m.] - fixed up a whole buncha lil game name mis-writes on the games list!

03/16/16 [7:35 p.m.] - chansey's shrine pages gots info on her smash series appearances now!

03/15/16 [11:06 p.m.] - finished off wedding peach so the media schedules lookin' all empty again. wish I could buy some new series >_>;

03/14/16 [11:40 p.m.] - lunar psp has been beaten! now onto lunar ps1! and then...

03/13/16 [9:11 p.m.] - got a level up for psp2i helena which now shows on her page!

03/12/16 [6:19 p.m.] - just found a new cutie so I've quickly listed her away with the rest!

03/11/16 [6:01 p.m.] - got some more *'s on the game list due to recently played games!

03/10/16 [5:02 p.m.] - this weeks .hack//archives work is done! does it have ta be weekly? no! musn't let myself slack to far off again!

03/09/16 [8:48 p.m.] - wasn't me who just added a new faces legend face! or was it?!

03/08/16 [6:57 p.m.] - some media page changes with some manga out an some more in its place

03/07/16 [8:29 p.m.] - lunar legends been beaten so its on to lunar silver star harmony for me!

03/06/16 [5:42 p.m.] - got a new cutie pic added just now! still having fun playing lunar legend idc what anyone says.

03/05/16 [6:01 p.m.] - put a bright an cheery new wallpaper into my wallpapers page!

03/04/16 [8:53 p.m.] - pkmn ranger 2's been rebeaten an put onto this years list! up next is the worst version of lunar silver star story!

03/03/16 [8:50 p.m.] - a nice an simple .hack//archives update just got done!

03/02/16 [6:15 p.m.] - I was caught up in the game beating happyness yesterday so heres the site stat/percent updates today!

03/01/16 [7:06 p.m.] - woohoo I just beat project x zone 2! this bumps it off the backlog an into the beaten games list! what a fun ride it was!
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