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03/31/17 [11:32 p.m.] - got fresh new stats plugged into the psp2i records page! btw march is over! hurrah!

03/30/17 [9:42 p.m.] - gotta reread/rewatch .hack stuff soon? to ensure that I made a note on the media page. still need to rebuy SIGN to~

03/29/17 [7:24 p.m.] - to show support an hope that they'll get done someday I put a couple of in progress fanslated games on my wish list!

03/28/17 [10:36 p.m.] - another nice an small .hack archives updates all done!

03/27/17 [10:30 p.m.] - found a fix for the messed up characters on this page and the menus but its not a pretty fix if I gotta go through every page with special characters an edit 'em -.- ...

03/26/17 [11:46 p.m.] - more titles earned means more reason ta keep the psp2i achievements page updated!

03/25/17 [9:30 p.m.] - added a cutie because I wanted to! uploading older backed up site pages didn't fix this text encoding issue so its nothing I broke at the very least!

03/24/17 [8:59 p.m.] - updated some profile things an I dunno if its just me but some letters/symbols are showing up weird on the site! dunno why or how to fix it >.<;

03/23/17 [11:13 p.m.] - got a new face for the legend!

03/22/17 [10:20 p.m.] - ff7 squat mini-game score is now included on the game scores page!

03/21/17 [8:28 p.m.] - left menus been updated since I kinda noticed I was missing the other albums link there x.x;

03/20/17 [5:27 p.m.] - a .hack archives update has just been put up! yay for early updates!

03/19/17 [10:34 p.m.] - got another kaede on the cutie list now! not a bad name if ya ask me!

03/18/17 [11:26 p.m.] - put shining soul 2 on the wish list as a reminder ta scrounge around at some point an see if I can find a copy!

03/17/17 [9:30 p.m.] - psp2i helena's page is updated since she's gone up again!

03/16/17 [10:06 p.m.] - typos on the media have been found an fixed!

03/15/17 [9:19 p.m.] - a scared new face has hit the legend!

03/14/17 [9:39 p.m.] - added another note to the games list page. btw what in the worlds with the sudden snow dump? like ya had several months ta do this... but wait until its a week before spring O.o

03/13/17 [9:32 p.m.] - a small .hack archives been done! always good in the case of version updates cause it means I haven't been messing up to badly!

03/12/17 [10:36 p.m.] - got a nitocris on the cutie list! on another note lets argue more how game remakes should gut the originals gameplay an replace it with something totally different lol.

03/11/17 [11:32 p.m.] - oh ya the email address listed in my profiles kinda long since dead so I went an pulled it outta there.

03/10/17 [9:31 p.m.] - been randomly grinding in shining soul lately so I figure I'd put it on the currently playin' list!

03/09/17 [10:06 p.m.] - just did alil psp2i other things page update since its been a couple months since the last time. now to rest after a draining day!

03/08/17 [6:52 p.m.] - may not like eating gelato but cure gelato is worth having on the cutie list!

03/07/17 [9:42 p.m.] - second ps4 game gotten! how many will I have before getting the system itself?!

03/06/17 [11:39 p.m.] - since a bunch of games I want are out or out soon~ I bumped 'em up from the wish list to the up an coming one!

03/05/17 [6:22 p.m.] - a new factoids been added to chanseys shrine page!

03/04/17 [10:32 p.m.] - got the media schedule up an goin' again by putting some nonsense ninjas on it!

03/03/17 [5:08 p.m.] - just a minor .hack archives update this week. but ya know, all that minor stuff really adds up to flesh thing out over time!

03/02/17 [7:37 p.m.] - first ps4 game gotten! its an atelier game! got that put on the expenses an games list. not the backlog til I got a system ta play it on!

03/01/17 [10:11 p.m.] - march!! if I say that I won't mess up the date over there! did the site stats for todays update of course!
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